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Paint it Black (Queen Chelle)

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Paint it Black (Queen Chelle) Empty Paint it Black (Queen Chelle)

Post by Humanity on November 5th 2019, 6:32 pm

   The attack of Amaterasu yielded a lot of things for Humanity to study. After his encounter with formidable Atlas counterparts and a seal-breaking berserker he was trying to mend from a lot. But he didn't waiver and he didn't stop. He kept moving and he kept going. Signaling some of his  Thrones field agents and Citizen Zero he "extracted" several of the Atlas simulacrums for further "care and rehabilitation". The operatives with the organization were shocked to hear his call, knowing how much he despised calling for assistance. But when he showed them the "acquisitions" that he had come upon, they understood why he was selected for his position.

The one he kept for himself was now his personal guinea pig, went by the name of Raymond before all of this. Now Raymond was not the most cooperative subject, but when he was stranded and had all the ultraviolet and solar radiation drained from his body through the same means Humanity weakened Atlas during their brawl. Once the wannabe super soldier was drained, torture was easy enough. Psychological torment, the most horrible and gruesome means you could imagine to get tissue specimens. Drilling into bones for the marrow without sedative, peeling off foot long layers of skin from the forearms and even taking a book of Egyptian embalming and removing small tissues of grey-matter through the nose for examination.

  What happened when Raymond broke? Well that was simple enough. They let him get some good old Vitamin D and with a little assistance from the sun his wounds began to heal. Courtesy of the same powers of Atlas and the wretched "Sun Goddess" this being was the perfect specimen. That regeneration was the key though, something he wanted to focus in on. He had been working with the research department of Thrones to develop a cure for the Queen. With his expertise on the weaknesses of metahumans and his field experience he could go and gather whatever they needed, as well as contribute to absolutely every aspect of care for his Queen.

   Raymond’s mind broke first, but the human was not wholly without heart. The tortured and broken man would be healed, recovered. His powers would be put to good use as he was whisked away on Humanity’s orders, placing him under the direction of a Handler from Thrones. The contact between the two was spotty, but the engineered super soldier took pride in the moments he worked. Moral of the story being that if you break someone’s mind and rebuild them, they can still be happy. That’s what Humanity was telling himself anyway as he fought desperately to find a cure for the malady of his Lady.

  “As you can see, the Red Energy completely destroys all forms of matter and energy that do not outright overpower it. It will persist in her blood, sustaining itself as it’s likely reached-” The head of the project was talking. He was a stout man, a barreled belly with a long, bright red nose and a patchy beard on his neck. He wasn’t much to look at, but his position on this project was a testimony of his intellect. Humanity had selected each of these people individually for this project, though his answer for “who should head the project” was simply “The brightest.” before walking off. They wouldn’t dare disappoint him while their Queen’s life was at stake.

"Fundamental law of the universe is that energy can't be destroyed. Lucius' energy is the same. It has to be." Humanity was quick to correct the man. Though this seemed to flash anger in him. There was a slight scoff and the man rolled his eyes. That was not a very wise action to take, though Humanity found it permissible for a moment. The man’s competence allowed him a sense of entitlement, as long as they both recognized their service to the same lady of the court.

"I ASSURE you. The greatest minds are on this case. I don't think there is anything you can do to assist us. Many of us, in fact all of us, here are beyond the most genius of mankind. Please allow us to do our jobs and take some rest. You're only human" The man’s comments were “assuring”, in a word. Lip service was another one could use instead, in fact, Humanity liked that one more. But the nail in the coffin was when this man. This short, chubby man in a lab coat; This man that looked as though Dr. Robotnik was his childhood hero, felt compelled to REMIND everyone of the fact that Humanity was only human. The human paused a moment and nodded as he stepped forward.

    "The greatest minds?" He asked as he chuckled. The reverberation of his mask and the infrasound still taking full effect, everyone's hair was on end. Even the ones Humanity regarded as allies and truly brilliant people. This head of the project however, the man seemed to have no respect for. No fear for Humanity, which was fine...but he lacked the proper respect. His inhuman intellect seemed to make him feel as if he were somehow above the King, the one who was selected to be the Queen’s protector. He did not fear the consequences of his actions. This would change in one swift motion. Sharp gauntlets came up and shredded through the man’s lab coat, snatching the man in his hands by the collar and walking forward. The large scientist backpedaled until he felt his back hit the railing, the horrific mask hovering over his face with two different colored eyes, full of crazy boring into his soul as his heart raced.

