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Results of the 2019 October CCC!

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Contest Results of the 2019 October CCC!

Post by Chellizard on November 13th 2019, 7:31 pm

Character Creation Contest: Spooktober!

October 2019
THEME: "Horror"


1st Place: Zell

Score: 138

A Bit About the Character

Nightmare is an amalgamation of your worst dreams and desires.


Chelle: 46

Zonkes: 45

Dan: 47


Chelle: A true terror and villainous monstrosity. Purely disgusting, yet unbelievably balanced. The thought behind the character and the concept are well planned. It seems you spent a lot of time on this and it is actually giving me chills just reading through it. The background graphics, as well as the unique art piece that was made for this character is quite amazing and to go to such lengths is by far impressive. Wonderful work, Zell. Glad to see you bringing your darker side to light. This character could bring some interesting plot points to some heroes that really want their moments to shine and to thwart some evil! Great work!!

Zonkes: This right here is by and large the scariest thing I've seen on the website. I really don't have much to say except that nightmare well and truly lives up to its name.

Dan: First just wanna say, the names of the powers are one of the best part. I love creative naming, and you absolutely nailed it. This character is not only one of the spookiest I've seen on the site, but perhaps one of the best on the site in general. Very well-done.


Ghost Slot*
200 flat XP

2nd Place: Nate

Score: 127

A Bit About the Character

The Host is a radio host that will send chills down your spine.


Chelle: 43

Zonkes: 41

Dan: 43


Chelle: A very unique concept, and very well executed. By far the most playable character I have read so far, and I am looking forward to seeing your character show up and add some terror to the lives of those involved. The powers are actually quite balanced for such a vague idea that you've built upon. I enjoy his description you painted for his looks. It gives me an exact image of what you wanted him to look like, and I can see him in my mind's eye. He's definitely got that perfect Halloween villain vibe, and as such, is just a good villain vibe. It's the perfect folk lore tale that you could hear about in a small town and warn your children about. I see lots of kids summoning him by accident for a dare, and a hero being alerted to come assist.

Zonkes: You knew I would rate this high, didn't you? Well, in any case. Despite his obvious status as a Tube Top rip off, I will rate him high and commend your for such an excellent concept and execution. Don't have much else to say so good job!

Dan: A spooky radio-wave. What will they think of next? In all seriousness, this was amazing. I enjoyed his story, the ambiguity of his origin really sold it, and his powers make sense. It definitely seems like the sort of ghost story that would propagate among children. Great job.


Ghost Slot*
150 flat XP

3rd Place: Toshi

Score: 121

A Bit About the Character

The Chunk truly shows you what it means to be gluttonous.


Chelle: 42

Zonkes: 42

Dan: 37


Chelle: Definitely a unique take on the deadly sin of Gluttony. I love it. It's very scary, very detailed, and the description you gave made me have some goose bumps. I especially love how you painted the picture for his description. It truly let me see who I was reading about. It brought another layer of depth to the character. I found that it was definitely playable as a character. Your grammar was a bit hard to digest and I found myself losing my place as I read, but overall, a very good application with a very interesting past that lead him to who he became today. I found this character to be very fitting for the spooky season. Excellent work, Jackson!

Zonkes: Nice and scary! Extremely well done Toshi! I'm excited to see him in use!

Dan: Very spooky, and very well-done! I can see this character played extremely well. Some of things were worded in a bit of a confusing way, but overall, a character I'd have a lot of fun roleplaying with.


Ghost Slot*
100 flat XP

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention: Thor

Score: 109

A Bit About the Character

Casey Lamplighter is a mysterious missing person's case.


Chelle: 40

Zonkes: 33

Dan: 36


Chelle: ... Slow claps. Honestly, this character intrigues me, and the story is wonderful, but I would have liked to see a snippet of how he acts now. What he does now. Perhaps a future glance into what he's doing lately. Or, maybe, his history is a flashback and he's a supernatural detective or medium. OR he has a lot of different odd jobs he does. The idea is so wonderful, and the script like story definitely made me enjoy reading it! I also enjoyed being able to picture everything in my head. Great concept, great ideas, execution could have been a little bit better my dear. The grammar and spelling within the application felt a smidge rushed, but it was a good read. A plus work, Thor!

Zonkes: Once again I felt that this is a very strong idea. However, I felt that the execution in what you were trying to accomplish didn't entirely come off for me. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really see anything that scary here. Sorry.

Dan: I absolutely love the idea, this character has everything! However, I do feel as if the execution was a bit lacking. I just feel as if it could be a bit more. A few grammatical errors hurt your score, as well as the lack of a custom background. Still, absolutely fantastic character, I feel as if the terror of Lamplighter could really shine through with a little more polish.



50 flat XP

Honorable Mention: Woof

Score: 105

A Bit About the Character

The Meteor Worm takes being in a hive mind to a new level!


Chelle: 37

Zonkes: 36

Dan: 32


Chelle: This gives me the authentic B rating, gory, endearing horror film creature. I absolutely love the idea, the concept, and just, CHEF KISS. But, alas, I must give you a few less on execution because of the lack of a more endearing personality trope. You could have given the hive mind a set personality that it abided by and perhaps a few options of personalities it likes to adopt while manifesting as one mass. It would add a bit more depth to it being playable as a character, and not just an excellent Boss NPC. Great work, Woof! Always a pleasure to see what your mind comes up with for these contests.

Zonkes: So I actually really love this concept. Obviously the alien falling to earth is a pretty big trope in pop culture, but I think you executed it pretty well. My biggest issue with it at the moment is that TO ME , it's not that scary. So I had to give you a low spook score. Sorry.

Dan: As Lars said, the alien falling to earth idea is a tried-and-true concept in sci-fi and horror. You've proven you can definitely do unique things with the concept. The execution was a bit lacking, I suppose I was looking for a bit more of "horror" for this abominable beast, but otherwise, very well done.



50 flat XP

*A ghost slot is a character slot that you gain temporarily to allow one more character to your roster. Once you choose to retire a character, you lose that slot. You do not gain a permanent character slot.

Congratulations, everyone! (:

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