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Macrocosm Empty Macrocosm

Post by RoyalAurelius on August 30th 2019, 4:25 pm

Anthony Sawyer


The Bio

Real Name: Anthony Sawyer
Hero Name: Macrocosm
Title: Mr. Shift
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Alien hybrid
Hair: Jet black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'
Weight: 160 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

The Personality
What is Anthony like? That's a little hard to say. At best he can be unpredictable, at worst.... he can be violent. Anthony has a condition called SPS, or Small Penis Syndrome, that effects his mentality and causes him to feel inadequate or 'small' in the eyes of others. This condition is purely mental, and is in no way related to his actual anatomy, however due to this condition, Anthony often tries to overcompensate for his little setback. These acts of overcompensation can turn out bad at the worst of times, driving him to violent outbursts to prove his masculinity to others. When he's not overcompensating with violence or feats of manliness, he can be found scratching his other itch, sexual conquest. Despite his condition, Anthony is a man who loves to sate his deepest human desires with whatever man he finds sexually appealing. Apart from his condition, Anthony has a pretty abrasive personality. Above all else, he's narcissistic. His egotistical mindset makes him feel as if he's superior to other people, even other heroes. Charming is easy for him, since lying comes naturally to him, making him skilled in manipulating people he wants to use, sexually or otherwise. One final detail, Anthony is perpetually addicted to cocaine.

The Story
Anthony's story starts with his mother, Vanessa Sawyer. She was naturally rebellious, always fighting the man.... and by man, she meant her parents. By age 15, she had already began to drink, heavily. She often experimented with drugs and alcohol, finding the most euphoric mixtures she could discover. Being the rebellious type, she often did her best to not conform; defying her parents, sneaking out to house parties, being generally promiscuous. By age 18 she had already been pregnant 4 times, all abortions on her part, regardless of her parents wanting to keep the babies. After her final abortion, she had a long and ugly fight with her parents over her behaviour and ultimately left her parents to pursue a rebellious lifestyle all on her own. Her parents were heartbroken, and never heard from her again.

Vanessa spent the next few years on the streets, hopping from boyfriend to boyfriend, getting into heavier use of alcohol and drugs. She was on a clear path of self destruction, hell bent on killing herself before she turned 30. This road led to nothing more than drugs, sex, and alcoholism, all with violent boyfriends to abuse them, and her. Her latest boyfriend, Jeremy, was nearly the death of Vanessa. One drug fueled sexual encounter between the two caused Vanessa to temporarily OD on the bed during coitus, but Jeremy did not care about her, just about getting himself off. He used her unconscious body to satisfy himself, leaving her for dead in the hotel room covered in sweat, filth, and bodily fluids.

She was found the following morning by a hotel staff member, immediately taken to the hospital for resuscitation. She survived, and even retained her memory from the previous night, miraculously. When she awoke, she was both frightened and furious, having been tied down to the bed due to muscle spasms that were violent and unpredictable while she was unconscious. She must have yelled and screamed for hours before she was sedated with heavy tranks, needing a heavier dose due to the massive drug tolerance she had developed. After a few hours of sleep, she awoke once more in a much calmer state. As her eyes adjusted to the dim room, she saw the figure next to her in a white coat and a clipboard. She must have still been somewhat woozy, because most of his words sounded like high pitched ringing, however she was able to make out one word he said. Pregnant.

The next few days seem to go by like a blur, sleeping on and off in bed, slipping in and out of consciousness. Every day doctors and nurses in and out, taking her stats and temps, writing down notes, trying to keep her calm. Vanessa was sure she was going to die in that bed, until one day everything became clear. It was as if for a brief moment the world had incredible clarity, as if she had been miraculously cured of her drug and alcohol dependencies. This didn't last very long, however, as the clarity had come from her going into labour. She had been pregnant for only 4 days before she went into labour, baffling the doctors beyond belief. While she was out most of the days, the doctors kept her under close monitoring, tracking the growth rate of her baby. Somehow the fetus had grown to full size in days rather than months, requiring them to feed Vanessa with significantly more calories to maintain the growth of the baby. The birth was messy, to say the least, leaving the baby covered in a layer of filth both human... and seemingly alien.

As the doctor's pulled the baby out, cut the cord, and wiped him off, they presented him to her in a towel. "It's a boy." The doctor stated as he passed the baby to the reluctantly accepting mother. As she gazed down at her newborn son, she did not cry, nor did she smile or weep. She just stared at him...... looking at him as if he wasn't a boy, or even a human, but a thing. A mistake. She began to gently squeeze on the baby, clamping her arms tighter and tighter as the baby began to cry once again, this time from discomfort. This moment lasted only a second before she released the grip, merely holding him in her arms now. The doctors all looked on as she reacted so unnaturally towards her new baby, unsure if it was best to take him away from her for the baby's sake. Then she shed a tear, it rolling down her cheek as she cracked a smile and looked at her baby boy's face. "Anthony..... my baby boy...." This simple gesture calmed the doctors down, feeling that she had a simple muscle spasm from so much drug and alcohol abuse, and spending days lying in bed, heavily sedated.