       "I don't see Atterrius here. I don't see Vexus. I don't see Xelex or even THE DULLEST of the Master's family. SO WHERE exactly are these "greatest minds" you boast of? Right now I see an overpaid think-tank that is the living personification of hubris....which is RICH coming from me." He held the man by the scruff. The guards were unsure of their duty, or where it seemed to lie. Their king had not been prone to such destructive and wrathful dispositions before. He had been dismissive and at times even stoic, but this was new. He pushed the scientist over the railing a little, the liquid power source beneath them was radiating heat and a strange tingling sensation. He held the scientist over was appeared to be an illuminated fluid, threatening to toss him his. Though through the horrific mask the man leaned forward to whisper.

   "I'm a human. I'm also smart enough to consider the concept of Dynamic Exchange between the radioactive principles of Red Energy and the radioactivity dependency of Atlas' healing factor. So rather than resting upon your laurels, dear doctor, I suggest you begin remembering your FUNDAMENTALS. Energy CANNOT be destroyed. But it can be converted, inversed to negative OR become so insignificant and broken that one cannot detect nor quantify it."  He stepped back, allowing the doctor to stand upright before releasing the man who seemed shaken. The project's head was terrified as the Guards simply watched. The King turned to excuse himself, eyes narrowing behind his mask as he peered over each and every face in the room. One could almost feel the fear they radiating and in truth he found it almost intoxicating. The Scientist seemed to nod enthusiastically as he gulped, unsure of what had just happened. Another scientist from within the room had taken his leave, following after Humanity.

    The scientist followed Humanity through the hallway and paused when he saw him bend over, grabbing at his side. The matted and battle damaged armor was quite apparent, he hadn't been taking time to keep his suit maintained properly. The scientist with pale skin and dark hair sighed and shook his head. He didn’t know how to proceed at first, but then he saw the man pull his hand away from his side, a faint red stain coming from his shirt. It was easily able to be surmised that this was yet another wound that the human was refusing to go to the med-bay for. The human chuckled as he spoke from his mask, addressing the scientist as an old friend.

     “Isaiah? Did you need something my friend?” He asked, his tone much kinder than the one he had placed before the others of the research team. The scientist froze for a moment, trying to recall his formality despite being in the face of a friend. He tucked his hands into his lab coat than pulled them out, stammering to try and figure out what to say.

       “My Liege, wouldn’t it be most prudent to seek assistance?” The scientist, Isaiah, asked with a soft and rather timid tone. He did not wish to sound as though he was second guessing a superior, but he also couldn't allow them to throw themselves into the crosshairs unthinking.  He approached Humanity, being careful to make a wide turn and not force the man into a situation where his reflexes got the better of him.

“My wounds will heal with time. Besides, I don’t think anyone here is actually qualified or licensed to give me the help I need.” He chuckled before growling in pain. The Scientist walked forward and knelt down to take a look at the wound. His armor was punctured something ferocious, whatever blow had been delivered was done with the force of a freight train. For such a makeshift and rudimentary armor, it was effective to say the least.

       “Perhaps. I think some of us are a lot more crazy than you give us credit for.” The man replied, his voice seemed almost monotone for a moment but an uncanny smile crept to his face as he reached into his lab-coat, looking for something. Withdrawing a small vial of blue fluid he popped the rubber top off of it and splashed the substance. He reached to the wound and pulled the flesh apart a small bit as it began to foam and froth. The fact that anyone else in the world being this close would have been a death sentence caused a little more satisfaction than the scientist cared to confess.

    “Are you finger-painting down there? AH SHHHHHEEEEEGAH! Okay. Whoo...okay. I’m breathing. THAT STUNG!” Humanity said, reaching out and slapping his friend on the shoulder. The Scientist shrugged and gave a small waggle of his eye brows before wiping the blood on his coat. He looked through the hallways before reaching up and pulling his mask of. “Faaaaa!! Dude dafuq is this!?”

     “I’ve distilled the properties of the Mindfall Remedy to this next batch of the stem-cell serum. It’s brought me to several of which being that your proposed Dynamic Exchange theory will not go as you’ve desired.” Isaiah stated, though the tone of his voice was the same monotone voice the disappointment on his face seemed to make it sound more of a sorrowful drawl. Humanity looked to the man, the seething pain something he tried to muscle through, but this was a lot. Having your fingernails removed wasn’t even this painful for him to put up with.

