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The wolves of New York (Humanity)

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INV ONLY The wolves of New York (Humanity)

Post by Adam Johnson on October 7th 2019, 12:43 am


The air stunk with the houses burning and the cries of dying. He stood, staring at the massive heap of wood consumed in a roaring flame  that licked at the very dark speckled heavens themselves. He could even taste the blood on his lips, fresh enough to incite the hunger and the fangs which rose from their sheath. Fingers heavy and tight grasped onto his shoulder; as if they would crack his bones. Screaming words of admonition at him in anger.

What did they want? Why were they yelling at him so loudly? It was hard to remember, though he turned to them anyway with an expression he imagined was dispassionate and stony. A fat human with thinning hair, stubble and spit flying from his mouth in globs. Eyes bloodshot and red like the rage he was brimming with.  What was that for anyway? No answer came, as always when their head came off with an unceremonious fountain of blood. Splashing him and the ground with a morbid spray of dark red.

The taste was on his lips and smell on his nostrils. A flash of a man, dark red hair like rust and ponderous green eyes considering him. Licking his thumb and rubbing a few splatters of blood from his cheek with a smear. Lips curled into an amused smile, almost judgmental at the expression on his face. ”Empathy is a pretty ugly look on you Adam,” His voice broke through the din that shut out all others. Drawing his attention to the burning building releasing columns of smoke to the night veiled heavens.

A human shape or two ran from it, screaming in pain as they pointlessly flailed about. Kicked away before they could touch them, bones crunching and vita organs soon failing. All keeping his attention as he watched them lie on the ground. So very futile he thought to himself, and he heard the red haired man laugh. No, a laugh suggested a kind of mirth that didn’t exist in that sound. Like a cat watching its prey flail under sharp claws, so close to death but suffering all the same.

Accusatory shouts rose from the men dying on the ground. Skin smoking and blackening as they burnt, stinking to high heavens. Even if they were no god to hear their many pleas. ”They want to kill you because they fear you Adam. We’re strong and they’re weak, so they rely on cheap tactics and their guns.” As if to make a point, he made a motion and one of the men was raised from the ground only to slam into it with a flick of the wrist. All of the bones crunching at once. These sounds resounded in his ears, echoing and reverberating through his skull as more were crushed under a cruel heel. More blood, like fountains that painted the ground a gruesome color.

”I’ll send a message to them. That now they die, and we survive. I’ll burn their towns to the ground, kill their families until we’re the ones who stand at the top!”His voice rose, religious in fervor and half-mad. As if given a cue, he turned to the scene beyond. A winding hill with the curl of a dirt road through the thick of buildings consumed by an inferno and the sound of screams.

The symphony of death.

He rose to the sound of a car horn honking loudly. A drawn out chord that stung at his ears, eyes sleepily blinking. A fan hummed in the room, plastic white blades spinning in the darkness. He felt his body slick with blood sweat.  Leaving him staring at the apartments popcorn ceiling, and listening to the steady breathing of Samael still locked within a more easy looking sleep. He envied the man's ability to sleep without the dark dreams harrying him. Even in the darkness, lit by nothing he could see his form, and his emergence from the blankets was easy too. Silent footsteps against the carpeting, slipping into a pair of dark brown colored slacks and a black shirt portraying a realistic rainbow colored skull across the front.

He had more important things to do than lay awake as the sun sunk below the horizon, even if it were a good bit better than being alone. He settled a kiss against the sleeping cambion’s forehead, descending the stairs down to the antique shop below with only a stop to collect a pair of tan slip on loafers. Lily fanned herself with a paper fan, offering a sardonic smile to him. Long, black hair wavering within the breeze of a metal bladed fan. ”Hearings better than you think dad,” Her smile was petulant, arcing a brow with eyes trained on him. Almost accusatory if not for the playfulness.

”Not my fault the hours for this place are ludicrous. Should think about closing earlier,” He rolled his eyes, keeping the smirk where it was.

