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Game Master

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Game Master Empty Game Master

Post by Classytootsypop on August 1st 2019, 10:08 pm

Game Master

"I am weak in this life... So I choose to live many different lives."

The Bio

Real Name: Sandra Ellen Teek
Hero Name: Game master
Title: The GM
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: American
Hair: Dark, Brunette, Long
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120lbs

The Looks

Skinny. Pale skin, lightly freckled. Needs glasses for distance vision.



Game Master Ad5411d3b2f4c3bbdf8591bd56e5933a1
The Personality

Introverted... VERY introverted. There is a reason she loses herself in her computer and her games and it's because socializing with real people is WAY over her head. So she socializes with the people she meets in her games. In the body of one of her avatars she can become someone else, someone who isn't afraid to get out and do things, someone who can attend a party, tear up the dance floor, flirt with a guy. Or someone who can go on a quest, kill the dragon, be famous and rich.

In the real world she only does the bare minimum. Attends class, says hi to a few choice people, maybe does something nice for her teachers that struggle to teach her something she doesn't know. She has only a few friends that are about as introverted as she is. But she knows she can't stay that way forever.

The Story

Sandra always had a gift for magic and computers since the day she was born. She was beginning to learn how to manipulate the fabric of magic at five years old. And was solving passwords at seven. But at the advice of her parents and a man dressed in white, she kept her skills with magic a secret all the way up to highschool.

But the secrecy she shrouded her magical abilities in did not stop her from diving into her love of computers, excelling in school and academics She quickly landed a job at a major computer company as one of the youngest highschool graduates in the United States, at a ripe fifteen years old. She became more than adept at everything computers, from hacking to creating codes and trouble shooting viruses. She especially dove into the realm of gaming and strove to excel in the virtual world.

But even now, nineteen and a sophomore in college, her love for magic never wavered. Every moment of privacy she got was spent developing her skill in magic. But even with her abilities her social life never got better. She was always far too introverted to make any friends, and far too shy to speak to any boys or attend any parties. She really only ever spent time with her roommate, and even then the interaction was kept to the bare minimum, saying hi, maybe saying goodnight, get up and go back to class while avoiding everybody and learning everything she can, at least attempting to learn something new in each class which her teachers struggle to provide her with subjects and lessons that she hasn't already figured out.

Her life took a turn for what she considered the better when she received an anonymous package containing a laptop that she discovered can transport her to a magically generated dimensional game universe, a place where she spent her time and found a place where her skills with magic grew and thrived. In the real world she found that she could bridge the gap between the game world and the real one using her magic. She was able to use spells  and even found that she could hack the real world in much the same way as she could a computer, by using magic as a medium to access the forces guiding the world like she would access a command window or interface. She decided that she could use her special abilities not only for her own gain, but to help other people as well.

The Priority

Reaction 1
Agility  2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

Sandra's Powers

Reality coding/Hacking/Manipulation: She has the ability to use her magic like she would use codes for a computer command consol. She can summon various screens and interfaces to perform a variety of tasks, from making a spell that turns a normal door into an automatic door, to coding cantrips.

  • Spell List/Code List:

    • Cantrip/Code Creation: (Permission)
      Using her magical interface she can code certain effects to different things. Able to make traps, complex security systems by placing magical observation orbs, or enchantments for convenience. (Example: Programs a door to open itself on approach. Programs a facial identification which will trigger alarms when an unknown entity activates the door enchantment, which alerts her via notification displayed in the corner of her glasses.)

      As a hacker she has little limitation on what variety of spells she can enchant items with, but her magical ability is a different story. She is only able to create minor cantrips or use very practical spells (i.e.; float, feather weight, increase burden, alert, distraction, mind deception, start flame, extinguish flame, scry, conceal object, etc). Her trap like enchantments would also be minor as well (i.e.; immobilize, taser grasp, rope trap, tripwire, panic, cage, etc).

    • Edit Item Stats:
      Using her magical interface she can see the physical stats of an item in the focus of her interface. She can see its toughness, its strength, its current health. Then she can manipulate those stats, and by opening a second interface can use Code Creation to program different effects into the item. (Example: Sees stats of hiking shoes, it's health is down by 80% and has several holes in it, its durability is very poor. She selects a reset option which returns it to its factory stats when it was brand new, repairing the holes, and then she increases its durability to make the shoes tougher and last longer. She also codes a float cantrip into the shoes to allow her to hover.)

    • Hard Light Window:
      She has the ability to harden her interface window into a 5X5 flat solid object. This allows her to create flat surfaces of hardened magic or light that can deflect high caliber gunfire, or serve as platforms to stand on or run across. (Example: Sees a man far out of reach with a gun about to shoot an innocent, creates a glowing interface window from that distance in front of the victim, preventing the bullet from hitting its target.) (Example 2: An opponent escapes to the rooftops. She creates a stairway of hard light platforms that she can run up to reach the rooftops as well.). This ability has a 120 foot casting range around her in all directions, and the only limit to how many she can summon is how much mana she has left.

Enhanced Memory/Learning:
She has an incredible memory, she can remember the entire spell list word for word of one of her avatars with over 800 spells. She can memorize any verbal or written form of communication after hearing it or reading it only once.