      “Okay, okay. Hold up. Ow!. Okay. Why’s it not gonna work? I designed the cell-matrix myself. It should be a compatible exchange.” He said as he leaned on the wall, looking at the downcast man before him. The matrix had to be one that worked, he had done the design himself while he was under the effects of his Remedy, that means the odds of anyone in this world doing any better were slim to none. With Lucius having left this life for the next...Slim seems to have left town.

      “The Dynamic Exchange design you’ve come up with is that you can utilize stem-cells with Atlas Regeneration Gene and splice into them with a Red Energy Matrix, meaning that the Regeneration is fueled by the radioactivity that the Red-Energy in her body gives off as it decomposes itself.”
     “Thus healing in a way that is consecutive with damage dealt. It should start a loop. A paradox and keep it in place.”
     “Quite right. A few...road blocks. The first being the pain you just felt. That is the pain she will be in constantly, as the Red Energy and the Regeneration gene will be in constant conflict. Not to mention that as her Red-Irradiated blood has now permeated all of her tissue, you would be causing a horrible...almost Allergic reaction-”
     “Anaphylactic shock.”
     “Indeed. If this is to succeed as you have believed it to-”
     “What about a total flush? Send it all through her bloodstream while pumping in blood as well. Rely on her regeneration to see her through while injections to absorb into the major tissues?”
     "It would be Hell-"
     "For a time. But it would not only cure her, but amplify her resistances such an energy. It would never hurt her again."
     "But Lucius Alba is dead."
     "But his children live. One will no doubt inherit R.I.S.E. Our "negotiations" with them have just begun." Humanity was still thinking ahead, still acting as if this weren't a finality. Even as everyone else saw things as rather definitive, he continued to not only deal with the problem at hand, but do so in a manner which secured position for future development. Isaiah smirked and nodded as he pulled the tablet from its clip on his belt and began running calculations. Humanity started jumping in place and making shifts, as if dodging and invisible foe.

    "Speaking of beginnings...and endings… I have to speak with you on a personal matte-what-uhm. What's wrong?" He asked. Humanity stopped dodging his invisible foe and started to jump in place again, looking to his subordinate. "You do that when something weighs on your mind. Or heart. What's wrong?"

    “I just… I need this cure to work. I’ve lost SO many people I love, and even more that I’ve felt as though I’ve been in love with. My first love and my seventh are the only ones still alive. All other 14 at least semi-serious relationships have ended with them being murdered or K.I.A.” He said as he sighed, pulling his hood down and crossing his arms, back against the wall as he slid down it. He watched as Isaiah seemed to be stunned, taking his glasses off and tucking them into the pocket where he kept his pens. Tapping buttons still he continued to work. The social aspects were not his forte, but he knew how to connect with Humanity better than most people here.

    “I believe that you do love our Queen. Your actions and motivations prove your loyalty. Your...persistence in finding her aid is unmatched by even her most veteran members and allies. I think that your plight may be elsewhere.” Isaiah was doing his best to keep his "friend" grounded in the logic side of things. But shockingly he did not need much assistance with that. His found that when it did not involve Humanity's family, logic was truly an easy method to establish. That being said no one goes to such extents to help someone they don't truly care for. The problem, the struggle had to be elsewhere. Knowing Matthew he would bury it...

     “I was going about my regular life. I’m not even sure if THAT’S my regular life to be honest. Am I the mask, or is he? That’s another issue...” Humanity would ask, referring to the man in the suit or the mask he had clipped on his belt. He was realizing just how insane this was going to sound as he cleared his throat and began to elaborate upon the problem at hand. “You, the Prince and the Queen are the only ones who know about my connections to Yamm, and my past lives. But see I was going about my life with “friends” and the like in the mundane world. While I was out and about I encountered someone who will always hold a special place in my heart. I didn’t waiver from my loyalty to the Queen. In anyway. But this person...seemed to pick up that I was still as unhappy as ever.”

    “Unhappy with the Queen?” Isaiah was completely surprised by this. Humanity seemed to be truly happy every moment he was with the Queen. He was also quite careful when to be a gentleman and when not to make his Queen seem weak or dependent.  But here it was happening, just as he predicted. Matthew was burying it deeper and deeper, obscuring it and shrouding his issues through a long explanation. A pre-story so to speak.

