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The Meteor Worm. (Contest.)

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Contest The Meteor Worm. (Contest.)

Post by Shadowoof October 2nd 2019, 2:13 pm

Meteor Worm

"The terror worm from space."

The Bio

Real Name: Hark, hurk.
Villain Name: Meteor Worm or Husk
Title: The terror worm from Space.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Age: six months
Gender: Binary.
Race: Space virus and worms.
Hair: none
Eyes: none
Height: 7 ft
Weight: about a pound to 100 lbs.
Blood type: Glycera/O-

The Looks

The Meteor worm is a congealed mass of worms, always moving and wiggling, the virus that has mutated this mass of worms has turned their skin oily and sticky, a slimy texture that they seem to just mold and move over, whereas anything else would stick, whole small, at the end of their heads is a mass of small, teeth, grossly grown out of the skin like a far too quick mutation. The worms tend to build together, clinging to each other, always in movement, taking the form of a humanoid of black oil and teeth.

The Personality
The Meteor Worm doesn't have a personality. It doesn't really... Think. It simply wishes to consume. To that it does have a personality. A sense of self worry. It worries to lose mass, it worries that food will not come to it. It worries that it will die of starvation.

The Story
The story of the worm starts with the meteor and a space virus, a virus contained within rock, cold yet always on the verge of being cooked alive. It thrived in that cold, contained inside a meteor that had a pocket of oxygen, and for several years, this fragment of meteor traveled, and this virus, left to itself, thrived and developed, until it was nearly burned apart during entry into earth. A shooting star in earth's atmosphere crashed into farmlands and into an unfortunate farmhand that had been working late at night, it was being boiled alive, stuck half way under the earth, the virus was nearing the end of its life. But rather then die, it started to merge with the flesh of the dead man. Even still, nothing would have happened... Until worms that had infested these farmlands, made contact with the virus when they tried to feast on the dead farmhand.

A host, alien to the virus, alien to what it was meant for, the virus mutated further, and further, this alien microorganisms combined with the DNA of worm and plant and human. It continued to congest and further change, forming a sort of hive mind with roots and flesh, the virus adapted the worm into something else, slowly yet quickly mutating into something more. Alone, this virus and it's host would not survive, but when the farmer of the land had come to investigate the damages, the worms, all combined together under some form of interconnected hive mind slowly made their way to the unaware farmer.

At first, they couldn't do anything, their bodies unable to directly harm the farmer, but they latched to his boots and he carried some home. The rest followed, and that night, when he slept, the worms converged on him, found any entry, any orifice, and inside him, this hive mind decided it needed more. It needed to consume. The virus now had a feast and could not eat, so in all the mutations it could have taken, it changed the worms to share one trait with the human DNA it held. The ability to feast.

The worms ate the farmer apart from the inside, even still, they did not eat all of him. The virus's mutations hadn't changed the worms much physically, just the teeth and hunger, but as the worms reproduce, their spawn came out in the form the virus desired. A true hunter. Alone, it was dangerous, but weak, so the hive mind of mutated worms couldn’t survive alone, it realized that they must keep together. The worms shredded their skin into the human, some became the tendons and muscles they had eaten, these worms worked to move the eaten corpse, and when they had form, more worms became apart of the body, until it wasn't a farmer that remained, but a humanoid mass of worms.

It took some time for this humanoid, this worm comprised of hundreds of self reproducing worms to figure everything out. The walking, the limbs, the hive mind was merely testing the waters, slowly gaining the intelligence that was always there, and luckily, it thrived on the farm's animals until finally, The Meteor Worm could walk, worms held tight together, and more growing inside the body of it to aid the rest of the outside 'husk'.

It was at optimal form, it had decided. It was humanoid, and capable of moving distances no single worm could ever hope to manage, so the worm left the carcasses of cows and horses, sheep and dogs, and moved on, the mass continued to thrive and evolve for the hunt, but found itself only hunting at night, or dark and cool spaces so it found a cave system to hunt, for it hungered. It always hungered, and in it’s mutations, it gained a thought beyond mindlessness, now it hunted with purpose… To forever feed. "H...Un...Ger..."

The Priority

1. Agility 4
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 1
4. Strength 2

The Powers

Power 1: The infesting worms: These worms make up a mass, but alone they work. The worms have a mass of teeth that allows them to burrow into the skin of prey, eating apart flesh and muscle with relative ease.

Power 2: The hive mind survives: While normally there is only one hivemind, if a group of worms becomes separated for too long, or the main hive dies, any worms left alive will start to form their own hivemind, thus making it possible for several husks to be active at once.

Power 3: A virus like any other: The descendent worms of the original infected still contain the virus inside them that can infect the average person should a worm bite them. This extremely dangerous virus, when infecting someone, will start to cause mass hallucinations and rashes along the skin that can make a person wish to tear the infected skin off.

Power 4: Vocal copy: The worms in their mutations, have become capable of replicating speech by intense vibrations of what is normally the uneaten parts of a hosts vocal cords. Allowing them to replicate speech they have heard or somehow grown sentient enough to speak.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: The fire: These worms are actually highly combustible. When hot, even hot by standards of overheating, the worms can start to burst apart, making hot areas or flames extremely dangerous to the husks.

Weakness 2: Only one hive: The hivemind has an isolated want, and doesn’t like sharing it’s food. While several ‘hives’ can exist, these hives will always try to eat each other, until a single hive remains, and often will ignore prey in favor of killing off an opposing hive.

Weakness 3: The virus can actually be eliminated in two ways, drowning and heat. Inside the human body, it is already boiling, but outside heat will effectively help the body fight the virus, and water seems to have adverse effects on the virus itself, drinking water can help soften the virus, but won’t effectively eliminate it like warmth cam.

Weakness 4: Chatterbox: The husks will chatter to themselves constantly if they can, often speaking of their endless hunger, which in cave systems, or in the case someone is hiding from a husk, means they are often going to hear the husk before they see it, and if the husk is unaware that prey is near, it will continue to chatter until it has figured out that it’s chatter will give it away.

The Fluff
While combusting worms is a good way to kill them, their internal bits that explode out can still infect someone if they get splashed by any combusted worms.

The hive prefers to hunt in caves or at night, often you could find a hive inside cool places populated by native animals to the cave or often explored by humans.

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