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Myrmidon Empty Myrmidon

Post by M.J.Caboose September 28th 2019, 10:57 am


"Rip and Tear plays whenever I walk into a room."

Drawn by Hartiganhero

The Bio

Real Name: Kevin Hedge
Renegade Name: Myrmidon
Title: The Last Resort, The Hulking Hunter, The Murdernaut
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 36 Years Old
Gender: Male
Race: Enhanced Human
Hair: None
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 450 Pounds
Blood type: Formerly O

The Looks

The Personality

Kevin is a rough, violent, and brutish individual. He is hardly polite, never professional, always reckless, and comes off as insulting to everyone. His redeeming qualities are that he’s loyal to those he likes, and he’s really good at killing people. Kevin’s also a bit unstable in the head. He can suffer from delusions and other mental episodes. He claims that Morgan Freeman is narrating everything he does at times.

While he is a killer, he's not 100% a monster. He refuses to kill children, women he's not that comfortable with killing unless they're scum. Avoids taking innocent lives for the most part. If you so much as look at a puppy wrong he'll rip out your spine. Anyone who's done these things and says so in front of him might as well have signed their death warrant.

The Story

Kevin Hedge was born into a military family with a worthless father. Both his mother and father were captains in the army, leaving him alone most of the time. He lived on army bases for most of his life, however, his father’s death caused his lonely world go off the rails. His father had been a heavy drinker, and this caused his death when he and his men were caught in a fire fight at a bar. He was shot twice without even knowing thanks to the liquor, but he managed to save his fellow soldiers by jumping on top of a grenade. The army hid his drinking problems and hailed him as a hero, Kevin didn’t see a hero, though. He saw him as a man who deserted his family.

Not long after his mother would do the same. She told him that she had to go, and that he’d stay with her parents. Kevin never saw his mother again, and he was never given a reason for her disappearance. He spent the rest of his childhood trying to fit in. Ironically he never did until he ran away from home. He managed to make friends with a group of runaways. They were the best family he’d ever had. Nothing lasts forever, though, and the group split ways. Some went back to their families, while Kevin joined the military with two others. They thought that this would help them avoid going back home. This could be a good way to make it on their own.

On their first mission their squad was blown up by a car bomb, with only two survivors, Kevin and his friend Jane. Their friend Charley was blown to pieces when he was next to the car, Kevin was a few yards behind him with three other soldiers that were killed instantly from the force of the blast. While Jane had been the furtherest, she wasn’t even conscious from her wounds. She was in a coma, and had lost her legs due to shrapnel. Kevin’s survival was both a miracle and a curse. Not only did he lose the best friends he’d ever had, but his body was broken beyond repair. Where Jane might recover, he had no lost his legs, an arm, various organs, and 70% of his skin was burned. While Doctors guess the burns he received kept him from bleeding out, they didn’t understand how he survived the blast. They just knew he wouldn’t survive it…

After a few days of agony, Kevin would eventually go into a coma. When he awoke, things had gone from bad to nightmarish. He was being worked on, people were replacing his organs. Kevin didn’t understand what was going on. He didn’t recognize everything around him. In fact he thought this was hell when he started seeing his mother at times. Eventually he’d regain full consciousness, and when he did he was pissed. He was being outfitted with armor when he awoke. Guards tried sedating him but the drugs had stopped working on him. Breaking out of the restraints and battering the guards were easy. Once he got a look at himself in a reflection, Kevin was horrified. His skin was gray and black veins were visible across his body. He demanded the truth from the one conscious doctor, who told him they fixed him. This was formerly a secret military project called Achilles that had been put on hold. For some reason higher ups used this facility to reconstruct Kevin. Still distraught, he wanted out of this nightmare. He finished putting on the armor, and started raising hell. He was angrier now. Not just from what had been done to him, but something in him had been changed. He felt things differently. His rampage left many casualties, but he escaped successfully.