    “No. Just miserable in general. In fact most of the times I'm actually happy are with her. That’s when my friend said something that was truly a bit jarring. They said that I was not my real me. I was not the person I was pretending to be. They would have me believe Humanity is a mask, but Matthew is the man. But more and more the Mask and the Man are having...fundamental disagreements. Humanity, Matthew, Yamm… we all love her. Different reasons, but we do all love her. But it’s coming to a point where. Yamm’s gone, and Humanity and Matthew can’t keep at war like this.” He was rubbing his forehead, looking as if he were truly lost deep in thought. He was a bright young man, but more than that he was a total emotional train wreck. The scientist found himself with shifting clouded eyes an he attempted to understand, only realizing that anything he had to say needed to come from a perspective he did not have.

    “She recruited Humanity and became romantically interested in Humanity. So now you’re afraid…?” Isaiah asked, sounding rather confused by the concept in its entirety as his friend seemed to smirk, his eyes watering a little as he started chewing on his tongue and looking down at the mask. His brain started rattling off theories and trying to fill in words. It took him a moment of slight squinting, eyes jarring back and forth as he tried to think. The revelation hit Isaiah like a ton of bricks. “...that she’ll need and love Humanity and not the other one.”

“Humanity is the reason she came to me. Yamm is the reason she probably loves me. I’m a religious “deity-blessed” human that embodies everything a satanic figure should despise.” His fear were there, still present and possibly even justified. But he couldn’t convince himself otherwise. His scientific confidant was unsure of what exactly to say to bring peace to the situation. Quickly he did as he always did and recapped on information.

“So your fear is that she wants Humanity, but not Matthew? Without Humanity there is no King, so you’ve said. Does this mean that you’re planning on leaving? To be honest if our Queen dies then the entirety of the organization will turn to you. Many will turn from you. If you are not here any longer...and she passes. Thrones too shall pass. You still believe in the mission of Thrones, don’t you?”

“Without doubt. I just don’t know if I believe in Humanity anymore.” The comment was a shock to be sure. The way he talked, the way he carried himself as Humanity one would never have known. he simply pressed forward and continued with his advice, trying to not be visibly shocked.

“Then perhaps you should fret more over who YOU want, rather than what SHE wants. A conflict between Azrael and Humanity is something that she would most certainly not desire, so you must figure out who you are to be. Then whatever will be, will be.” Isaiah’s comments made sense, but he was not a traditionally emotional person, or even an empathetic person for that matter. This was strange that Matthew, one of the most empathetic people here was actually getting good advice. As he went to speak, he placed his mask on his face and stood up, starting to walk away.

“We can discuss this later. There’s an emergency.” Humanity said his voice modulator straining as his voice shifted. He continued to walk away, leaving Isaiah stunned for a moment, eyes narrowed before suddenly the lights turned red and began blinking before a loud horn began to sound off.

“Protocol T: Traversial Anomaly detected! Debriefing required. Rank 7 and above operatives are to report immediately to the Hub.”

“How does he do that?”

The flashing lights weren’t much of a distraction, though his mind was otherwise preoccupied. His mind was clearing, but not as fast as he wished. He tried to focus on the details around him. He could feel the breath escaping his mask. Hearing the footsteps of his thick boots leaving quiet little thumps on the floor as he walked. The footsteps of others as they walked on the floor above him, and as people walked to catch up to him. He could feel the oxygen entering his nose and his own heartbeat pulsing as he could swear he felt the blood radiating through his body with every muscle relaxing. Then he extended his field.

Walls that appeared to be like stone, but floors that had an accommodating texture, the presence of red carpets with golden lace were laid upon the hallway, dictating his movements as he walked through the hollow halls, people rushing past him to get to the desired location. The halls were lit with what appeared to be rather ornate and glorious chandeliers that shined so bright. He followed the carpet until he came to a wall of stone, and as he approached the stones seemed to part like the red sea, opening and allowing the man in. To the uninitiated it would appear as though this area was almost alien in technology compared to the rest of the facility, though everyone here knew better. The carpets were a leading device to bring you to the points of your announcements, he made more than one too many “quest compass” jokes about them. The floors and walls were all beyond state of the art tech-smart walls that could shift to the way anyone with enough clearance or access would desire. In the middle of this room was a terminal that appeared to have three screens facing three separate directions. In the center there was a sphere that projected light up to the ceiling and then refracted it all around in the enclosed area to produce several holographic images.

“California Satellite Facility connected. Humanity present.” He said as he looked to the projections, seeing each of the members as if they were actually there. He noticed that the Queen hadn’t been present yet, causing him an immediate sense of worry. It was true enough that she was not required to be present for every little protocol or alarm that went, but it was still a sense of worry, of dread. Was all of this for nothing, had he not pushed the scientists enough? He shifted in his tattered duster-trench coat and began to eye everyone else in the room. Identifying those he respected and those he did not, then noticing that the one who alerted the protocol was one of his own field agents. Quickly he muted his mask and sent a message to his own crew.

