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Delirium Empty Delirium

Post by citylights September 25th 2019, 3:50 pm


"It's impressive how pathetic my life becomes after every second."

The Bio

Real Name: Roman Armitage
Hero Name: Delirium
Title: The demons' brother
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality Type: INFJ-A
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Asian-American
Hair: Straight and messy black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: O

The Looks

Rather slim and pale, he looks like someone who's always falling sick. His tired eyes and rare smiles don't help his 'I'm in constant need of sleep' image.

The Personality

Roman's a reserved guy, with this weirdly charming vibe going for him. Though he can come of as cold, he's always polite and respectful towards other heroes. At first glance, he can seem like a bit of a loser, always talking to himself or disappearing in mid air, only to come back a few seconds later which... Ok, sure, he kind of is.

He can come of as cold or rude. Sometimes, both. Roman never asks for help, as he's very proud, and also because he's insecure about what other people will think when they see him use his demon powers... He doesn't want to be considered a villain, and always tries his best to do what's right.

Most people get angry with his inappropriate jokes. His humor is kind of hit or miss. Among new heroes and acquaintances, he's a bit of a flirt and an asshole, but that's his weird way of participating. Roman's uncomfortable with opening up and sharing his feelings, so he usually keeps things to himself.

He tries to interact with civilians he saves, by giving them small (but warm and caring) smiles or saying "Have a nice day!", but all of that still feels very weird to him. He cracks under pressure and often messes up. Roman's strong violent tendencies, but he always snaps back to sanity before being able to do something he'd regret forever. During combat, he's serious and logical, as he knows people's lives could be at risk.

The Story

Born in a rather stormy night, son of Honoka and an unknown man, Roman grew up in a very cold, strict and religious household, being treated as some sort of anomaly by all his relatives, specially his mother. He was bathed in holy water since birth and was forced to go to church every day of the week. That place felt like the exact description of hell to him. Roman felt overwhelmed, his head taken by angry voices telling him to burn that place to ashes.

Rather quickly, he acquired an strong aversion to any sort of religious place.

The voices he heard, and anger he felt only grew as the years passed. When he turned eight his mother diagnosed him as schizophrenic without any actual medical confirmation and told others of her sick and misunderstood son, which destroyed his image around the neighborhood kids, who became very afraid of him.

The crushing and constant hatred towards him made him very quiet and scared child. And one day, after he turned seventeen, he heard his mother talking to the Priest. She confessed to sleeping with a demon, which made Roman half of them. The Priest suggested that she exocirsed him, and like that, scared of what'd happen to him, he ran away.

Roman found shelter in dark alleys, stole food from trash and asked for money to everyone he saw. His anxiety and fear only grew, as the thoughts of death loomed over his head. All of the negative emotions only served to strengthen the connections with his demon side, which allowed him to gain full access to the voices in his head.

He formed some sort of dysfunctional friendship with the demons that followed him (they called themselves his 'protectors'): Zim, Zala and Bim. Roman found shelter in the demon dimension, where his father's connections and there he spent two straight years, without seeing how his human side was slowly detoriorating. Having to fight all of the three demons, he escaped back to the human dimension. He stayed on the streets and had to eat trash (because no, he'd never actually hurt people to get it, though the demons tempted him). But day by day, he gets a bit of his humanity back and learns how to cope with his demon powers, still hopeful that everything will change for the better.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Demon: He has the identical abilities as many demons. Such as enhanced senses and levitations. However, not being a full demon doesn't allow him to grow into his full potential unless he decides to give up of his humanity.

  • Power List:
    Dimension Travel: Roman can travel to the demon dimension. It's a different place where the rules of time and space aren't real and your powers are limitless. Staying there helps him to restore his health, but drops his humanity and can drive him insane.

    Zimzalabim: The three tricksters serve as Protectors and as different powers sets. Working with Zim provides the power of visual illusions (the weakest of them all); Zala, sound manipulation and Bim, mental manipulation. Saying their names together form Zimzalabim, a powerful move that provides total Reality Manipulation.

    Telekinesis: His telekinesis is weaker than most demons, but under pressure or anger, it works just fine. He can attack anyone with the power of his mind, by just wanting something to happen. Or, he can make any of his Protectors do it for him with a certain price, of course.

    Pain Inducement: Roman's least favorite power is this one: the power of making other people feel pain. The level of pain he can induce depends on his mood and concentration, but of all the times he's used, he never once crossed the line. He rarely uses it, only if absolutely necessary.

The Weaknesses

  • Weakness: Protectors.
    Their protections is useful, but there's a reason to why they care so much about his well being. It's common knowledge that demons eat humans' souls as they increase their lifespam and powers. As a half-human, Roman still has things to offer. So, Zim, Zala and Bim help Roman increase his humanity, so when the time comes, they'll get to savour it. Roman has to be very cautious when around them, specially in the Demon Dimension.

  • Weakness: Demon Dimension.
    Prolonged stay in this dimension can make him lose control over his Protectors, and become easy prey for other demons. It can all decrease his empathy and logical side, turning him into an angry, insane beast, as many others half-demons.

  • Weakness: Zimzalabim.
    The consequences of using Zimzalabim are unknown, but Roman knows they aren't any good. He's used the power only once before, for exactly 20 minutes, and he ended up coughing up black blood, feeling as if he was on fire, not being able to move, while his Protectors took advantage of his situation to drain some of his humanity from him.

  • Weakness: Telekinesis.
    Using this power is tricky, as it depends on two things. If Roman overuses it, he can suffer from intense headache and fainting. However, if he asks any of the Protectors to do it, he'll have to pay whatever they want in exchange. Depending on the situation, they can go on a debate, but it's not helpful in life-or-death scenarios.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

OOC Details:

  • Has small scars on his back.

  • He's never once met his demon father (not that he wants to, really). And no demon in the Demon Dimension answers him when he asks about him.

  • He has visited his mother once after discovering the truth. He tried to talk to her, just to see if she'd apologized, but they ended up fighting and Honoka slapped him in the face, calling him a disgusting monster.

  • Sings to himself so much, his Protectors purposefully use Telekinesis to cover his mouth with his own hand.

The RP Sample

Appearing in mid air, breaking the silence of that dirty little alley, a figure falls to the ground. A cat hisses and runs inside a trash can, his orange eyes perking the figure, careful and curious. The figure grunts and mumbles a weak, "Stop laughing."
Roman forces himself to move and get up, feeling his head spinning and the familiar taste of his own black blood against his tongue. He coughs and blinks, blurry vision going back to normal. Roman looks around, trying to figure out where exactly he is.
"Zim, location, please," he says, still sounding very weak, forcing himself to take a step forward. He hinces and stops, hand grabbing the left side of his stomach. An alley, Zim says back to him, which only makes Roman rolls his eyes, "Wow, thanks for the help."
He ignores the pain and the blood now running down the corner of his mouth, forcing himself to keep moving away from that place. He limps and limps, but never stops or looks back.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Zim, Zala and Bim express their thanks to whoever is reading.

Delirium Original

Status :

Quote : It's impressive how pathetic my life becomes after every single second.

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 1
Location : Somewhere only he knows.
Age : 24
Job : Demon Controler.
Humor : Morbid and self-deprecating.
Registration date : 2019-09-25

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