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(Contest! Strange powers) WALDERMORT THE TRUE LORD OF ALL!

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Contest (Contest! Strange powers) WALDERMORT THE TRUE LORD OF ALL!

Post by Shadowoof on August 7th 2019, 11:34 am






The Bio

   Real Name: WALDERMORT
   Villain Name: WALDERMORT
   Alignment: Chaotic Evil
   Age: ???
   Hair: None
   Eyes: blue and evil
   Height: six foot four of evil.
   Weight: seventy seven pounds of hell.
   Blood type: NO BLOOD, ONLY WALDER.

The Looks


The Personality
WALDERMORT is egocentric. He believes nothing is greater then him, and that he is greater then nothing else. He never bows his head, nor lowers himself, nor even considers those around him close to an equal. He is the epicenter of narcissism as his one true love his him and him alone. Everyone else ether bows down to him, or shall be removed from the equation at his own time, as he considers if something is even of his own attention.

The Story
WALDERMORT. A name never heard before. A name that does not matter to history or human thought. It is a name that doesn't even make the very worms under the earth wiggle with fear. WALDERMORT, is nothing. It started as nothing, and forever should have been nothing.

But WALDERMORT refused. The mere name, caused a ripple in reality as it stood. The void opened for a brief second, and the name escaped from nothing, into something. A name no one wanted, nor asked for. A name without a body, voice or reason. It was just that. A name. It refused that too. From just a name, a body as formed. From that body, the name had life. IT. WAS WALDERMORT. But at the time, not even WALDERMORT understood that truly. It just had the innate desire to be more. To never be just a name, not cared for, not wanted by any. The worms would fear the name. The beings of the world. Would fear the name.

So WALDERMORT walked. A featureless being with only a name. It walked all past time, without rhyme of where or when. Sometimes the body would walk years in the ocean, or be trapped under a mountain. Sometimes it'd fall into a pit of lava, or be trapped in ice. But every time hope should have been lost, the name gained a voice, and that voice refused to not be heard. Soon, the voice of WALDERMORT, became more then a measure to continue, it became apart of this being, a voice for a name.

Over time, this featureless, but not nameless nor voiceless creature became more then those two things. It grew a face, a shape. It became that of the very creatures it despised as they were all born with a name, desired. Chosen. Which is why of all things, it did not bore a nose, so that it would always be different to these simple template of creatures, and as this flawless being continued to walk, it's voice grew louder, and others then himself heard it. A voice impossible to escape, most despised it, very few worshiped it. This worship however, as small as it was, right away, bore a mold in WALDERMORT'S mind. Worship. Yes. He was worthy of worship. A name that no one wanted, it would be heard no matter what.

So, he refused to speak normally, always reminding those of his name. He refused to be plain, so he wore the most ridiculous of clothing.  WALDERMORT desired that all would know him now, above anything else. His purpose in life was to be known. To be heard. All beings in the universe would hear the name WALDERMORT. And soon enough, all beings in the world would whisper it. For he was WALDERMORT, their god. Their prime. Their final evolution. WALDERMORT IS WALDERMORT.

The Priority

   1. Agility 3
   2. Endurance 1
   3. Reaction 2
   4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: THE VOICE OF WALDER: WALDERMORT'S voice is inescapable. If he desires to be heard, he will be heard, in fact, his voice is so powerful, it can't be physically stopped. Even frozen in ice, he will talk. Because of this, his voice is so powerful, he can produce sound waves that can rattle and shatter even the toughest of metals, turn liquids of any kind into vapors, even command people to bow down before him if they are not strong enough in body or mind to resist the power of his voice.

Power 2: THE FLAWLESS BODY OF WALDER: WALDERMORT'S body is so incredibly dense that the very ground he walks on shakes! Well, actually, his body is practically immune to anything. He can not be cut, destroyed or crushed. Temperature doesn't faze him, nor is he burdened by human faults such as age, hunger, illness or need that any other human needs, he can be moved, but often he has an almost perfectly ability to remain upright, with only the most extreme situations where he could possibly somehow end up lower then those of the mortals and beings alike that should be lower then him.  

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: WALDERMORT CAN NOT FATHOM THAT YOU DARE TALK DOWN WALDERMORT: WALDERMORT refuses to think anyone is better then him, and often will go to great lengths to prove people wrong. This can result in WALDERMORT going completely off track from his desires to do whatever it takes to prove someone wrong, and if they manage to prove him wrong, WALDERMORT will just leave, unable to comprehend what has happened, often until he forgets about the entire event.

Weakness 2: WALDERMORT IS INDEED PERFECT, YES!: WALDERMORT is so full of himself, a little praise is all you need for him to think of you as a loyal subject. You could have killed his most loyal followers, but as long as you prostate yourself before him, speak his praises, he will consider you a true follower of WALDERMORT and not attack you less you prove yourself a false believer... But flattery might just save you despite that.

Weakness 3: WALDERMORT DEMANDS YOU LISTEN: While normally impossible to ignore the presence that is WALDERMORT, if one, or everyone around this magnificent being can ignore his holy presence, no matter how much he yells or demands your attention, WALDERMORT will start to panic, believing that he is becoming nothing more then the unwanted name he began as. If everyone is able to ignore WALDERMORT long enough, he will often retreat into himself, wondering away like a broken doll, not capable of thought or process, just a wondering body with a name no one cares for, and often this could last for several hours to a year if no one pays him any attention or his body becomes trapped.

The Items
THE GRIMOIRE OF WALDERMORT. A black book that WALDERMORT carries at all times, closed and pressed to his chest, this book seemingly enhances his voice, allowing him to mold the weak minds he can come across to thinking of him as their one and only true god. They would revere and worship him as long as he held this book.

It's weakness, is if anyone is able to remove the book from his person, and open it, they'd find blank pages, and just like that, anyone who had fallen under the spell of his enhanced voice will break from it instantly, and even if WALDERMORT is able to recover his grimoire, he'd need to let his lost sheep hear the voice of their Shepard once more to take them under his wing like they had been before. In reality, any book would allow him to activate this effect, but he prefers and only uses black books with blank pages.

The Minions

The Fluff
WALDERMORT'S a name no one cared for, but even now, beings of the highest reputation. Understand that the name is beyond normal. It is a name that does not belong, does not make sense or reason. It is a name, that could be feared yet they might not understand why they should think that.

The RP Sample




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