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Determination Empty Determination

Post by FantasyBound September 7th 2019, 7:04 pm


Real Name: Dante Ardito Calogero
Vigilante Name: Determination
Title: Willing Hope
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 78
Gender: Male
Race: Descendent(Ethnically Italian)
Hair: Dark teal with a bit of dark brown
Eyes: Teal
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 213 lbs
Blood type: B+


Determination 36c7c3b0653fea531a2eeb04326d08f2

The most dominant traits of Dante are a mix, he is a good person, just not what could be described as the best way. Growing up in the toughest part of a small town with an enhanced ability to acquire knowledge, he has combined history and unique brain chemistry to give him an air of eccentricity(His own word for it). His only real fear is losing the chance to acquire his goal, despite this, that fear is hard to tap, not even losing a limb would likely deter him from his goal. He has what could be considered at first a disturbingly positive outlook on life,  rarely vocalizing hating something, and always got either a calm or happy expression. If questioned, he can't help but tell the truth, it's a mixture of what he feels is an assurance that he will accomplish what he wants in the end result, so asking him to keep a secret is terrible, if the secret was so dire, then it would have been better not to tell him anything.

He hates boasting, unless people have something to back up there claims he can't help proving them wrong. Say you can bench press 200 pounds 50 times to impress someone? He's gonna get them to do it right on the spot with him as the weight. Did you say you beaten everyone you ever fought? Prepare to go toe to toe with him. Never get annoyed because your far too intellectual? Are you trying to have a bad day?!?

Due to his traits, he often comes off as incredibly rude, and most people align him more as a superpowered trouble maker than any real hero. He keeps his good qualities well hidden, he dislikes the act of showing off your good deeds just as much as he hates regular boasting, maybe even more so. So he tries to keep a lot of his good acts a secret, if people really appreciate what he does, they can go sift through the multiple reports of him insulting random civilians 'without provocation' and causing more damage than necessary, as well as being a freelance hero that has a funding page on the internet. Most people on the internet warrant he uses the money for himself, which couldn't be further. He has his own separate fund for nice things, but in terms of lifestyle, he often rents out cheap apartments when he moves from location to location, eating cheap foods most of the time with something nice once every other week. The rest of the funds go to the orphanage he grew up in and helped for the vast majority of his lifespan. He currently has even started turning the one location into multiple due to funds, with it spreading mainly all over Europe. He cares deeply for giving people without hope a chance to make something for themselves in the end. No matter how small of a favor he will try to supply something.

He's not the brightest person, and he makes terribly reckless decisions. But he is renowned for his incredible wits and work ethic. His brashness makes him a danger to himself and others around him, and his abrasive nature leads him to push people away most of the time. He has a high level of honor, only going as hard as he needs to in a fight unless of course, they chose to boast, then for sure he's gonna wipe the floor with them... If he can, that is.

Due to a mixture of both of his ingrained Descendant traits, he has an unshakable hope that things, in the end, will work out for him, verging on what seems like an understanding of the future.

Born in the early 1940s, Dante was born to a very poor young mother who had to hand him off to an orphanage due to a crippling alcohol addiction that she could not overcome. "Casa Della Speranza", otherwise known as the "House of Hope". He stayed there, eventually being adopted by a young boxer and his wife who wanted to educate him herself, she was a very good teacher who tried her best to teach him, but he wasn't a good student, he would rather run out into the alleyways and go fake wrestle with the boys, complaining to his father that he was too weak. His Father, being surprisingly against conflict, offered his son a chance to train, but at the promise, he wouldn't use it against other kids for anything but self-defense, otherwise, he would be punished severely. A negotiation was reached, and at the age of six to fifteen, he was taught how to box and train his body.

Dante received knowledge of superheroes and they marveled him, and to his mothers dismay and fathers pride(His father would have been worried, if his son didn't have such inhuman durability as he did, as minor as it was compared to other Descendants), he operated under a blue mask and cape as "Portatore di speranza e di pace", "Bearer of hope and peace", being physically more trained and stronger than boys usually four to five years his senior, he wore the suit in the middle of the day and acted as a superhero of sorts for some of the kids in his rough street corner. After sixteen, his father disappeared from both of there lives, his mother and himself, she kept quiet but somehow knew what was going on, and was not willing to talk about it. She had no work and started taking up heavy drinking to erase the feeling of hopelessness she felt, despite getting incredibly wasted and furious at times, she never hit him. In this time, Dante was delivering some mail as a small job he did, and heading home to give his mother her letters, he peeked at one from the bank, opening it up and hiding it from his mother, they where going to claim the house in eleven days, as they haven't paid there mortgage for a long while. They had only a few days to gather some money. He hid this from his mother, and either if it was an awakening of his powers or if it was just a latent begging for something to get them out of this dark state. He resolved he would earn the impossible amount of money before the eleven days were over.

