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Bumblebee [Character Application]

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Bumblebee [Character Application] Empty Bumblebee [Character Application]

Post by Hiddenmage on August 17th 2019, 4:36 pm




"Time to ~Bee the change you wanna see in the world!"


The Bio

   Real Name: Naomi Ross
   Hero Name: Bumblebee
   Title: The Sweet Stinger
   Alignment: Neutral Good
   Age: 14
   Gender: Female
   Race: Human
   Hair: Long Brown and Fluffy
   Eyes: Brown
   Height: 5'2"
   Weight: 110 lb
   Blood type: O positive

The Looks


The Personality

Super optimistic about day to day circumstances balanced out by a typical dose of Gen Z cynicism. With a Hero complex and the appetite of a college football player, she's always ready to try her hardest at whatever she sets her mind to; although she might need a minute to psyche herself up.
The Story

Naomi Ross grew up in a large lower class family displaced by the fall of New York City in 2018. She spent her earliest years on the road in the family bus staying for months at different relatives churches (her mom acting as a guest pastor) before the parents got divorced and Naomi went to live with her father and her five younger siblings at her grandmother's house in Southwest Philly.
Now, after a summer at her grandmother's, dealing with loss of her eldest brother in an accident earlier that year, feeling abandoned and angry at her mom (and her oldest sister for staying with their mom), getting used to her newly needed hearing aides, and starting her first year at Bartham Highschool as a freshman, Naomi is dealing with with her perpetual angst in the best way she knows how: fighting crime with her sweet new super powers in the heavy crime of her new home city!
The Priority

   1. Endurance
   2. Reaction
   3. Strength
   4. Agility

The Powers

Bumblebee generates a Telekinetic field that she can manipulate. It is strongest surrounding her and her influence exponentially decreases the farther from her she tries to manipulate things. This allows her to fly by lifting herself up telekinetically (Giving her flight a kind of clumsy wobbly effect as her attention wanders. Kind of like a bumble bee.) Her max limit at present is around 150lb at contact distance. Lifting objects at a distance she can confidently lift about 20lbs around 45 feet away. Much farther than that the telekinetic field gets questionable (she can nudge lighter objects until about 60 feet max). Its hard to calculate her exact limit to how much she can move at once since she hasn't taken highschool physics yet and can't calculate Joules or Newtons yet. But she estimates if she tried really really really hard she could probably move about 200lbs if it was all pretty close by.
The Weaknesses

Hearing Impairment
After an accident she was in recently, Naomi's hearing is currently impaired. It's not total deafness and she has hearing aides that usually work. But they have a habit of getting knocked out, especially during fights. The doctor said its was too early to say if there is much possibility of recovery. She's keeping her fingers crossed that it'll get better.

Emotionally Vulnerable (temporary??)
Due to Naomi's current life circumstances (and like... age) she is very easy to influence. If someone convinces her that they're doing something for the greater good she'll do her best of help them however she can, which means it might take her awhile to catch on to some less than quality intentions. She is also desperately seeking the approval of everyone she runs into since she is currently going through some serious rejection issues thanks to her mom.
The Items

Homemade Bee costume (its just yellow and black stuff she got from a thrift store. including some sick combat boots)
She's trying to make a retractable spike gaunlet that she can stab people with in close quarters (you know... kinda like a stinger) but its still a work in process.
The Fluff

-totally an older sister when she needs to be but also a brat to older kids
-All the Bee puns
-Loves pop songs from the early 2000's
-Hates English class
The RP Sample

Bumblebee sat at the edge of the roof of a city building dangling her legs and blowing bubblegum. She watched people run around the city going about their lives. Once again, the girl was glad she got summers off. Working at a job all the time would suck. She popped her gum.
Today had been quiet. Not city wise. Philly was still as loud as ever. With the angry cars and the drone of a  million air conditioners sticking through the windows of buildings. She'd turned down her hearing aides to enjoy the muted hum for once.
But crime wise there had been nothing happening. Or nothing that Bumblebee had run across anyway. She finally managed to slip out of the house too.
Bumblebee popped her gum again and watched her boots swing in the air below her. Below her, people were moving in the side alley. Bumblebee peered over farther to get a look.
There were three kids. Two of em looked tough, like they'd been born out of some sewer drain fully formed and ready to help drug runs. The third was more scrawny and was clutching to his backpack like his life depended on it. The kid behind him grabbed it, trying to yank it off his back.
Bumblebee grimaced.
She slid off the wall, slowing her descent with the telekinetic field around her. As Bumblebee floated down she got distracted trying to think of something cool to say when she landed and fell the last few inches, combat boots smacking the ground as she stumbled forward a few steps.
Bumblebee caught herself and looked up to see the three kids staring at her. "Uh... Hey kid. Looks like you're in a sticky situation."
One of the tougher looking kids opened his mouth and shouted something muffled at her. Bumblebee stared at him for a second in confusion.
"Oh sorry!" She turned her hearing aides up again. "Okay there we go. Let's try that again, what did you say?"
"Try this freak." The kid closest to her stepped up to her a threw a punch at her jaw. Bumblebee ducked, backing up and raising her fists to fight back.
"Okay douche-bag. Prepare to get stung."



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Buzz out!

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Bumblebee [Character Application] Empty Re: Bumblebee [Character Application]

Post by Zonkes on August 17th 2019, 4:56 pm

Approved and moved.

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