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Oracle [WIP]

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Contest Oracle [WIP]

Post by Pinnacle on August 5th 2019, 5:56 pm


The World Watcher

The Bio

Real Name: Ismene Aikaterini Augoeides
Hero Name: Oracle
Title: The World Watcher
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 134 lbs
Blood type: B-

The Looks

Oracle [WIP] Seraina_1

The Personality

Ismene is an introvert who experiences the outside world through her powers much more than in person. She is not often one to have a casual conversation with.

The Story

Coming Soon.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Peirce the Veil: Ismene possesses the ability to connect with, and subsequently peer through the invisible vortices of exotic matter that flow up from the substrate of reality. She can communicate through these as well by condensing the energy from these vortices as glyphs which can project ideas or feelings into the minds of those that see them. (Permission-based.)

Simulacrum: Ismene is technically already dead, per se. Her body is a simulacrum composed of condensed exotic matter. Thus, whenever this body dies, a new one reforms next to her true body, which is preserved eternally by the simulacrum process.

Phoenix Rising: Ismene can choose to release the energy of her simulacrum to create an explosion strong enough to blast open foot thick reinforced steel doors, but this process destroys her simulacrum.

The Weaknesses

Blind Spots: Oracle cannot simply see anywhere in the world, rather, she must connect to exotic matter vortices. These vortices naturally drew people to them subconsciously long ago, and centers of art, civilization, culture, and science sprung up around them. This means that it is unlikely that unpopulated areas ever had one of these wellsprings of energy located therein, and thus, she is blind to those locations, making them an effective hiding place from her sight.

Focus: In order for Oracle to utilize her abilities, she must be within touching distance of a wellspring, otherwise, she must connect to the substrate directly, leaving her completely vulnerable in a meditative state.

Fragile: Oracle has literally zero combat-oriented powers. She has  no special durability, no nothing. If an attack is normally lethal, it's lethal.

13|31: Each time she recurses and gets a new simulacrum, it will only last for 1,331 days before it disippates.

Phoenix Ashes: As mentioned, this process destroys her simulacrum.

Entangled Destiny: If her true body were to be destroyed, she would cease to recurse and her current simulacrum would be her last.

The Items


The RP Mechanics

Conduit: When she utilizes her abilities, she floats a short distance off the ground.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Oracle [WIP] PinnacleSig

Status :

Quote : "For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all; infinite in distance and unbound by death."

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 245
Location : Classified
Age : 28
Job : ECLIPSE Agent
Humor : PUNS!
Registration date : 2017-02-07

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