Years passed and no one would see any sign of Kevin. At least not until he resurfaced as a mercenary. He turned up in Mexico blowing up drug cartels. Going by the name Myrmidon, the former soldier had become a killing machine. His entire attitude had changed. He’d become unstable, destructive, and unpredictable. He’d get a reputation as a great one man army. However, his lack of subtlety and tendency for violence made people reluctant to try hiring him. He’d become the Last Resort of various groups who were desperate.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Regeneration: Kevin has a powerful healing factor. He can regrow/reattach limbs, heal organs, and survive things that are absolutely fatal to most people. He can even heal nervous system with ease. He has a resistance against diseases and acid. However, he cannot regenerate as easily from fire. Should he be  burned too much he can be killed. Burns can also take longer to heal from. Electricity isn’t as effective as fire, however, electricity hurts literally everyone, and he is no exception.  

Durability: His muscles and tendons are enhanced to lift large weights without snapping. To keep up with this improvement, his bones were actually injected with a serum to make them less flexible and stronger. Metal was also added to certain bones like his limbs spine. They do not coat the bones entirely, they just support them. This made him slower, and he doesn’t exactly float in water. Also, while acid still burns, it can’t get much farther than through his skin. His muscle fibers prevent acid from getting further.

Enhanced Strength: Kevin is pretty strong. His body does not have the same limits as normal people. So he can lift large amounts with ease. Trucks he can lift and throw, busses he cannot (He got stuck under it trying).

Enhanced Senses: His eyes can switch between seeing normally, with ultraviolet light, with night vision, and temperatures. He can also track people through walls using a very faint X ray vision (Left eye glows red when he does this).  They can also moderate the amount of light they receive, so he doesn’t need sunglasses. Kevin’s sense of smell can pick up various things that normal humans can’t, even those with are odorless. His hearing is improved as well. However, this makes him over sensitive to sounds.

Muscle Manipulation: In later years, he realized his countless wounds and healing were causing slight mutations to his enhancements. The more they were destroyed and replaced, the more they altered like normal cells would. Instead of causing cancer, though, they caused his muscles to gain more and more nerves. This gave him more and more control over them. He can grow them for short periods of time to become larger, extend them outwards to grab things, or create a giant mass of them to shield himself. He mostly only uses this power after losing his armor since this isn’t a perfect process. In fact, using this in any form causes him severe pain from manipulating them in unnatural ways. If used too much then his healing factor starts to clash with it, which slows his healing and makes manipulation impossible.

The Weaknesses

Fire: He hates fire. Intense fire is the bane of his healing factor. Cauterizing his wounds makes healing near impossible, and this can kill him.

Electricity: Less effective substitute for fire. It overworks his healing factor, and it can paralyze him enough to keep him still. The power armor isn’t resistant to electricity, though.

Weapon’s Shortcomings:
- Laser Guns can overheat, they’re expensive to maintain, and they explode if broken.
- Railgun takes a while to load, has one shot per mag, and somewhat sloppy aim.
- His flamethrower can explode if shot directly.
- Shoulder mounted guns tend to break easier than the rest of him.
- Shields don’t work forever or recharge on their own. He has to turn them on manually, and when depleted he needs to recharge using a new battery. (Twenty minute duration - shorter with every hit)
- Cloaking Device is easily disrupted by touching something as light as leaves. Is useless in water.

Powerful Sound Waves: Kevin cannot take loud noises very well. Anything that would bother a dog is torture for him. His helmet can filter some sounds out, however, it’s not a perfect solution. Sonic attacks can even make him pass out.

Muscle Overuse: Use of muscle manipulation not only disrupts healing, but slows it down. Manipulation actually causes great pain as it is used.

Deep Water: While drowning isn't too much of a concern (Unless he's submerged for days) he will sink like a stone. He prefers to avoid the ocean because of this.

