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Klaus "Sonny" Claus WIP

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Contest Klaus "Sonny" Claus WIP

Post by Troggy August 7th 2019, 7:40 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Klaus Claus
Renegade Name: The arbiter, Old man Frost
Title: The keeper of the ancient pact
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 220 years old
Gender: Male
Race:Divine Construct
Hair: long hair and a wild long equally white beard
Eyes: A steely pair of blue eyes that glow with a faint glow
Height: 7'3
Weight: 300 pounds
Blood type:none

The Looks
Sonny appears like a very tall and elderly man who is a peculiar blend of muscular and lanky. He has a gaunt face with sunken cheeks and eyes, making his bone-structure visible. He has a thick mane of white hair as well as an equally thick beard that flows over his shoulders and down his back and chest respectively. Due to the fact that he exist in a constant cold, there is always isicles in his beard, and his breath always comes out in misty white puffs When he is discharging his duty, he dresses in a dark red coat with fur-trimmings. He tops up the ensamble with a matching red cap. He rarely smiles and gives of a very grim vibe. His voice is very deep and even though it is loud and strong, it somehow sounds like it comes from far away

The Personality
Klaus is a dour dolorous man, with an acidic wit as well as a rather direct, blunt manner. He lacks the natural charisma and jovial manner associated with his father, and rarely known to smile whilst executing the duty with which he had been charged. In short he delivers presents and the like with a cold professionalism that would put an assassin or professional torturer to shame. Whilst he appreciates the importance of the duty he does not necessarily like what he does. He feels overshadowed and jealous of his father, mostly because of the love and adulation his father recieves, thanks in no small thanks to his natural charisma and jolly manners. Sonny does the same job, yet usually his father gets the credit, and even when he does not, he does not recieve the same love for his good deeds. This has through the years made our hero very bitter, and he is sorely aware of the fact that he is not loved because he is unlikeable, and not only resents himself for this fact, but also those that do not like him half as much as he thinks he deserves.

The Story

The Priority

3. Agility
1. Endurance
4. Reaction
2. Strength

The Powers

"The Blood"

"He did all that in a single night!?" Klaus is capable of duplicating himself by "going in two directions at once" so to speak. How he does this probably involves words like "Quantum" and "Continuum", but I won't go into it further. These copies are independent, but have an intuitive understanding of what the other copies are thinking and feeling and can thus coordinate flawlessly. Unlike  most duplication-style powers, there is no "original" or "real one" amongst them. Also, whilst he is split up, any effect that causes a copy to take a serious wound or fall unconscious will cause it to "poof" away.

"Divine Strength" Klaus is super-strong and can lift about 30 tons under optimal conditions.

"Divine Fortitude" Klaus is also super-tough and very resilient to most kinds of harm, and has no need for rest or sleep. He is fortified against heat and totally immune to cold

"One of the ice and snow" Klaus Cryokinesis and is capable of creating and manipulating ice and snow within 80 feet of where he is located. He also radiates cold

"Heart of Ice" Klaus cannot heal naturally, this means that if he takes a wound, it will be there forever. However, there is one single way around it. Klaus is able to patch himself up with snow and ice, it will work like magica-super-stem-cells and replace the lost matter. However, this process is rather draining for our hero, but it is better than eternal papercuts, for instance

"The Duty"

"He's making a list and checking it twice"
Klaus does indeed have a list. Due to his heritage he consciously knows the name and aproximate life story of every person in the world, as well as their adherence to the moral guidelines set up between themselves and his father back in ancient times.

"The Sleighway" Sonny is capable of accessing the Sleighway, a series of portals that cut down traveltime something fierce. These gates exists everywhere and allow for teleportation between them. They are accessible only to Sonny, his father, but they can "hold up the doors" to let other people through.

The Weaknesses


"He did all that in a single night!?" The copies, though impressive aren't without their weak point. First of all, the more of him there is, the harder it is for him to concentrate on what every single body is doing, especially if there is alot of guesswork involved. If he overextend themselves, his "bodies" become sluggish and uncoordinated, and generally slow and unwieldy. How many copies he is comfortable manipulating depends on what they are up to, but in a calm and planned out activity he can have as many as 30, but in a chaotic enviroment (such as a fight) he is limited to around 5 or 6 copies

"Heart of Ice" Klaus body is extremely hard to hurt, but once it is hurt, it stays hurt. One of the flaws of Klaus physiology is that he cannot heal naturally, and has to rely on the ice and snow to help him survive. This also means that his blood doesn't clot and similar things. Since his body lacks any form of "natural" healing he cannot be healed by traditional healing magic

"Cold hands" Klaus is constantly surrounded by an aura of cold, approaching -20 celcius. He is able to mitigate this temporarily, but can never completely turn it off. The best he can do is to turn it up to nearly the freezing-point. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is very  for our hero to, for example enjoy a cup of coffee, since it will freeze in minutes. Also, it is very hard for him to be discreet, especially in the middle of summer. liquids freeze at his touch, and non-liquids develop a layer of frost

"The Duty"

"There are consequences" all of the powers that fall under "Duty" are not Sonny's own. Instead they are invested in him by his divine father, and will  be taken away again if he deviates too far from his mission. They cannot be used to pursue personal flights of fancy. If he strays too far or too often, they will be taken away until he undertakes some sort of penance

"The Sleighway" The sleighway is a pracitcal tool for traveling, but in the same way a bus is useful for commuting. Sonny cannot create portals, only open one that are already existing. Also, this require a short ritual with the ancient words "Ho Ho Ho" so they are near-useless to him in combat.

"Naughty or Nice" Sonny is unnable to hurt an innocent, it is anathema to his very being, and it is uncertain wether he would survive doing so. It is also his duty to defend the innocent if they are threatened, even if he does despise the innocent person in question.

"Do not deviate from the Duty" The near Ominscience that Klaus uses in his work can only be applied when he is performing his sacred mission, to use it for blackmail or any other way would be an action of heresy, and would most likely result in this power being taken away from him.

The Items

The Sleigh: Sonny has access to a magical sleigh similar to that of his father that he can summon at will. It can fly at roughly the same speed as an airplane. Instead of a bunch of reindeers this Sleigh is pulled by four sturdy walruses. If the Sleigh is ever destroyed it is only temporary, for it will be avalible for duty in exactly 24 hours. The Walruses are capable of teleporting back to the north pole, but that is not an advantage for Sonny, since they cannot bring anything with it, and usually uses this ability to avoid work or escape trouble

"The sack"This sack is more or less a bag of holding that contains all the gifts for all the people in the world wich he is charged to deliver. Somehow you always find what you are looking for immediately when you reach into it. The Sack has a will of it's own and will teleport away if stolen. If someone other than Sonny reaches into it, they will find nothing but their present for the year if they have been nice, or contract syphilis if they have been naughty.

Item Weaknesses:
"The sleigh" The Walruses, being walruses are rather slow on the ground, and stand out like a sore thumb. They are also in a union for magical familiar and have fought long and hard for their right to not fight at their masters behest, instead they will most likely run or teleport away if Sonny ends up in a fight

"The sack" Sonny cannot pick things out of his sack for himself, only for others.

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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