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Nathan Wattson (Contest)

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Nathan Wattson (Contest) Empty Nathan Wattson (Contest)

Post by RoyalAurelius on August 7th 2019, 6:47 pm

Nathan Wattson (Contest)

"Where is my money!?"

The Bio

Real Name: Nathan Wattson
Renegade Name: Natty-G
Title: Sir Pimp
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Baby Blue
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 136lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality
Nathan is exactly what he looks like. He's prideful, confident, egotistical, assertive, arrogant, and above all else, he's narcissistic. If him being called 'Sir Pimp' wasn't a dead giveaway, than two minutes of conversation would show you his true colours. Nathan looks out for nobody but himself, takes what he wants, acts as he wants, and deals with the consequences as he sees fit.... mostly by ignoring them or beating them. His pride, arrogance, and greed even drive him as far as abusing authority figures, either by aggressive means or simple bribery. Needless to say, unless you have something useful to provide him, it's better just to stay out of his way.

The Story

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers
Dilonium cane with ruby handle: This cane is as indestructible as they come, and is passed down from pimp to pimp over generations. The cane itself provides no power, however the ruby affixed to the handle is a special gem that provides Nathan with the ability to charm lower level beings. The charm effect is limited, however as long as Nathan 'uses' the cane, it's effects will continue. This is why no matter how much he beats on one of his underlings, they never want to leave him.

Holy grail/Pimp Chalice: This chalice is a magical heirloom that never runs dry. The liquid inside, called Patron, has magical properties that, when imbibed, provides the consumer with enhanced strength, durability, and confidence. The liquid also deteriorates the consumers perception, reaction, and coordination. The consumer can drink as much as they like, however the more they drink, the more severe both positives and negatives effect him.

Emerald thumb ring: The emerald ring provides Nathan with the ability to regenerate and heal himself. The effects of the ring are far weaker than most other things with this ability, only providing regeneration for minor and less severe damage, such as cuts, bruises, even gashes. More traumatic injury will require real medical attention. The ring requires a recharge period after each use, approximately 2 minutes.

Amethyst fore-finger ring:  The amethyst ring provides Nathan with a limited source of 'power' that grants him the ability to exert more strength than physically possible in human terms. The strength is limited to 2 tons. The ring requires a recharge period after each use, approximately 3 minutes.

Topaz middle-finger ring: The topaz ring provides Nathan with the ability to light up, flash, or even temporarily blind his enemies. Apart from this, there is no other real use for the topaz ring by itself. The ring requires a recharge period after each use, approximately 1 minute.

Sapphire ring-finger: The sapphire ring provides Nathan with the ability to calm his enemies with a simple stroke of his hand. The calming ability only works if he is physically in contact and continues the stroking motion with his hand. The ring requires a recharge period after each use, approximately 4 minutes.

Diamond pinky-finger ring: The diamond ring provides Nathan with an invisible shield that is as hard as diamonds. It acts as an aura to protect him from physical damage, as well as magical and super natural damage. The ring requires a recharge period after each break, approximately 5 minutes.

Ultimate bitch-slap: With all 5 rings on his right hand, they collectively provide Nathan with the ability to 'bitch-slap' with superhuman strength. His hand must be flat, it wouldn't work if his fist was closed, and during the superhuman slap it provides his hand and forearm with superhuman durability as to not blow off his own arm. The force of the slap is equivalent to 250 tons, and is accompanied by a sonic boom that can shake the ground. All 5 rings require a recharge period after use of the 'Bitch-slap', approximately 15 minutes.

The Weaknesses
The charm effect that Nathan's cane provides, does not work on stronger willed beings as they can see right through its power. If the cane were to be stolen from Nathan and used on him, he would fall victim to the ruby's charm spell, no matter how much he was beaten with it, he would never leave.

Nathan possesses magical gems, but this doesn't change his anatomy. He is still a mortal and can be injured by most normal means, as long as his diamond aura has been broken. This means cuts, gasses, firearms, explosions, blunt force trauma, extreme temperatures, and various other means to injure a normal being.

Nathan's gems do not protect him from mind control and other various forms of psychological attacks, making him extremely vulnerable to mental manipulation.

Being that Nathan is so confident and proud of himself, he tends to have an inflated ego. Due to his superficial self-esteem, his ego is extremely tender which causes Nathan to lose his temper and go into a blind rage when he is insulted or diminished. While he is in this rage, he is unable to hear or focus on anything, and is much more easily manipulated or conned.

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