With the letter on his desk and a note about his absence, he left home for those days and found work for two farmers, promising he wouldn't need to sleep until he handed the money over to his mother. Working for one farmer during the day, and the other during the night after explaining his situation with a couple of lies, he stayed up those couple of days. Odd changes occurred, his hair and eyes turned a deep shade of blue, which weirded out many people he passed by on his way to work from one to the other. He earned the money within the first nine days but thought how proud his mother would be if he even brought extra, so he worked ten days and came early on the eleventh. He played the scenario in his mind, his mother looking with hope and surprise in her eyes, he was incredibly excited, anticipating the moment that he would hand her the cash. His body was sore and he was exhausted, his eyes and hair a vibrant blue color as emotional energy flowed through himself. He made it to his home to find it was locked. He looked inside and couldn't see anything, so he pulled on the door, and with enhanced strength, broke the lock. He walked around the house, not making it far before deciding he would look in the cellar. Down there, he found his mother's body, hung by a belt, a kicked over chair right beside her and a note at her feet, she hung herself. He left the house wailing, unable to go back and take her down or anything, he got the attention of some police officers who came over, read the note and disposed of the body, his mother sold everything she had to pay the last bits as well of get rid of the house, leaving her son with a bit of money to live off of. After a long period of grieving, he was told to go work back at the orphanage where he could try and make something for himself.

When he reached his late teens and early adulthood, he left the orphanage, working there and earning it a mass amount of wealth as it was revealed he had somewhat of an inhuman level of strength, nobody saw him as too big of a threat as he spent most of his time in the fields working. He decided he wanted to pursue his own pleasures and set out to head to the land they called America. He left on a boat, and upon making it there, went to new york to live a life of high pleasure, under the guise of a superhero, he would often steal from the thieves, occasionally taking "tips" from people who he saved, that way, he amassed his wealth and developed an almost insatiable desire for pleasure, either from drink or women. He rapidly descended into a vile nature, becoming somewhat of a drunk and spiteful individual, after killing some criminals at 32, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. After those forty years of reflection, capable of breaking out at any time but being sent a letter by the person who cared for him in his roughest time, the owner of the "Casa Della Speranza". He left prison, with a newfound goal to meet her just one more time, hearing she was to die in a week, he found his way back to his hometown. He went over and spent the next three days of her life, listening to her talk, he grew dull in power, hopeless for so many years, she told him to fight against what bound his true mother and his adopted mother, to rise above and become anew. Upon her death, she awoken a newfound feeling in him, a goal to live and fight even when things got tough like this, combined with his undying hope, he desired to become anew, a hero of his fathers vision, a hero who would change the world in his own way, not taking the spotlight until it was time for the world to recognize him.

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

1. Willpower
2. Awareness
3. Empathy
4. Intelligence


Patient Deliverance: Being a Descendant of Hope, tainted by the power of Will to form Determination, Dante was gifted limited traits of the average Descendent, only normally having what would be considered just below peak human physical strength, agility, and reaction times. Unlike a regular Descendant though, his power gets stronger the longer he is in a tense situation that forces him into rough spots, an example being combat or humanly impossible tasks like climbing perfectly flat surfaces. Dante acquires a boost to power per post until he reaches a max, after one post in a tense situation, he becomes capable of easily lifting 400 pounds and running 20mp/h, the second post after he initially activates this ability, he can lift 800 pounds with ease and run 30 mp/h, his senses become enhanced and he gains an enhanced processing time, watching things move at a quarter of there normal speed. At his third post, he gains the ability to lift 1.5 tons with relative ease, and can run 40 mp/h, he perceives things at half the speed that it is actually happening at. Fourth is where he can lift 3 tons, run at 60 mp/h, and see things move 3x slower. Fifth and he can lift 5 tons with ease while being able to run 80 mp/h and see's things move 4x slower, now his senses are powerful enough he can start distinguishing how many people are in a room without looking at them by sensing there heartbeat and hearing a whispered conversation two rooms away. Sixth and currently his final form can lift 10 tons with ease, run at 120 mp/h and see's things move 5x slower.
During the whole thing, his durability is considered the same, superhuman. He can take gunfire from most high impact rounds with only bruising, and grenades at point-blank have mostly caused intense bruises and more often than not break his skin, shrapnel from such explosions likely are still stuck in him.