She is essentially a quick learner. If there is something she is required to do that she doesn't know about or is especially skilled in, she can figure it out in record time. When it comes to games she applies this to actually learning the skills that her characters possess, rather than using the system A.I. to perform the tasks for her. Anywhere from making a fire to hacking a complex security system in an alien language.

Enhanced Reflexes/Coordination:
Her reflexes are off the charts. She can type 312 words per minute, Catch a fly by its wings without hurting it (Though she usually kills it out of spite), Hack an advanced firewalled security system, even government systems when she has to, And she can perform these first person tasks even in the third person! (Looking in a mirror or phone or some sort of reflection, or even true Third Person view in a game).

Computer Prodigy:
She grew up around computers, she knows her way in and around them and was hacking through complex security systems at a young age. She is an expert hacker, which also means she is a capable trouble shooter and in general a computer savant.

Sandra's Weaknesses

  • Weakness: Cantrip/Code Creation:
    This power when used for enchantment cannot effect people or living creatures. Enchanting objects requires a larger portion of her mana pool. She can make ten codes/cantrips before she is required to rest and replenish her mana reserves. It takes at least an hour rest to restore her mana pool. Effects require 5 seconds to prep and cast, cannot be used on objects bigger than an economy car. The enchantments last 24 hours unless dispelled or removed. Her magical level is not powerful at all, leaving her only able to give items low level spells or traps. Traps naturally have an effect on people and living creatures, such as shocking grasp or entangle, but due to her power she cannot summon anything more dangerous than a flame trap, anything more powerful or deadly is beyond her abilities (i.e; explosion, electrical bolt, crumble, greater immobilization, acid spray, icicle trap, freeze ray). Her enchantments are also limited to minor spells such as levitation or scrying eye, anything more powerful is beyond her abilities (i.e; damage resistance, zephyr speed, flight, translocation, greater mind deception).

  • Weakness: Edit Item Stats:
    This power cannot effect people or living creatures. Editing an item is a strenuous spell and drains her very quickly, only able to edit three items a day before she is required to rest. She cannot edit items already with special abilities or powers.

  • Weakness: Hard Light Window:
    This ability can defend against high powered pistols and rifles, but its defense strengths stops well before the .905 caliber rifle, (OOC: the largest caliber rifle in the world). This ability cannot be used offensively in any way. When it is summoned it is stationary and cannot be moved until it is dispelled, or until it vanishes after five minutes.

  • Weakness: Social Anxiety:
    She doesn't like big crowds at all and tends to get extremely stressed out in such situations. Symptoms include; tenseness in muscles, inability to catch breath, rapid heartbeat, and claustrophobic sensations.

  • Weakness: Flighty:
    She is hardly fearless in the heat of battle. She stays back and out of range for her own safety because she knows that she is weak up close. She will try and get away if she sees danger coming too close, she will flinch at gunfire, she scares easily and has an unreasoning fear of the dark.

  • Weakness: The Trade-off:
    She is completely vulnerable to mental/psionic attacks or manipulations, even her cantrips or spells cannot protect her or shield her from telepathic opponents. Her dimensional laptop has properties which are intrinsically linked with her mind. Her use of the laptop has exposed and conditioned her mind and made it extremely open and consequently vulnerable to mental manipulation without any defenses.

Sandra's Items

  • Dimensional Laptop:
    This Laptop is what opened the door to her for the magical world. It exposed her to a magically developed world of virtual gaming, and having magical talents herself, she has learned to exploit it. This laptop is not unique, anyone who has access to the virtual game has such a laptop, which makes up a huge population in game. The laptop is the portal to this gaming dimension. Many use it to hone real life skills, others use a "Play Mode" to simply have fun. People who enter the game world leave their physical bodies behind in a magically induced state of Stasis. But their minds are quickened several times that of a regular human so that months or even years can go by in the game while mere moments have passed in the real world.

    • Weakness:
      Spending too long in the game can have life changing effects on the person. If a player were to spend years in the game while only moments have passed in the real world, he/she may wake up and not be the same person he/she was before, as behavioral development does not stop in the game world. The player may find himself/herself mentally much older than his/her body. The game will issue warnings to log out before this happens, but it's still up to the player to listen.

  • Wrist Computer:
    A smaller, portable version of the dimensional laptop developed by Sandra Teek herself, allowing her access to the game world anywhere she goes.

    • Weakness:
      See above.

  • Cell Phone:
    It's a normal cell phone, but Sandra has modified it with several spells coded into it. Including the camera. But her favorite is the spell she coded with her google maps!

    • Weakness:
      She is able to perform some magical coding functions from her phone, but it drains her battery completely after each use.


Game Master C98a812345570acba2b61cfba96d9a9e1

The Minions

The Fluff

  • OOC Game Details:
    Even those who do not use magic can access the game world by using the laptop and starting the game. They first see only darkness with a window message asking for the player to choose "solo" or "multiplayer". Upon selecting "Multiplayer" the user is brought to a game selection zone, a long hallway of pure white that stretches into infinity. The wall in front is lined with portals that bring the player to any virtual world they could desire. The wall behind is completely blank, but it is where the players virtual body appears.
    Hostile action is impossible in this place as the generated avatars are unable to physically interact at all, simply passing through each other as non existent entities.
    After selecting a game they are taken to a place where they will be able to create their avatar (More in RP sample).

