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The Northman (WIP)

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The Northman (WIP) Empty The Northman (WIP)

Post by Classytootsypop on August 20th 2019, 4:51 am

The Northman

"Goodness is more valuable than gold when little can be found in the world. But a wealth and great quantity of goodness becomes cheap in those eyes who forgot its original value."

The Bio

Real Name: Jokith Dane Alanthis, Goes by Dane.
Hero Name: The Northman.
Title: The Cold-Steel Fighter, The Bulletproof Man.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Age: 25
Gender: Male.
Race: Super Human, Caucasian, Scandinavian/American.
Hair: Dark Brunette.
Eyes: Blue.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 132lbs.

The Looks

The Personality

Dane Is an honest and stalwart person. He is helpful and kind to everyone around him and does his best to keep the peace. He adheres to a strict code that goes far beyond himself, his personal feelings, or even the laws that he strives to uphold and enforce. He is self-sacrificing and rarely does anything purely for his own wellbeing, upholding others safety or wellbeing as greater or of more importance than himself.
The Story

Dane was born in the USA, but his family came from and still maintains strong ties to their homeland in Scandinavia. His family moved to America and changed citizenship to escape the deteriorating political situation in their homeland and to start anew.
His family were middleclass citizens and he wanted for very little, what they didn't have they made do, and what they did have they were grateful for. His family worked hard for their life in America, and Dane did the same as much as he could. Both his parents were superpowered, so it was expected that he would be superpowered as well, though this was not the case for the majority of his life growing up.

He did well in school and ultimately graduated well from university, though naturally with many of the top grades in his class being monopolized by prodigies and superpowered geniuses, but for an average intellect he did well for himself. It was around this time that his powers finally began to emerge. He showed signs of his abilities earlier when he turned 18, but at 21 he wanted to apply for military service. He was a fine example of human fitness and health, but it of course came as a surprise when he went in and took the medical exams and the hypodermic needles broke on his skin and would not penetrate his flesh.

He served his country well for four years of active duty, during this time he learned even more about his special abilities. On more than one occasion he was shot, but no matter the size or power of the gun the bullets simply would not penetrate his skin or rend his flesh. Even when he was caught off guard and a dagger slid across his throat he was still unaffected. The military even placed him with a special unit consisting of other superpowered individuals.
However, even though his time in the military was definitely a highlight in his life, during his whole military career he felt used, exploited, he couldn't count how many bullets he had taken for his team or the many times he was used as a human shield at the command of superior officers. The straw that broke the camels back was a mission that relied solely on his invulnerability, the strategy formulated by his superiors officers vastly overestimated his abilities, while many lives were lost on the mission it was still a success, but after that he decided he had enough, and his captain agreed.

He left the service on an honorable discharge secured by many high ranking military officials, returning home to try and fade into obscurity, live a normal life where nobody knows of his abilities so no one can exploit him. The quiet life suited him and he enjoyed civilian life, but he was restless, his heavy Scandinavian heritage almost like a call to battle for him further enforced by the constant criminal threat on American soil. So he decided to enter a career in law enforcement. He did well as a police officer and detective, but also did everything in his power to conceal his particular abilities, even from his partners and superiors.

But being involved in the force was a task in and of itself, especially for Dane who did his best to enforce the law, over some fellow officers who he would catch breaking or abusing those same laws. He found himself caught in a world of intrigue over straight up combat, dodging the politics as much as possible while trying to keep the streets safe. Eventually he found that his power as a police officer was limited, so he needed some way to actually punish true crime wherever it arose. And thus began his private crusade from the shadows.
From his work in the shadows, the persona called The Northman was born, the bulletproof man, the cold-steel fighter, the man who cannot be cut. Dane Alanthis had to keep his true self separate from The Northman, because only The Northman could be outside of the law in such a way to deal with the criminals being protected by the law itself.
The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

General Superhuman: WIP
He has basic enhancements to his strength, durability, agility, and speed. He is able to lift up to five times his weight and mass, Able to resist/withstand blunt force equal to 150 mph, leap tumble and dodge with amazing precision and split second reaction time.

Impenetrable Flesh: WIP
His skin cannot be broken by anything from a hypodermic needle or a sword to a high caliber armor piercing round. Anything normal within that range cannot damage him. He has resistance to enhanced or otherwise special or not-normal weapons, but that only means they cut/puncture with more difficulty.
The Weaknesses

Impenetrable Flesh: WIP
While he is resistant, he still feels all the kinetic force delivered by any attack. Blunt weapons are far more effective against him even though his durability from his General Superhuman traits offer some defense in this regard, which basically only helps him survive/last longer against other superhumans and being thrown through solid objects that would kill a normal person. Bullets still deliver their kinetic payload against him, essentially their stopping power still effects him and can wear him down in the long run. He can be bludgeoned repeatedly by a sword if the blade can withstand the force.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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