“Can somebody please tell me how the fuck San Diego just had a mass tradgedy and no one has alerted me!?”
“Probably because it’s JUST happening.”
“Citizen Zero, lock down any info you can. Communicate with Stoic and see about how he can keep this under wraps and OFF the media.”
“Doesn’t that inhibit freedom of the Press?”
“If what I’m seeing is correct then we can inhibit their freedom of the press, or this can inhibit their freedom of volition. Which is the greater violation to allow?”
“Riiight...I’ll get Orwell to help him.”

He sighed as he unmuted his modulator, allowing himself to look around and observe the area. With a snap of his fingers the lights were dimmed, allowing the holographic projections to be more sharply pronounced and properly colored. The image stuck on the debriefing sphere was what appeared to be fires in the streets, bodies lying scattered about but not in mass quantities. Most people were grabbing their heads and it appeared as if they were screaming, or in pain. Then there were a bunch of scientific jargon that even he didn’t understand perfectly. He just knew what the readings meant, rather than the actual measurements themselves were quantified by. A sense of dread filled his heart as he cleared his throat.

“Override. Begin debriefing.” He said, eager to try and get this under reigns before the Queen needed to intervene. He knew that there were some things he simply shouldn’t do, no matter how much he wanted to take care of every problem for her. Part of him also knew he had something to prove here, but he never let that be his ultimate goal. He was there to protect the Queen and make her life as easy as possible. Which is why the response he got shocked him to his core.

“Override Denied. Queen Takeiro shall be with us momentarily and has instructed me not to allow you to undertake the responsibility for this mission.” The computer responded. As if sensing his reaction as his muscles tensed up, the machine then added to their statement. “My apologies. Would you like me to play-”

“No!” he cut the A.I off. His continual dismissive demeanor towards those who constantly didn’t get their way and whining or making excuses always prompted him to say “How unfortunate. A.I play Despacito.” and then he’d walk away from the whining subordinate. The A.I seems to have taken to the idea that anytime there is rejection of any kind that it should ask to play that song. He was stuck waiting here until the Queen arrived in the hologram or somehow joined in on the discussion. He wouldn’t dare make an action that wasn’t authorized, especially after having just been told he wasn’t allowed to take responsibility for the mission. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to wait too long.


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Paint it Black (Queen Chelle) Empty Re: Paint it Black (Queen Chelle)

Post by Chellizard on December 10th 2019, 2:27 pm

The world has a really funny way of telling us we're worthless. Especially when we're at our wits end, and everything is weighing down on you. Soft sighs followed up with grunts of pain would whisper against satin sheets as pain raced from her head to her toes. She would lay there, contemplating the trials and tribulations of life, and how it chose to challenge her so deeply. Was it because she had been selfish? Was this the universe punishing her for wanting to take things and keep them safe? Was it because she was saving too many lives? Was she passing judgement too lightly? Were the karmic muses upset?

It was hard to tell, but seeing as she was dying, it wouldn't be unheard of.

Slender fingers with long, pointed nails painted a deep crimson would glide across the satin sheets and flatten out the empty side of the bed. Lonely.

Closing her eyes, she opened them again to reveal dull, almost lifeless orbs that welled with tears. The pain had sent her into a full depression. Her brain was processing all of the outcomes, but as she lay there, she felt life grabbing her by the shoulders and shaking her awake.

A kick right into her bladder, and a punch to her ribs made her grab her lower abdomen with a very angry, 'Cut that out, little one...' gritting through her teeth, a growl following her grunt of discomfort.

She sat herself up and cleared her throat. Dry. She felt like her whole insides were on fire, while also simultaneously being ripped apart, cell by cell, atom by atom. The Red energy should have killed her already, but a lot of experimental tries later, and she was still hanging on. And she had made it a secret, but one she kept as well as she could. But she could only avoid Matthew for so long before he would worry.

She had to tell him. It was only fair.

Rolling her tongue around in her mouth, she would swing her legs around over the edge of the bed and pull her night robe around of her, securing a sash as she stood up slowly. She was noticeably more thin, the hollows of her cheeks more pronounced. Dark circles were now a permanent part of her expression, and her olive skin had an almost gray undertone.

"Anna..." she muttered, a finger pressing into the intercom button on her nightstand. Without skipping a beat, the doors to her chamber opened and a woman with fox ears and tail bounced into the room.