After his birth, it seemed that Anthony's growth rate had normalized. Apart from his unusual molecular structure, which the doctors were unable to explain, he seemed like a normal human baby. The next few weeks he spent in the hospital's nursery under close observation, all while Vanessa was held to help her recover from her ordeal. She was fed many types of drugs to counteract her dependencies, essentially clearing her need for the drugs. They wanted to make sure she was capable of caring for her son. While under observation, the doctors noticed abnormal spikes in Anthony's stats and temps. His cells were unique to him, unlike any other human's, however there was one thing they did notice about his cellular structure. Unlike a normal human's dependency on drugs, it seemed Anthony was born with an addiction to the drugs his mother was using during the pregnancy. Essentially his cells were bonded with these drugs, creating a physical need for them, not just mentally, but physically. To the doctor's surprise, it seemed that the young baby boy's body was actually creating it's own supply of the drug, identified specifically as cocaine, going off the very chemical mixture that was ingested by his mother. This meant that he physically needed the drug, making him perpetually addicted to cocaine.

Despite his condition, and his mother's, they both wound up leaving the hospital with cleans bills. Next came the struggle for money. A newborn son in her arms, she had to find work and find it fast. Over the next few weeks, she managed to find a low paying part-time job to care for Anthony. As for living, she had a friend from her drug days who had turned her own life around and allowed them to stay with her, even watching over Anthony while Vanessa worked. Over the years, Anthony grew up into a handsome young man while his mother seemed to age more and more rapidly with each passing year. He was truly his mother's son, for he had developed the same rebellious nature she had when she was younger. Anthony often skipped school, would sneak out to parties, and got into the same types of drugs that she did. Anthony's need for the drug was far greater than his mother's, however, and he focused mainly on that. The drug did little more for him than to straighten him out, putting him on a normal level like a typical OTC drug would for anyone else. This slope was slippery though, but not in the typical sense.

Anthony's behaviour became more and more violent with age, starting fights at school, hurting small animals, even hitting his step-Aunt Gwen when she tried to discipline him. Vanessa and Anthony spent days and nights fighting each other, until eventually Anthony grew sick of it. It was the weekend and Anthony had to sneak out of his house again to hang out with his friends. They went out drinking and joy riding, smashing mailboxes and terrorizing kids and adults across the small town of Bauble, Oregon. This particular trip would be the turning point for Anthony, however. After a long day of terrorizing and such, the boys stole some beer and went to drink in an empty lot. One of the boys had invited a girl out with them, who joined them as they began to drink. Things became sexual very quickly, as the boys began to flirt and push onto the girl, who was clearly not arguing. Anthony did not join them, however, as he had not told any of his friends that he was gay. The small town boys were very against gay and such, so Anthony kept it to himself... only his mother knew he was.

The boys became much more sexually aggressive, the drinking and hanging out quickly turning into a gang bang with the boys and the single girl. One of the guys looked over to see Anthony not joining, which made him feel like a creep for what they were doing, and he reacted with aggression. "Hey Tony, get in on this.... this slut wants it, all of it!" The girl was also beckoning him, clearly enjoying the thought of sex with all these boys in public. Anthony shook his head though, just taking a small sip of beer and staring off into the night. "Hey, come on Tony... don't make this fucking weird. You can't just sit there... you need to fuck this girl too! Come on, you're not gay are you!?" The boys start to chuckle at their joke, the girl also joining in and making a crack about how she can turn him straight if he was. "No, he's not gay... I'll bet he just has a small dick! Isn't that right, tiny!?" The group began to cackle at their jokes, all 4 boys laughing out loudly and the girl even joining in. After that, she was quickly occupied with orally servicing the boy that had made the tiny comment.

