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For want of a nanite!

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For want of a nanite! Empty For want of a nanite!

Post by Randolf on October 15th 2019, 5:40 pm

California was always too hot for Jack's liking and so he grumbled a bit to himself as he walked down a street  only stopping to take a picture of a landmark or interesting sight that caught his eye.  He was in his civilian persona for now, simply scoping out the location around his target. With the way that his powers worked the more he scoped out a location beforehand, the more places he could teleport to with greater precision. That and he did score a couple of good pictures that are probably going into his photo book.

His target was a office inside a tall building, though he did not know who it really belonged too. Jack was simply tipped off that this office held tech that he would want. He couldn't go through official channels to find more about it either, he did not want to leave a trail that whoever he was about to rob could follow. Which meant he had to plan this out fairly carefully, both to leave as little of a trail as possible and steal as much as he could before he had to flee. Which was quite the challenge with how little he had to work with.

After circling the block that the office was located at for the third time in a row, Zack formalized a basic plan in his head. He headed into a nearby alleyway before opening a portal a nearby shoddy motel room that he had rented out. There he switched into his villain outfit, as basic as it was, before pulling out a few goodies to use in the upcoming theft: some homemade smoke grenades, a couple of basic noise makers, a pair of binoculars, and finally a LED floodlight. Hopefully this upcoming theft would allow him to upgrade his arsenal quite a bit...

Shaking off his musings, Zack opened a portal to the location where this heist would start: a building about two blocks away from his target, that was about the same height as the floor that held the office and didn't have any security in it that would bother him. Since he only saw the roof's edge from the ground level Vortex had to open the portal up a few inches away from the roof's edge and simply jump onto the roof. It still gave him a mild heart attack as the fall would have messed him up but he made the jump in the end.

Now that we was all set up for the main event, Vortex brought up the binoculars to scan the office he was targeting. He had to see somewhere with his natural eyesight to teleport to it but how could he call himself a villain without cheating a little bit? Still he started to watch the office, trying to pick a good time to strike...

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For want of a nanite! Empty Re: For want of a nanite!

Post by Bliss on October 20th 2019, 5:22 am

Tsukimi walked past the front door of the office for the fifth time. She pulled out a clipboard, holding it up to the torso of her baby blue BlissTech T-shirt, tucked into a pair of white capris. "Fifth check. No disturbances. Will check again in five minutes."
The sole of her black sneaker squeaked on the freshly cleaned floor.

The pacing of the solo non-guard, whom took diligence in guarding things, began to create the same noise in the fifth round as it had in the first four. A detail Bliss knew of abundantly. Bliss went back to work tightening a bolt on a metal rack. She wiped her brow, the shortness of her bob being pulled back into a ponytail. Her arm rested on her knee, her black shorts and white T-shirt giving her a little coolness. "Tell Suzy to go home."

"Can't." Across the room, Ashley worked on tightening up a rack. "I'm her ride. And, yours too." Her brown ponytail fell along the neck of her black blouse while her green skirt hung above her knees. Another long night with Bliss, but at least it was something meager in technical skill enough to include Ashley.

"I'd rather get robbed than listen to Suzy pace around all night." Another bolt fixed. Only half the row left. Then the row beneath. Then, installing the supercomputers. And, another squeak. "We're going to be here for hours. I can't take that."

"I'll ask her to take her shoes off." Ashley rose to her feet, hanging the wrench on the edge of the rack.

More squeaks came. Then, Ashley reemerged. Then, more squeaks came.

"Well?" Bliss somehow slowed down her pace.

"She said removal of shoes would not be safe." The wrench awaited Ashley with more warmth than Bliss.

"And, you didn't tell her to take her shoes off anyways?" The wrench in Bliss' hand began to resemble a hammer more than a precision tool.

"She had a good reference point from a very skilled CEO." Already Ashley tucked two bolts away before heading to her next spot.

"She quoted one of your dumb regulations, didn't she?" Now the wrench did hammer the side of the railing.

"No." Ashley fixed two bolts before heading down with a sigh. "She cited one of my brilliant regulations."

The hall ran around the perimeter of the office building with four offices in the center. Bliss and Ashley occupied one of the rooms, while the next rooms included a breakroom, a meeting room, and an office for Ashley. Two entrances were on either side of the building through double doors.


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For want of a nanite! Empty Re: For want of a nanite!

Post by Randolf on October 22nd 2019, 11:24 am

Vortex observed what he could through the windows he could see through, getting a somewhat hazy picture of what was happening inside. Sadly it seemed all of the offices were in the center of the building, not on the outside like normal, which meant the window route didn't work that well. The best he could do was quite literally look through a window to look through a door while it was open and that was about it. Unfortunately for whoever was inside at the time, that was about all the info Vortex needed in order to work his magic so to speak. And even better was that he came prepared for such a situation with his little hodgepodge gadgets that he brought.

"First thing first, I should probably eliminate the guard..." Vortex would mumble to himself before bracing against the roof of the building, preparing himself to snap open a portal at a second's notice. A small portal, barely bigger than a eye, would open on the roof of the hallway with the other portal being right in front of Vortex's left eye. This was to give him eyesight of the hallway more clearly. And then when Tsukimi was walking through a part of the hallway where she wouldn't be seen by anyone inside of a room, a portal would open in front of her as she was in mid step. This portal was just over her height and width and the exit portal was about seven feet above a local swimming pool that he had saw beforehand. If she did go through the portal or not didn't matter, he would close it within a second anyways. His intent was just to get as many people out of the build as possible without causing serious harm or inconvenience for them, nor alerting them to his presence just yet.

Either way the portal trick went, Vortex would soon open another portal up further down the hallway at the breakroom. The villain would chunk one of his noisemakers inside of it after setting off the three second delay it had. Soon a ear splitting racket would be coming from the breakroom, hopefully loud enough to distract whoever was else was in the building. After about thirty seconds he would open another portal into the workroom from what little he could see of it, so pretty much barely out of the door way. Vortex would then walk through the portal and close it behind him, before shutting the door if it was open and locking it if that was possible.

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