"Yes, madam?" she asked, rushing to Chelle's side.

"Any word on new experiments we can try that won't harm the babe?" she asked, her palms caressing her belly, a soft smile crossing her face as another flutter rolled across her abdomen. This little creature was the reason to live, even if it was only until they would breathe their very first breath. She wouldn't give up on the child, not until she was sure life was going to be great for them.

"We are almost ready for you... please, don't get up unless you have to. Let me get the chair!" Anna would never yell, but she did have a sort of firmness to her usual soft voice. Chelle would chuckle and oblige to the demands, sinking herself into the wheelchair. Anna tucked a blanket around of her Queen and she scurried to get behind of the chair to guide them to the healing room.


It was bright, sterile, and smelled hospital clean. It had a double set of doors that had a small room that was pressurized. As the two came into the smaller room, a vent above would hiss and let out a mist. Chelle closed her eyes, Anna following suit. The mist smelled wonderful, and it would destroy any surface germs that were on either woman. Medical equipment was tucked behind of drawers, cabinets, and two private doctors had been hired to monitor and examine Chelle as experimental drugs would be used on her to combat the red energy Lucius had bestowed upon her.

She was still mad at herself. He smelled so wonderful - just one bite, she had told herself. Just one. Nothing more. But, it was her ultimate downfall.

Reflecting back, she knew that it was the selfishness that had ultimately destroyed her. She was sure of it. She was so high on her own triumphs, she had not even realized she was setting herself up for self sabotage. She was the reason. She had done this to herself. "How can I be so foolish..." she muttered to herself, Anna's sense of hearing definitely picking it up without any straining. Her eyes closed and she could see the office she had approached Lucius in. She watched him tense up in her memory, his facial expression almost never changing, a smug look across it, but she could smell his lingering fear welling in his stomach. She knew that if she had just killed him there, she would have never been where she is today. If she had let her greed go, and just stick with wrath. Wrath was the best sin to hone in on, especially when facing an enemy. And now here she was, strapped to a chair, seconds from being injected with a highly experimental drug that could ultimately cause her to die much faster.

"Let it be on record," she said, an A.I. responding with a soft ping to note it was recording her voice. The pressurized room released and the doors would open to the med room.

"My name is Rochelle Felicity DiMartino-Takeiro. I am the Queen of Thrones. And I am not done fighting yet." another ping resonated within the small room. The message would be recorded and stored for later. She spoke as she was wheeled into the room, three people helping her out of the chair and onto the bed. She would feel the start of an IV, and then taste copper as fresh O negative started rushing into her veins.

Today would be the experimental use of a drug named 'Spark.' It was not approved by anyone, but it had proven to do great things. Amplifying powers that metahumans had. She had no idea if it would work on her, but she was certainly going to try. She had tried this much, why not this?

As soon as the blood transfusion had finished, the bags would be swapped for the drug. As the drug was being set up, an alarm locked down the facility, the emergency lights turning on as the whole med room turned red, the alarm blaring.

An alert? At this time?

The medical staff would stop what they are doing, lifting their hands as if to say they were respecting the alert, and knew that the Queen should leave. She should go right now. It's what the alert usually meant. But she was not done yet. She needed the drug. She was so desperate to try anything, she was ready. She was done fighting death, the Reaper always knocking on her door, asking if she were ready yet or not. And the answer was always no. She had so many more things she needed to do before she gave up. She would not give up. She would fight.

Determination welled up in her chest as a small foot kicked into her bladder again, sending a wave of pain across her lower back. She sighed and looked at the doctor.

"If you do not inject me with this drug, I will eat your heart. I am not in the mood. Do it. Now." her voice was commanding, her eyes flooding with red, the golden amber melting away as anger rose within her. There it was. Wrath. That lovely little sin that just had to come into play lately. It was the only thing that got her results. She was so sick and tired of being sick and tired. She wanted to run on roof tops, fly in the rain, and swim under a water fall. She was done being cooped up in her bed chamber, only able to attend small conferences, and meetings. She was a very active person in society, and it felt so wrong to be stuck here, helpless.

The wouldn't move.

"Are you all imbeciles? DO IT NOW!" the alarm sounding would add more to her angry voice, the red lights add deep crimson shadows to the hollows of her cheeks as she flashed a frowning scowl, her fangs bare. Shaking hands would rise, the doctor stammering as he stepped forward.

"Yes, my Queen." he would attach the syringe to the port and slowly push the medication into the IV.

