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Captain Beatdown

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Captain Beatdown  Empty Captain Beatdown

Post by Puglife43vr on November 3rd 2019, 8:01 pm


"I know more pain in this moment than you will in your godforsaken life."

The Bio

Real Name: Victor Erikson
Hero Name: Cap'n Beatdown
Title: Ares
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs

The Looks

The Personality

Victor was traumatized in an accident as a kid and ever since, he has had a short temper and has fits of rage. However, deep down, he just doesn't want what happened to him to happen to anybody else and is truly a good person. The chaos comes from his extreme temperament and wonderfully overpowered abilities.

The Story

As a young boy, Victor Erikson was never allowed to play sports. He never wanted to know why, but just went with the flow. Some kids called him nerd and punched him sometimes when he didn't join in on games, but they always ran away for some reason afterwards. His mind was fuzzy. He couldn't remember. Why. Vic thought of his mom and dad. Suddenly he jolted awake.

His body was in agony. Victor looked around, his vision blurred. He saw white walls. A hospital. He was hooked up to machines. The doctor came in with the nurse.

"I'm so sorry, little dude, but. Your parents. Didn't make it."

His memory jolted back to hours earlier. The car ride. The first time his parents let him go play a sport. Football. The flag football game! They were on the way and… no. A super robbery. A villain blasting out of the bank and slammed right into the car.

The ambulance. His parents were separated from him. The pain. He was in so much pain.

"However, you seem to be recovering quite well."

He didn't feel anything anymore. He just wanted to scream. He just wanted everything to stop. Suddenly he opened his mouth and did it. He screamed with every ounce of power in his body. The damage done to his body from the accident was all redirected into his vocal muscles and released. The doctor flew backwards into the nurse. The windows shattered. People downstairs instantly jolted and security ram into the room. They saw the boy, looking down into his lap in his bed, sobbing.

Ever since, he'd had fits of rage that were only calmed by two things. Focus training. And his best friend.

Victor hung with his friend Donny who was also a meta — though he didn't like to share the fact. They bonded and once they realized they both had powers their bond became stronger. From middle school to high school they had each other's backs and we're the best of friends. Vic took several martial arts classes while he lived with Donny's family. They adopted him after the incident. Donny on the other hand used his powers for money and drugs after he saw how his parents treated Victor. He was everything his parents wanted. Handsome, smart, strong. Everything he wanted to be.

Don thought to himself, "Who needs this family anyway. Vic did fine without one for a while…"

Don ditched his old friend and his very own parents. When he disappeared, Victor didn't stop looking for him. In fact, he's still looking for him today. Little does he know, Kevin 'McKyle' Justinson (very good name while undercover), the local car dealer was Donny in disguise. Vic's main outlet was gone. And he needed a way to let off steam.

Later in the year, around Halloween, Vic saw something around him in good old New Orleans. Crime. His parents didn't let him try out for sports. But they did want him to do something if he saw something. One event was a super robbery. Another super robbery. This was a most familiar situation.

Vic walked into the cafe where a psycho was flaunting flame powers. He tripped his hands as the patrons looked his way. He stood in the doorway, menacingly. He said two words. "Get. Out." The patrons rushed out behind him and the villain looked his way.

"Hey, who do you think you are? I just hit some spark and I'm gonna roast these baristas like the hot coffee they make. You seem pretty beastly. Wanna hel-"

"You, your kind are the scum of the earth. You deserve to perish."

"If you say so! Guess I'll have to kill you too!"

The villain raised his palm and Vic instinctively leaped forward. An explosion went off. His ears rang. He felt pain. It bounced him back. He was back in the hospital. He grit his teeth. That day he nearly blew out his vocal cords. His power. It was unimaginably strong. But his whole life he'd been holding himself back. Now was his time. A time to let loose.

Victor brought his hand across his face, wiping soot and blood from his mouth. He spat out blood as he slowly rose up.

"You should be dead!" The villain yelled.

"You will be soon," he retorted

Vic balled up his fist. He pulled his fist back, narrowing his eyes. Suddenly his eyes widened and he let out a heart ripping scream as he used all his power just like the original accident.

The man looked at him blankly. The dude just punched the air. He began to speak again but suddenly he was hit by a torrent of wind. He held his ground as best he could but a few seconds later, he was torn off his feet and sent flying through a wall into the bathroom of the cafe. He gasped for air and moved about in the mess of paper towel, porcelain, water, and wall tiles. A hard fist hit him across the jaw as Vic approached and delivered a devastating punch to the villain.

The baristas thanked him on the way out and after reviewing the witness statements and the security footage, the police thanked him for his handling of the situation. After he saw what good he did, Vic really and truly believed that a decision could make a difference. He could make a difference.

Elsewhere, Donny was met by a mysterious figure, informing him of what Vic had just done. How he was recognized. Donny grit his teeth as the figure gave him the news. Vic would suffer for what he took from him. And Him would have a new powered underling to further his agenda...

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

The Powers

Kinetic Energy Absorption/Storage - The Meta Gene inside of Victor gave him the ability to absorb damage from attacks and store the amount of energy from the attacks within his muscles. This energy can be redirected through his body to other muscles and used at a later time within a thread.

Kinetic Energy Release - The stored up Kinetic energy can be released at several different levels. 1/8th of the energy stored through all of the energy stored can be released at once. The stored damage has a small multiplier to make the counter stronger than the original attack (1.5x). The energy can also be released through his fingers to create a sort of puncture damage. This energy is entirely dependent on how hard Victor is hit. A car ramming him would give him a great deal of energy and could be split up into eighths and still cause damage. Also, this release is stacked upon his existing strength after years of mixed martial arts. (In physical contact attacks.)

Minor Healing Factor - The Meta Gene also gave Beatdown the power to recover from injuries slightly faster than the average human. He also gets up from being knocked unconscious much faster than a normal man. (Small cuts are healed in minutes, a large gash and broken bones in hours to days.)

The Weaknesses

Damage - Damage still applies to Victor even if he can store it up. Also, if an attack like an explosion is absorbed, not only is he damaged from the explosion, if he attacks full power instead of in eighths, he'd risk damaging his own body further.

Tranquilizers - Tranquilizer will lessen the power of the damage absorbed by Beatdown. If Beatdown is slammed by a car and is injected with a good bit of the good stuff, he'll have a fraction of the power that he'd usually get from the hit. Also, he'll go down like a normal man, circumventing that recovery power.

Anesthetic has a similar effect as tranquilizers.

Nonphysical Attacks - Attacks that don't use physical force can't be absorbed by Beatdown. Lasers, flamethrowers, and psions will do damage without any counter from Victor.

Allergies - Avocado, Crustaceans (consumption of)
They cause mild reactions in hives, itchiness, and minor swelling. They are a good distraction from combat.

The Items

The Suit - Created not so long after he fought off the explosion villain, this iconic suit will help Beatdown make a name for himself. The not so advanced combat suit gives little defense in being impervious to tearing, but has braces to prevent Beatdown from breaking his own fists with enhanced attacks. A full power attack will shatter the braces, however.

Flight Goggles - Eye Protection for when Beatdown performs aerial moves like jumps using his powers.

Utility Belt - A belt filled with mundane objects for combat like caltrops, tools, etc.


The Fluff

Minor MMA training

Emotional Distress - Enough of a jolt to his mind to remind him of a loved one would cause Beatdown to discharge all his power at once, uncontrolled.

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Captain Beatdown  Empty Re: Captain Beatdown

Post by Zonkes on November 4th 2019, 8:36 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

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