”I’d be losing so much nightly traffic if I did that. You’d be surprised by how often vampires come to me demanding a sun charm as if I know how to make one of those, ”

”Do you?”

”Hell no. Besides, even if I did the money they're offering is way too low,”Another shrug, stirring a dark cup of coffee until it turned a milky cream color and sipping from it. ”as if i’d so some potentially dangerous magic like that for basically free.”

”Explains the scorched smell in the air,” He massaged his nostrils with index and thumb, grimacing with the scent. ”i’m really impressed with how you manage to get away with this kind of stuff,”

”Well, if your daddy Osiris wants to lodge a formal complaint with me he’s free to do so,” With a small amount of derision playful as it was, keeping eyes perpetually on the door.

”Don’t call him that. Makes things sound weird,”He pierced a veil of glamour beneath the counter, removing a glass filled with dark red with a straw attached. Sipping at it with a subdued slurp. Cold but serviceable.”so, any luck on tracking down those problem wolves? I heard they’ve been quite a bit of trouble. Probably some kind of mage right?”  All he got in turn was a shrug, as if someone had managed to confuse her through their own sorcery.

”If they’re being protected by a mage it must be a damn powerful one. Haven’t seen this kind of thing since the red haired bitch when The Fae thought trying to double cross me in their weird club was a good idea,” Sh adjusted the thick white shawl covering her arms to hide what looked to be thick scales decorating them. ”most I got was they were in New York. Probably Brooklyn or maybe The Bronx. One of those shit holes anyway,”

Adam seemed to consider that for a moment, deep in thought before breaking out of it with a nod. ”Sounds familiar...a little too familiar,” The mention of it was enough to make his annoyance apparent.  

”For obvious reasons but I got a message wanting you to see what it’s all about,” She explained, with an almost comical roll of the eyes while producing an envelope from underneath a leather-bound book, sealed with a circular red wax lump with the sigiil of The Sun and Stars. He frowned, ripping it open and unfolding the thin letter casually to read over it.  He took a few minutes to read it over before letting the sigh slip through his lips in a long and low whistle.

”Oh yeah, definitely a problem I have to look over. Sounds like a bunch of trouble really,” He ground his teeth, looking more annoyed than anything else. ”though something tells me that if I say no it won’t go very well. Our sovereign rarely takes that answer very well,” Adam folded it back up with terse motions, sliding it into his back pocket before falling silent once again for a few long moments while Lily seemed to walk around the shop itself.

Even with his thoughts the click of heeled boots was audible. ”I can have a portal up for you in a few minutes if you want one,” She stated, adjusting a few curios and statues on one of the cluttered shelves. ”don’t worry, I promise to leave your boyfriend alone. Seemed like he could use a little sleep from last night,” For once there wasn’t a judgmental heat within her voice, though it was replaced with an unknown emotion. Maybe worry?

”Where would I be without you?” He managed with a chuckling scoff, fixing dark brown eyes on her which reflected the florescent light of the shop.

”Stuck on public transportation of course,” She removed a bottle from one of the top shelves; a dark green liquid that sloshed and bubbled when jostled. ”imagine you having to ride in the cargo hold of a plane in one of those coffins. Now that shit is pretty funny,” She brought the bottle to a bowl, liquid glowing with a few whispered words before being poured into a bowl.

”so, what exactly is that for?”

”Skin potion. Been testing to see how well it deals with acne,” She read his expression, glaring daggers at him. ”not for myself. There’s always a teenaged demographic for this kind of thing,”

”So...can I have the portal now?” He pushed setting aside his now empty drink. She rolled her eyes at the question.

”Alright, fine,” She motioned for him to follow through a short hallway to a door settled at the back. Muttering some arcane words under her breath for a few minutes until sparks rose from the hinges and even the frame as she opened it with flourish. Swirling green plasma appeared beyond where a room would be, with the faint image of what looked to be Brooklyn beyond.