The effects weren't instant. But as soon as it hit her heart. Oh boy. She felt it. It was like Heaven's gates being opened and she was stepping onto clouds. She felt fine. No more pain. No more weight on her shoulders. As she lay there, the people in the room with her would witness her muscles gaining mass again, the hollows of her cheeks filling out, and the dark circles beneath her eyes seemingly fading away. Her lips regained color, her bony fingers finally looking much less fragile.

Even pregnant, she looked back to normal. Her eye's finally snapped open and she sat up. No grunts of pain, no groans. Something told her this was only temporary, though. But she had to go now. She couldn't stay here any longer. The alarms would beckon her.


She was out of the med room, into a gown, and on her way to the holographic call.

As Matthew stood, waiting for her arrival, her hologram would flicker into view, showing her back to her old self. He had seen her just a few days ago, but she was always wrapped up in many blankets, and had pillows and other comfortable things surrounding her to divert from her very pregnant belly. But now, as she stood, the gown she wore hid the pregnancy even more. A smile cracked across her face as she tuned in.

"Greetings everyone. It is with my pleasure to say that we're going to have to stop this small apocalypse before the world crumbles at our very feet, and we have to do it with as little casualties as we can. Of course I will not condone any misbehavior's, but if we happen to see any pedophiles, rapists, or etc, feel free to use them as a meat shield. We do not condone it, and neither should society. Humanity, my King. It is good to see you. Italy has been lonely without you, but I believe it's time I come see you." she said, looking away from the holograms and down to her hands. She felt a surge of power move through her. Her eyes would flash cerulean, purple runes crawling across her skin as she clapped her hands together.

The hologram displaying Chelle to Humanity's quarters would fizzle out of existence. As it disappeared, a purple portal opened up in the floor of the room, a rip in reality. As it did, a throne would rise from the portal, the Queen placed upon it, life having returned to her face. She felt like there was nothing eating at her insides. She felt... fine.

It was a weird sensation, but she was so happy to be in the room with him. As soon as she was, his scent overwhelmed her and she gasped, more flutters crossing over her abdomen as she took in a deep breath. Her wings would erupt from her back as she stood from the throne, her horns curling to the top of her head, her crown placed betwixt the large appendages.

"Hello my love. Brief me." she said, making sure Xian the God Blade was secured to her left wing as she almost floated over to him. To Matthew, she looked the same as the day he had met her. Beautifully breathtaking, but beneath it all, the red energy was still present, and it was definitely...

the calm before the storm.

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Paint it Black (Queen Chelle) Empty Re: Paint it Black (Queen Chelle)

Post by Silus on February 14th 2020, 8:50 pm

Do you know what it means, to wait? You see to many people waiting and patience are considered to be the same thing. Those people are fools or mentally inept. But every now and again there is always someone who sees the difference between the two. Someone who can pierce the veil with their mind rather than their hands. He stood there waiting, feeling his jaw clench behind the mask. He rarely had ever felt like this, a rat in a cage. There was a situation going on in LA, and while it may have been Matthew's LEAST favorite place in the world, he also knew that there were innocent lives at stake. He folded hia arms, his fingersclosing one at a time, the long needles from the gauntlet grating and scratching against the armored bicep, everyone looking to him with traces of concern outlining their features.

You see, Patience is your ability to accept trouble, or suffering and even delay for things without outrage or outlash of emotional or even intellectual response. Despite what Luke may say Matthew was a PATIENT person. You see Patience is so akin to his beloved Stoicism, yet it soon becomes clear where the two split paths. Stoicism is a game of endurance that teaches one to WAIT out the pain and sufferings under a nihilistic trationale that in the end virtue is the highest good, born of knowledge and that your suffering ultimately is part of nature and is indiscriminitory. He began to chuckle, pacing back and forth as the ratted and fettered fleshy look of the mask had been peeled away by countless battles. He began to feel them all inside, the entierty of his wars accumulating. He felt his eyes close for a momewnt as he relied on his ears. Whisperes where there were none. Mutters where he thought he should hear them.

...waiting. To DELAY or STAY until a particular time until something else happens. You see where the line divides between the Stoic and the Patient is here at this junction. Waiting. Stoics will wait and act where they can, and if they cannot act they simply wait until they can. In the end it doesn't matter, they die anyway right? A patient man is willing to accept the delay, but eventually patience runs thin. A stoic finds virtue in knowledge while a patient man finds virtue in the acts of patience, and the choice to be patient. Patience is an action, many times multiple. Waiting is a lack thereof. There had been a series of voices as Chelle's holographic image manifested. She spoke and while he heard her he honestly realized that as he looekd at her part of him wasn't even listening. With a slight grumble he realized how pathetic he was beneath this flesh-flayed mask. ...and for you...I will be patient.

