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Searu (Kaitlin Morgan Smith)

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Searu (Kaitlin Morgan Smith) Empty Searu (Kaitlin Morgan Smith)

Post by Huntress on December 3rd 2019, 1:14 am


"Light and Dark are both beautiful and true, the north star and the sun both mark the right path."

The Bio

Real Name: Kaitlin Morgan Smith
Hero Name: Searu
Alignment: Chaotic Good. Politely ambivalent to the law, finding its approval slightly nice but not to be taken in to account.
Age: 16
Gender:  Female
Race: Irish-American. Almost human, but a bit… off.
Hair: Wavy and long, black with purple undertones.
Eyes: Deep, pure gray.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 124, lithe but almost scrawny.
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Searu looks almost human, and as far as she knows, that's what she is, but her teeth are a touch too sharp and ears a bit too pointed.
The Personality

  Searu is bubbly and friendly, no matter the situation. She is a hero because she wants to help people, and this is how she can. She is always willing to aid someone in an emergency or not. She gets knocked down more than she'd like to admit, but she always gets up- whether wise or no.
Her chipperness, while authentic, belies a fierce and stubborn core. She will never back down from protecting or rescuing someone, and is quite serious about her self-assigned job. While she tries to handle it without reaction, and understands her demeanor evokes this, she can be hurt  by being underestimated by her teammates or allies. However, she intentionally garners this reaction from villians, seeing embarrassment as pocket change in exchange for the advantage. Her fear with other heroes is that they could be right.

  She is a major history geek, and derived her name from "nearusearu", Old English for 'one who works in the dark.' On the rare occasions she lets herself take a couple hours break, she will always be it the library or looking at a museum.

  Searu is also stubborn to a fault, and is terrible at admitting weakness. She is very good at dealing with other people's problems instead of her own, because this both allows her to ignore, say, a lack of food until the next day, and does help others.
The Story

Kaitlin Morgan Smith was born somewhere in the intercity. She doesn't remember much about this, as she was placed in foster care at three. She was bounced from home to home, none abusive but none that particularly warm, either. She did her best to make friends fast, and tried to volunteer on a regular basis.
     She was a straight-A student at her high school when she volunteered to work at a summer camp. One day, after nightfall, she went to go make the campfire. While she had never been this near open flame before, what mesmerised her was the way the shadows danced and swung. She focused on them, imagining the twirling towards her, and got them to do so.
        Immediately enraptured, she continued practicing for the next couple of years, making her shadows warp until she knew that other people's would go back. She chose the name "Searu" while bored in class. She snuck out the train with makeshift throwing knives and slings. She practiced first aid and emergency medical response. After two years, she decided that she had practiced enough, and it was time to become a hero. She ran away, and lives by sleeping on rooftops and occasionally pickpocketing crooks.
   She rescued Lila a few months back from an animal based villian, and walked her home. Searu endeared herself to the nineteen year old florist by doing her best not to hurt any of the possessed animals, and took them to the vet on the way back. Lila and her now see each other on a semi-regular basis.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Shadow solidifying: she can take shadows and form them into objects such as a throwing knife or a single bullet. (She would still need a gun.) It would take about 1 ½ adult shadows to make a dagger, three to make a spear, or ½ for a bullet. Shadows that are made longer or shorter are treated as stretched or compacted, and have the same amount of "matter". After usage, the shadows go back to where they originally were.

Shadow manipulation: she can warp shadows, and make them grow taller, move around, and even mover through the air like liquefied smoke.  This can obscure vision, and generally creep people out.

Shadow spies: when maintaining concentration, she can hear through up to two specific shadows. She can move these around within range of their caster, but cannot move them through the air. While they cast a light "nothing to see hear" aura, any sudden movements in their vision or under a suspicious eye will be noticed. This has a three mile rage.
The Weaknesses

Weakness 1 : Saer is weakened during 11:00 - 3:00, and it takes two times the shadow to create and she can only make one spy in a 2 mile radius.

Weakness 2 : Do to her odd mixed heritage, she is "immune" to painkillers. This is not fun.

Weakness 3 : She is susceptible to light based powers, and can be blinded for a round ( if the light power itself causes blindness, one round more) if she does not cover her eyes both with an arm and with shadow.

The Items

A bandage roll, pocket knife, sling, $20, and some rocks.
The Fluff

Searu's shadow doesn't stay still, it flows around like liquid or smoke. She both feels and gives off a slight constant chill. Also, until she started using her powers, she looked normal. However, using the shadows made her ears grow pointed and her eyes shift from grey-green to true grey.
The RP Sample

Searu stood up on the balcony's railing. "So you're sure you'll be alright? Don't hesitate to call if you see anything suspicious- he (the villian) may have had a grudge."
Lila rolled her eyes with disguised affection. "Yes, I'll be fine. And, sure, I'll tell you if is see any green raccoons."
"Alright then, if you promise."
Searu shifted away with a smile, and listened. The dusk air was still and, comparatively, silent. No crimes seemed to be happening close by
Searu turned around. "Hey, Lila?"
"Yes, oh Dark Dork?"
"Can I use your roof as a lookout after patrol? It's one of the best views of the city."
A slight hint of worry crossed the florists eyes, but she didn't comment. "Sure, just don't scare my parakeet with those flips of yours." She then turned around and started tending to her violets.
Searu smiled, relieved. The roof of the complex was the best lookout she had found.  "Thank you…   Flower Power."
Searu flipped off the railing, grinning, just in time to miss the soda cap hurled at her.

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Searu (Kaitlin Morgan Smith) Empty Re: Searu (Kaitlin Morgan Smith)

Post by Arcana on December 6th 2019, 4:29 pm

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