”Enjoy brewing your zit juice,” He said, with a smirk.

He whipped out his cell phone and dialed a number he had gotten at some point. It rang five times before he got an answer. ” I probably haven’t called you in a while, probably awkward I know. Oh, this is Adam though I guess you already know that,”  He sighed as if he were making an ass of himself. ”heard there was some stuff going down with maybe some wolves in New York and thought maybe you wanted to look into it.  I’ll be waiting in New York, have a hotel room so I guess i’ll be waiting there for a few days.” Hanging up he realized he might have sounded more awkward than he needed to. He could feel Lily’s eyes on his back and that meant it was time to get moving.

He sent the address through a text and stepped through the door beyond the portal with the sensation of walking through water. Beyond the door opened and he stepped out onto a street lit by one of the light-posts. Looking around he found himself washed over by a profound sense of nostalgia, which faded when he remembered why he was here in the first place. At times he remembered why he didn’t like the ideas of “vampire kings”. Continuations of ancient sovereigns who had burnt those that did no follow their tight rules and drained subjects dry when they didn’t comply. For now he had one thing he needed to deal with and it was a problem he had stopped before.

The wolves of New York.

He had dealt with them once before, when he was a little younger and Samael was only a fresh from childhood. An eighteen year old trying to make it within the world. He quickly picked out the hotel he put a few days in, prepping himself to collect information from across the city There had to be something about the wolves moving around. The local packs were dealing with strange things in each borough. Rabid wolves which had no issue ripping apart people, wolves or whatever else they got their teeth into. It was strange they weren’t even rampaging, which meant they were still dealing with some kind of new monster. The blinds were closed enough to keep all sunlight out should he sleep, though he didn’t even know how long it would take for Matt to get here. However long that took.

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Adam Johnson

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INV ONLY Re: The wolves of New York (Humanity)

Post by Humanity on October 8th 2019, 12:42 am

The world was changing. One moment he was living on the streets and struggling to stay away from others, and the next he was taking care of more than just himself. He missed those days in all honesty. The days when it was just him and the worry of food and shelter. It may seem rather dramatic, however he knew what to do in order to ger food and shelter. Those were problems he was adept with. Unfortunately, how to save your child's soul from being digested by Typhon, King of Monsters was not exactly something anyone was qualified for. Then to throw more on top of it he had to take care of Silus now. Sean was certainly a good father who cared, but Silus continually said that something didn't feel right with Zell, like he wasn't really himself anymore.

That was a whole different mess. In fact, Matthew was certain that Sean only agreed to it because the very stressful transition to having his father be more medieval and a changed personality was possibly detremental to a child's psychology. He totally sold it to Sean, Sean was a picky buyer though. It wasn't until Zell had started proclaiming that the children needed regiments in nuclear survival and the art of improvised warfare that Sean realized that it was going to be best for Silus to not be there for the adaption. Silus was actually with Sean that day, it was one of the only times he would be able to see some of his friends, as they avoided that child like the plague. Or in the case of one person in particular, he kept them away from Silus as if they were the plague. Of course he was taling about none other than Isaac, the progenitor of the name X before it was passed down. The second one, whom seemed to avoid Silus had been Ryan and he was there as well today.

"So hold on, you can't tell me that you don't think that Atlas is a goddamn superhero!" Isaac snapped for a moment, a wry smile playing at the corner of his mouth as he chewed his turkey sandwhich. Matthew rolled his eyes at the thought of his words being used against him. He watched as the messy black-haired young man started to scratch at his barely visible goatee and a tiwnkle in his eye. The banter was something he despised sometimes. If he wanted sass and snark he had Stoic for that.