Descended Steadfastness: Through his hope and will Descendant traits combining, As long as Dante has a goal in mind, be it heading to a certain location that he knows of, to fighting a certain foe, his body will ignore all kinds of afflictions and challenges. When he has a set goal, he does not need to breathe, eat, drink, sleep, or even be a functioning person to survive. He can be devoid of organs or blood and be able to function. He won't get cold or hot, or be under the effects of poison or disease. Hexes cease to function and mental effects(Illusions and the like) can't influence him. Forms of regular power negation cease working. This ability does not mean he is immune to his own weaknesses.

A Brimming Cup of Hope: In a 40-foot area around Dante, he can generate an aura of scintillating teal energy that lightly fills the area, gathering around everyone except people he designates as opponents(If he is unaware of them, they gain the benefits still). Subjects are filled with an ever-increasing feeling of hope and a persistent will to stay alive, and with this are charged with magical and emotional energy. For the first post, they simply have slightly increased hope. On there next post, they begin to acquire a higher pain tolerance, only feeling 10% of what they should be after the effect has started. On the third post, they begin acquiring enhanced durability and from there that durability increases, starting with doubled durability, making its way to nearing concrete level, and after 6 posts, they become just as durable as he is. As a side effect, this ability can help with determining where invisible creatures are located. Oddly enough, only creatures with the ability to feel hope gain benefits.

Empowered Potential: Unlike most Descendents, Dante's second ability does not enable him to create constructs, instead, he can enhance already existing objects. He may increase the durability and striking power of something he possesses as a weapon or shield by 10x, he may also affect some things that normally wouldn't make sense, like quadruple the range of objects(Even melee weapons, making them stretch for a split second before reverting back to normal size), increase the speed they move at through the air, increase or decrease the weight of the object by 5x(Enabling super-heavy blows or enhanced lifting), can manipulate flexibility, stickiness, and if a vehicle is involved, fuel efficiency and acceleration.

No Patience, No Deliverance: Dante cannot have his ability accelerated for any known reason, if he attempts or is assisted, instead of being boosted he will enter a crippled state which he has half his average abilities for 2 posts and can't activate this ability for the rest of the thread(Or 24 hours time, whichever is sooner. This can be used against him), this ability ends as soon as no more perceived challenges are there, resetting the post counter.

A Goal in Mind: Without a set goal, or a plan, Descended Steadfastness stops working. If he is lost, he can't use his abilities, neither if he is clueless or unsure about something. Physical restraints and binds can still stop him. And complex goals are too hard to remember, therefore he will likely forget his goal or parts of it, making him confused and therefore losing the ability.

Only The Hopeless: People with enhanced durability that exceeds Dante acquire no bonus. And anything that has no real emotions cannot be affected(Robots, plants, the dead, etc). Objects enhanced have a Teal hue to them, making it clear they are effected.

Limited Enhancements: He cannot enhance people or living things(plants are fine though, just not NPC ones or creature like ones), he cannot manipulate the size of the object, its dispelled if he is not holding it AND someone else touches it, otherwise lasting up to five minutes out of contact, and he cannot use this to weaken something another person is using.

The clothes on his back, some extra cash on hand, a smartphone, and a wooden baseball bat. Often wears lots of jewellry from his former days, mainly rings.

-He would rather use blunt weaponry, resorting to piercing second and slashing last, he hates large amounts of gore.
-He is a rather accomplished cook but hates preparing food.
-Teal may be the color of his powers, but it's not his favorite, he likes orange better. But it clashes too much with his own.

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Determination Empty Re: Determination

Post by Katrina A. Russel October 28th 2019, 1:00 pm

Well, looks good to me. I absolutely love the more support role he's in, we need more of that here!

Accepted until stated otherwise. Welcome to the Descendant family, can't wait to see it in action.
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