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Silver Shot Empty Silver Shot

Post by The Nekromonga on October 26th 2019, 10:06 pm


A Silver bullet fired in the night / that we may live to see dawn's light

The Bio

Real Name: Diane Agatha W. Van Helsing
Hero Name: Silver Shot
Alignment: Good
Age: 40
Gender: F
Race: Human
Hair: Ashen
Eyes: Jade
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170"
Blood type: O+

The Looks

The Personality

Diane has lived a long life of hardship, and it shows it her face and eyes. She is weighed by survivor's guilt, of trauma of all the things she has witnessed, fought and was defeated by, and the loss of her daughter to an unbeatable nemesis haunts her. Sheer grit, or perhaps a wish to die, keeps her going, and yet for all her coldness she knows she must resist the lure of falling into that despair- or all her struggle will have been for naught.

The Story

On an alternate earth, Dracula conquers all of Europe, while Dr. Abraham Van Helsing and company fail to stop his rise. Beaten and bloodied, all his allies slain, and all his holdings taken from him, the doctor has little choice but to flee west to America. There he starts a new family with a Chinese Merchant’s daughter, Sandra Woo. For a while he knew peace but it was not to last.

Diane Agatha Van Helsing was raised on her father’s medical and occult lore, her mother’s martial arts and mysticism, and their new home’s skill with firearms. Diane quickly became a respected physician in the early Texas territories, while also dealing with supernatural threats with her father. Then as time passed, Diane too married and gave birth to a son, Abraham and daughter, Abigail, all the while remaining active in fighting the occult.

All this would come to a bitter end, when Dracula had made the crossing to the new world, to find his ‘dear old friend’, Dr. Van Helsing, who by now was an old man. Unwilling to confront the canny old doctor and any of his possible tricks, he set his hounds- werewolves- upon them, overpowering and capturing his old rival. Diane fought and paid dearly, losing her arm in the struggle. His attention was set upon the women before him- his attention falling most squarely on Diane’s 18 year old daughter, Abigail. Entranced, Dracula took her away to become his new bride. Dracula left, leaving the Van Helsing line alive but utterly broken.

Three more years and Diane clung to life- to revenge, but deep down, felt there was no hope. Her family had perished entirely in that encounter, her daughter lost to her forever. Then, finally, on a fateful night, one of the werewolves returned to finish the job…

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Superhuman Marksmanship – Using her firearms, Diane is a quick draw and a crack shot, having truly superhuman accuracy, precision and speed. While limited to pre ww1 era firearms (a repeater rifle and a revolver), she brings out their maximum potential in battle... and at some points exceed them. For instance, she can shoot a fleeing enemy from hundreds of yards away, on hearing alone. This sort of use of her marksmanship requires setup and concentration, though.

Senses - long exposure to the occult and alchemic potions has allowed Diane some measure of heightened senses necessary for survival. Her hearing is virtually superhuman, while her eyesight is perfect and even effective in darkness.

Wound Recovery - Also as an effect of her potions, she recovers much faster when given opportunity to rest.

The Weaknesses

Fear of Canines- A lifetime of fighting the occult has given Diane many a mental scar, especially fighting skin-walkers with Native Americans. She has developed a fear of dogs, barking and howling. The larger the dog, the more intense the fear, and even a corgi will make Diane stand frozen in place.

Fear of Blood - Diane also cannot stand the sight of blood up close; she can shoot her opponents but prefers not to cut them up close. Also has a strong aversion to modern horror films, as she has endured too many of those supernatural themes.

Fish out of Temporal Water - Diane came from an alternate reality 1900s. As such, in the modern world, she has no support system of any kind at all. No shelter, no money, no means of obtaining ammunition or finding meaningful work. Adjusting to her new existence, forming new bonds, learning the ways of the world will be a big part of her life.

The Items

Clockwork Arm – A brass and bronze clockwork prosthetic arm powered by coal and steam, created in Diane’s world, and by some means functions with far more efficiency than something coal powered should. It mimics the functionality of a normal human arm, matching Diane’s strength, while providing her a steady firing platform. In times of duress, she can ‘overclock’ it, causing it to rapidly burn through its coal supply to provide a burst of superhuman strength.
Weaknesses: Being coal powered, a spray of water could extinguish it, and to use it for its strength was to put it out of use until refueled. It also smells strongly of coal and emits a great amount of heat and vapor. Also, the coal in this universe is apparently different from the coal from her universe; the arm requires refueling daily.

The Heavenfall Guns – Van Helsing Family history states that Dr. Van Helsing found the broken sword of a celestial being and attempted to use it against Dracula. When he failed, he brought the pieces to America and had a gun maker, Winchester, forge them into a revolver and a repeater rifle, chambered in .45 caliber. Forged from angel steel, the weapons impart a measure of divine energy into its fired ammunition, and are extremely durable.
Weaknesses: aside from durability and magical ammunition, the heavenfall guns follow the limitations of a revolver and a repeater rifle.

The Fluff

Pugilism and Martial Arts - Quite proficient in delivering a beatdown, but will lose to true hand-to-hand specialists. Given her advancing age, Diane relies more on experience, quickness, cunning and tactics; failure to do so will usually turn fights against her.

Educated for her time - Would be considered extremely educated and intelligent for someone from the early 20th century, being a physician, philosopher and an occultist from that time era.

Steampunk Technology - an expert in the highly efficient steam powered technology from her alternate universe. She notes that the coal in the SHRPverse is 'far less efficient' than her own world.

Assorted Cowboy Stuff - A Bullwhip, a bowie knife, hat, duster, holster, bandolier, tobacco leaves

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Silver Shot Empty Re: Silver Shot

Post by Silus on October 28th 2019, 4:29 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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