"I'm not saying he's not a hero. He is. One of the best. What I'm saying is that his loss actually complicates things. Too many people were seeing him as this god-send when he is just another person in a costume. He is a Hero. He is a SUPER-Hero. He is also a symbol, and that symbol was shattered. I was just being witty when I said he wan't so super now..." He said as he thought to himself. He had invited Damian Miles as Humanity to come meet up at a rooftop and even the scores. To exchange his identity in for already knowing Atlas'. Of course it wasn't tough, Atlas didn't hide his identity. It would have also given Atlas a way of preventitively stopping him if he ever lost his marbles. His invitation was rejected apparently, as Atlas would never show. He retired to his house on his won and his other friends had arrived. Now here he was, defending his own words that were twisted against him.  "Ryan! Help me out here. I didn't say he wasn't a superhero."

Ryan aveted his eyes with a small smile, causing Matthew to throw his hands up and slide back in his seat. The theatric display was actually comedic to the others around, though he heard a yelp as he slid back. Jumping up he looked to see that a small dog had allowed itself entry into his home. He reached down and began to pet the dog. He knew already that this was Shael, otherwise some strange and friendly animal had just let itself into his house. Regardless the case, he as immediately apologetic to the small creature.

"I'm sorry Shael! But you probably shouldn't be in that form while there's so many people around. You're bound to get stepped on, and I'm not sure Isaac has his shots." Matthew said in an apologetic and even friendly tone. He then shot a glare to the jet-haired man before looking to Ryan. "Ryyyyyan. Foooood. What'chu want? Shael. You too." He said as he began to open the firdge and put out a small bag of what appeared to be dough, then another small resealable pouch of meat. The fun and games were on as he ended up making a calzone with the massive amounts of dough he had, folding ham and  scattering sausage into the sause covered surface. He quickly placed onions and basil, then showering white mozzerlla cheese across the board, then layering it with another thin layer of taco-blend cheese. Then he finished it off by adding another layer of sausage and ham, folding the circular dough in laf, sealing the edges and slathering melted butter and garlic-salt on top. He placed it in the oven and returned to making whatever it was that Ryan requested...should he have it. All the while he kept his ear on the conversation at hand, ensuring Isaac didn't say anything to give his identity away to his friend. He was shocked as Shael morphed before his eyes and sat into the fourth chair, patting the table as he looked to Matt, eagerly awaiting food.

"WOAH! So hol' up. You're a shapechanger and... Ryan, you're a metahuman too?" He seemed like he was just finding out all this information as new information. Matthew rolled his eyes as he got out glasses and poured the glass of pink lemonade over the forzen rocks within their transparent prison. By the time he finished he placed a glass befor eeahc person, only to ge tot his and realize that Shael had finished it all. He froze momentarily before filling it up again, then realizing that Ryan had finished his. This cycle continued for three glasses before Humanity finally set the near empty canister down and looked back and forth between them.

"Really? Shael I get you being an animal and not being used to sweat glands but are LITERALLY water. How are you that thirsty?" He asked as he chuckled a little. Looking at the empty canister he realized he would need to make more. He shook his head and slid his glass over to Ryan and poured what remained into Shael's glass.

"Thirsty bitches up in here." Isaac said with a short chuckle to himself, looking at Ryan and Shael before taking a sip of his lemonade. The second Shael looked back at him he started to chug the substance, fearful thtat the wild-child would confiscate his beverege. Matthew placed lemons and grapefruit within the squeezer and just as he finished with the lemonade he heard his phone ring. He furrowed a brow as he noticed the caller and sighed.

"Ryan, Shael. Someone come refill everyone's stuff please. I'll also need my glass back after it's filled. Thank you...THANK YOU." He said the second time as he helf out the drink, Shael taking the hint and releaving Matthew form his duties as the host. Matthew missed the call and quickly punched in his pin number in order to get into his voicemail. It was the vampire he had met quite some time ago, while he was out and about.  