"The world is emptier in this forsaken place, but I trust you recieved my words-Wait come see me?" He had asked her though quickly realized that she had in fact just stated she was coming to see him.  She had flashed with different colors before a rip in the ground appeared a harrowing feeling took his heart as he assumed she would now be using the realm of shadows to pass through reality. Immediately he goraned internally, knowing full well he would have to explain this breech in reality to a nigh-omnipotent friend that seemed to watch him like a hawk. The woman arrived within a throne, her horns adorning her head as the crown was steeled between them. She truly looked the part of a queen, as she should. Humanity on the other hand was far too savage and horrific to be a contemporary or even victorian King. He was a monster that stood on two legs and spoke like a man of culture.

"As you wish." He said in response to the command to brief her. He tried his best to keep himself professional whenever he wore his face before the queen, despite the stirring underneath it. He began to walk, holding his arm out for her to take the lead, or at least to walk with him towards the safehouse's vehicle storage. He wanted to tell her how wonderful she looked, and how he hoped she rested well...but that wasn't a Humanity thing. He wanted to comment on her smile, and how good it was to have her here...but he wasn't Matthew. He cleared his throat and began. "At 2232 tonight, Thirteen miniutes ago, San Francisco had a surge of unknown energy, accompanied by many frightening types of energies. Thermal energy which vanished then nuclear energies in burst which then collapsed in upon itself to dark energy. Gravity was compromised in the entire city and items at random began to float away. 2235 this strange symbol appears in the sky in a burning green color of what appears to be energy. It lasts for 30 seconds before dispersing. It's large enough to have been seen all throughout the city. The energy source doesn't show on any scanners and doesn't even emit an EM signature...which means for all practical is either an illusion, or does not actually exist. I would believe illusion however...2236 everyone who saw this massive symbol entered a frenzy state of panic, putting them all into a chronic state of terror and adrenalin high. Even those with advanced intellect and immunity to telepathy have been affected thus far. Secondary exposure to the emblem has no consequences." He concluded while he held up a tablet. Images appeared on the screen, showing the chaos that San-Fran had endured in the past 20 minutes. He knew that the Queen would have an idea of what to do, but he wasn't sure if she had a plan for him or not.

"Due to the nature of dark energy and the EMF distorting technology at Ground Zero, I'm going on reconnaissance to identify the anomaly... With your permission, of course." He said, adding the last part to the end of it once he recalled that this was not a Vigilante operation. It was true that his Vigilantes were on this case too, but this operation was mostly something beyond their paygrade. He wasn't calling the shots here, this was the Queen's decision. He looked her over for a moment, despite the horrifying features of the mask he couldn't help but sigh a little. "You look wonderful...but for someone who perhaps lived in the Victorian Era you seem to miss the point of Azalea and Apple Blossoms. I know you're not frail, and I could never see you as weak. I simply don't wish you to be burdened."

Check your concern, Matthew. She doesn't need toxic masculinity, but she does need rest. Christ I've been living in California too long. Being a gentleman is now toxic, and being an asshole is desirable. I would say I was born in the wrong time period but I'm pretty sure I've said that in ALL of them. Humanity let out an apologetic nod. He could take a verbal lashing if needed, but he would never apologize for caring or feeling concerned for a woman he had come to care so deeply for. Especially not in a moment where she was considered the most vulnerable. She didn't see the way some of these people looked at her, it was appalling.

     I just want to protect you. You don't see it, the way these people look at me, look down at me. I can take it, I can accept that because I can prove them wrong. But don't even see it. How that level of cancer grows amongst their ranks, how they look at you and look down on you, BECAUSE of me and because of THIS. I won't let them hurt you, I won't let them look at you this way. His mind was rattling with several voices in that moment, so many of them arguing and being juxtaposed. He took in a deep breath and exhaled with a long sigh, inside he was shaking his head, outside he was trying to remain even relatively sane as he tried to navigate himself and his words to being as perfect as possible. His mind flashed to a moment where they were simply lying down and laughing about the dumbest little thing, a moment of actual happiness before he froze. That wasn't a memory for now. That was not a Humanity memory it was a Matthew memory. He cleared his throat nervously tugging at the Kevlar metaweave duster.

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