The Items

Power Armor: A suite of durable armor that has a myriad of functions. A jet pack, flamethrower mounted on his wrist, a needle firing gun on his other wrist, energy shields, and shoulder mounted guns are all built in. His left shoulder gun can fire lasers,  the right one fires rockets. His belt also holds pistols and various types of grenades. The armor also increases his already enhanced strength.

Cloaking Device: An addition he can add to his armor. However, it can’t be used while flying, and getting hit disrupts the cloak. Brushing against leaves can also disrupt the camouflage. Obviously this doesn’t work in water at all, even rain or snow. (He’s hoping to buy a better one)

GUNS: If it’s a type of gun, he has it. While he loves bullets, he also has laser guns, and even a rail gun the size of a rifle. His preferred gun types are assault rifles and mini-guns. He loves RPG’s too, as well as Bazookas. Sniper rifles are boring, but he can use them.

The Fluff

Myrmidon come's from the nickname of his army squad. They all got tattoos of a knife with 'Myrmidon' written across the blade. Kevin is searching for his old friend Jane, who disappeared around the same time as him. Meanwhile, he's being hunted by the military. His base of operations is a former military bunker in Nevada, where he hid for years. He's been scavenging weapons for years. Most of his best weaponry comes from after his victims on each job.

The RP Sample

River was walking through the snowy woods in Bergstrom as she looked for tracks. The young mercenary had been searching for a group of bandits that had been terrorizing the local area. Sadly, a small snowstorm had just passed through, and during it she’d gotten lost. But River wasn’t about to give up now. From what the local’s told her, the area had two spots that the thugs could be at. A cave that had been recently rid of bears, and a road where three ambushes had already taken place. Of course, the merc knew they wouldn’t be back at those places.

River had caught the man who’d been giving them information on local caravans and travelers. He’d been working at an inn where at least five of the victims had stopped at, and made the biggest mistake of his life when he mistook River for a possible bandit. Probably thought she’d give him some coin in order to get a meeting with them. Boy was he wrong.

First River beat him senseless for thinking she was bandit material. Then she beat him some more to find out where the thugs were hiding. Turns out they’d made camp near a long forgotten mine. The place apparently caved in, and the miners didn’t find anything that good enough to try digging again. Now the bandits were using the housings structures and tents that had been left behind. Finding the place was proving difficult, though. No maps had the place marked, and locals only had an idea of where it could be.

At least she had had an extra set of eyes. River was working with another merc named Torfrid, who had been hired by the Jarless to exterminate the bandits. Needless to say she was getting more money from the Jarless than River was from the local caravan merchants. So since Torfrid didn’t know where the group was, it wasn’t to hard to make a deal with her. They’d split the reward from the jarless, and the reward from the merchants fifty-fifty. Of course, that wasn’t what River really wanted. She wanted to split it based off their kill count. But Torfrid wasn’t as eager to make a fun game out of hunting down and killing people as River. That didn’t stop her from bringing it up over and over, though.

“So any ideas on which way we need to go?” River would ask as she looked over at the blond woman with the map in her hands. She was wearing her typical hide armor, while she had two swords at her waist. River also had around four knives and a large dagger on her, which would’ve been overkill but she hadn’t planned on having back up when she’d stocked up.

“I think if we go south we might be able to retrace out steps.” she would explain before handing the map to Torfrid. “But I’m not the best with directions, so you might want a to take a look."

Application created by M.J.CABOOSE

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Myrmidon Empty Re: Myrmidon

Post by Silus September 28th 2019, 1:42 pm


Everything here looks pretty good. The only thing I'll say is that I'm sort of iffy on the sound weakness. If you're going to have the helmet capablenof filtering out sound then that sort of negates the weakness in the very definition of the weakness.

If you could maybe find a more suitable weakness other than one that is inmediately negligible then that would be perfect. Otherwise this looks pretty great. It'll be nice to see a power armor user. I haven't seen those in a while!

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Myrmidon Empty Re: Myrmidon

Post by Silus September 29th 2019, 4:50 pm

Good work my friend!

Approved until stated otherwise

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