"Sounds great...." Humanity said with a sigh after he got the message. Suddenly the phone vibrated within his hand and he realized that it was an address. He quickly looked it ove,r committing it to memory and deleting the text. He knew that Stoic could dig it up if he tried, but that was fine. Adam wasn't a saved contact and if anything ever happened it would prove a useful red herring. He put his phone away and returned to the table. He looked over the guests there. They seeme dot be having an okay time. Ryan and Isaac seemed to bond over the most trivial things, Shael was awaiting food and seemed to stare Ryan down every time they even looked at each other's generl direction.

"Shael, wasn't expecting you today. What's happenin'? Shael I dunno if you met him but this is Ryan. He's a friend of mine, and of Silus as well. Even with trouble in paradise. This is Isaac, another friend of mine. He's pretty quirky and a superhero enthusiest, despite the fact she looks like she- uh he buys from and sells for your dad." Matthew said, throwing in a subtle jab that Isaac wouldn't know about. He had almost stated that he helped mentor and train Ryan on his hydrocryokinesis, but then he realized that Isaac would just blow open his cover like naked Miley Cyrus to a residential building.


The wolves of New York (Humanity) Yam10

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INV ONLY Re: The wolves of New York (Humanity)

Post by Adam Johnson on October 8th 2019, 3:31 am

Ryan liked spending time with his friends. It was nice all things said, the casual conversations and smiles being shared between everyone there. Matt and a friend of his were seeming to talk about Atlas and his own merits as a superhero, though he thought he was from the few images he saw about him. Youtube videos of a nice seeming guy who even posed for the camera when there was time in his busy heroing schedule. He knew how to play along with the little theatrical thing the two of them had going on, even noting the yelp of a dog he didn’t notice until attention was brought to it. He knew how to add to the conversation, when to do so and even when not to speak. It was al so fun he remembered why he missed hanging out with his friend, even if tat were just one of many reasons why.

That was when he noted the dog shift into a more human looking form after soaking up the attention Matt showered onto him, taking on the form of a kid around sixteen with tan skin, dark colored hair and a wide toothy smile. ”Stupid chairs, always smashing my tail,” he grumbled as of still annoyed by being scooted over despite his expression seeming far more pleasant than the quick tone. Even his way of speaking became more excitable afterwards, as if that were his default expression. He pondered over this while sipping at what tasted like lemonade and drinking it up before even realizing that he had done.

Ryan smacked his lips and looked down at it, furrowing his brows and holding out the glass as more was poured into it. Not like he even needed to ask for more it felt like.  Maybe his friend could just read his mind or see that he obviously was holding an empty glass of drink. ”People are made of like…70% water and they need to drink a lot,” He said with a smile, as if that were an impressive comeback. Shael seemed to just look at him, strangely as if there were something on his face. Ryan brushed at around his lips and chin, feeling nothing and the strange look didn’t stop. He didn’t say anything of course, instead looking away and watching his friend though Shael turned his attention to the person who was surprised he could shift.

”Yeah, I can turn into lots of stuff,” He turned from Ryan and smiled at Isaac.

”Like what?” Ryan questioned genuinely.

”Animals, sometimes people but I don’t do that a lot” He explained, continuing the glaring as if that were something he didn’t even stop.

Ryan tried to ignore it.

That was when Matt returned from something and introduced them to a friend while Ryan had been chatting with him over small thing. He liked the guy overall, seemed like someone he could be friends with. ”Oh, I was bored and the house was pretty empty so I decided to come over to see what everyone was doing. Silus wasn’t here but you were so…here I am,” He managed before digging back into his food, seemingly pleased with just having something to shove into his mouth. He seemed to turn towards Isaac, considering him deep in thought and nodding along as if the statement about working with his dad was exactly something that he would do.  

”Nice to meetcha,’ Ryan said with a smile, trying to get his mind out of the strange stare down that came with the strange shape changing guy.  ”so, who’s your favorite superhero? Since you’re um…an enthusiast and all.” He was trying to start some conversation, eating at his food while doing so and maybe to get to know one of Matt’s friends.

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