The session had begun, and the boys had gotten somewhat distracted with the show, however one of them finally looked to see that Anthony had disappeared. Grinning, they went back to working on the young girl, all of them with their jeans down and ready for fun. Suddenly the guy who had called Anthony tiny gasped out in pain, the girl pulling back since she didn't want to hurt him. She wasn't the cause, however, as the boy began to bleed through his mouth and coughed up blood that splattered on the young girl's face. She screamed out immediately and jumped up as he collapsed to the ground, blood seeping from his eyes and mouth now. Soon the other boys followed, dropping down one by one until the last boy stood among his now dead friends in a look of horror. "W-What the fuck.... what the fuck!!!" This was all he was able to utter before suddenly his eyeball popped out, dangling from it's optical nerve while blood gushed from the socket. From the socket a tiny flash came and in almost an instant, Anthony appeared again, covered in blood and completely naked. The blood drenched young boy stared at the girl, breathing heavily as the boys blood dripped down his naked form. She was too terrified to move, but Anthony let her be. Part of him saw his mother in her, and felt pity.... in another instant he seemed to just vanish, leaving the girl in the lot with her dead friends.

Despite what happened, the police reported the boy's deaths as both fatal substance abuse, and a mugging gone wrong. They questioned Anthony, and Rebecca (slut girl from the other night), getting both their stories. Rebecca wound up lying to the police, Anthony forcing her to do so with the threat of death. After the investigation, the entire school looked at Anthony differently, seeing him as a curse or bad omen, even though Rebecca had kept her mouth shut. This made his remaining time in school actually much more enjoyable, as he had become powerful from the fear. Other kids listened to him, did as he asked, and even apologized when they had done nothing wrong. This power went to his head, as he became violent if someone had refused or ignored him. He even used his power to sexually abuse the cute boys he had fantasized about in his dreams. During sessions in the bathroom, he would choke and slap the boys as he used them as he pleased, threatening them if they ever spoke up. This behaviour grew out of control and eventually got him expelled. Regardless of his ability to seemingly disappear without a trace, leaving nothing but his clothes behind, the stories stacked up against him were enough to come to a ruling.

Anthony smirked as he left the school, giving kisses to his past 'forced' lovers, and winks to the teachers and their pets. This was the last thing anyone of that school saw of him, as he had reportedly moved away. It was said that his mother, Vanessa, shipped him off to a military school.... but this was false. Vanessa knew better, having known much more about her son then she had let on.......

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Reaction

The Powers
Size shift: Anthony possesses the ability to compress and expand his atoms at will. This allows him to shrink down to the size of a sand pebble or grow to the size of a 5 story building. This ability is a natural power, unique to his molecular structure as a human/alien hybrid. While he shifts sizes, whether he goes big or small, he gains temporary invulnerability to prevent himself from tearing his own atoms apart. This extends to outside sources, allowing him to survive even the most intense damage if he size shifts at the correct moment.

Micro: While in his micro form, Anthony's atoms are compressed to near microscopic size. This increases his density, allowing him not only super strength, but also super durability. His super strength in this form is limited to proportion, however. This means that he can punch and throw normal humans with ease in his micro form, but he is incapable of stopping moving cars, trains, or anything significantly larger and more dense then himself. In his micro form he is also naturally resistant to toxins and gasses, his micro form making it so he can literally breath in certain particles in the air.

Macro: While in his macro form, Anthony's atoms are expanded greatly. This increases his strength by proportion alone, giving him a literal size advantage in fights. In this form he is able to reach greater heights, lift larger things with much less effort, and provide a human shield to those who may not have the ability to do so themselves. This form allows him a clear advantage, however it also greatly slows him down, hindering his mobility while he is large. This form also allows him to project his voice like a megaphone and increases the force of his breath.

The Weaknesses
Human: Anthony might be a hybrid, but he is still a mortal. While in his normal size form, he is completely normal and able to be harmed or even killed by standard human means; knives, guns, blunt force trauma, anything. This also means he's vulnerable to mystical and supernatural means, including spell casting and super feats.

Cocaine addiction: Due to his birth with his drug abusing mother, Anthony was born with an addiction to cocaine. This creates a perpetual need for the drug, his cells requiring the drug to stay on a normal level. His need is life or death, rather than a physical dependency for that next big high, and if he goes without it for too long, he can actually have serious, even lethal withdrawals.

Micro: Despite Anthony's near indestructible body while in his micro form, it is possible to damage and hurt him with enough force. A super powered person with significant strength would be able to hurt him, as long as they were able to get their hands on him. He is vulnerable to electricity in his micro form, the voltage being increased against his miniature stature. He is also vulnerable to other super powers, such as heat vision, ice powers, and various others.

Macro: While in his macro form, Anthony's density is decreased due to stretching his atoms out. This makes him more vulnerable to damage in this state, including super feats and mysticism. His increased size and stature allows him to take more damage, but the damage will be farther reaching on his body in the long run. Anthony is also extremely vulnerable to toxins and gasses in this form, even something as simple as smoke can choke him up and cause him to shrink back to normal size.

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Post by Arcana on August 31st 2019, 7:44 pm

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