    If they select "solo" they are taken to a game selection zone that is similar to the white hallway for the multiplayer selection, but they will be alone. A hallway stretching into infinity is presented to the user with doors leading to every game world or scenario imaginable. Once they select a game and walk through the portal they will be taken to a place where they will be able to create their avatar.

    Once they have completed their avatar they will be brought to a beginning area in their chosen game.
    There will sometimes be a tutorial scenario given to the new player, this can be played through or skipped to begin exploring the virtual world. (More in RP sample)
    The NPC's in the game world are actual creatures that live in the game that the player has selected. They are permanent and do not cease to exist even if all the players on the "Server" log out at the same time. Life goes on for them. They do not act like programmed beings but are interactive and diverse. Time passes even when the players are not present. Even monsters or enemies evolve and react as a living creature would. They will remember you if you become friends with them, or enemies.

  • Magical Recharge:
    She recharges her mana either by resting, or finding an outlet and recharging her magic by plugging in to the electrical current. Recharging this way usually takes thirty minutes or more.

The RP Sample

Sandra sits down and starts up her laptop. It's been a long day, it'll be nice to relax for a bit and get off her feet. So many things have happened and the stress of the day was really getting to her. It was time for her to escape once again.
When her laptop started up she immediately went to her favorite application. The game that changed her life! which sounded really sad thinking realistically, but the reality was that this game wasn't normal, and has allowed her to live several lives far more full and interesting than her own.

As her vision blacked out she was taken out of her body and transported to another plane of existence, into another body. A clone of herself, but that would change soon.
She appeared in the now familiar white hallway. Looking down the hall she could see several other people walking around, talking, or going from one portal to another. The portals lined the opposite wall and stretched down the hall into eternity. No one has been able to count how many games there were, and nobody has been able to find the end of the hall in either direction.

But Sandra wasn't interested in this anymore. She brought up a panel by focusing on a tiny button at the bottom of her vision, the screen appeared in her vision and displayed her bookmarked portals. She selected one and immediately she was transported down the hall to her selected door. Closing the screen she wasted no time in stepping into the portal.

When she was inside the world went black again, save for a single screen which displayed her current avatars for this game. She selected "New Character". Yes, it was time for a new character. She was taken to an open grassy field with a clone of herself standing before her. Options were presented at the edge of her vision for editing the avatar. This new body would be one she was going to inhabit while navigating the game world. This body can interact with the world, increase in strength and power as she levels up, and even die to respawn later.

She remembered the first avatar she made on "Hardcore Mode"... If it wasn't how dying actually felt, it was as close as any living person can get. If she were in her real body, she probably would have died in reality from a sever heart attack.
She changed her clone to a blank model and started from there, modifying the stats with the amount given for different traits. She then wrote a basic character story arc and code into the roleplay tab. The result was a giant Amazonian woman with black hair and huge muscles.
She liked characters that could do things that she couldn't, like lift cars or use big heavy weaponry. Her avatar completed she selected "Finish Character" and the game began... The world went black, and this time she blacked out with it. As with most games, it would begin with waking up.

She opened her eyes to a familiar yet nostalgic sight. She awoke in a medical facility in her new body. Everything around her was high tech, and upon detecting her awakening the medical pod opened and the straps were released. She floated free of the bedding and took in her surroundings. She had spent so much time out in the game with her other higher level characters that she almost forgot this place. The med bay of an advanced battleship in deep space. She floated free and a mechanical voice greeted her.

"Good evening. Welcome to the battleship 'Victory'. It is currently 6:47PM on-board standard time. Your vital signs show positive and are cleared to check out. You will find your equipment in the office to your left."
Obeying the mechanical voice she pushed off her bed and floated in zero gravity to the door indicated as the office. The airlock cycled and allowed her entrance to the facility.

This is where another great story, and another great life has come into being.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Game Master Empty Re: Game Master

Post by Silus on August 1st 2019, 10:55 pm

Not a bad concept at all! My primary concern, however is the vague nature of the three "spells" she has. Especially considering the use of spells are to be more specific than powers thenselves are. These are all VERY broad.

What does it mean to become a Created Avatar? Do they inherit different stats? What does this all entail? If they gain new powers or features?

What items is she capable of summoning? Just anybitem.she can think of? Magical or otherwise? Rare items that only another PC might have?

Coding spells? This spell is part of a spell list. You're using a spell to have more spells? That's just a little over the boarder there.

Feel free to DM me or get in touch with me whenever you'd like if you feel i misunderstand something, or if you'd like active assistance with the app itself!

Game Master Lucife10

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Game Master Empty Re: Game Master

Post by Classytootsypop on August 1st 2019, 11:57 pm

Thanks! I gave more details!

I just listed Coding Spells as giving more details on the nature of that particular power. Basically all of those bullet points are descriptive expansions on the initial power of coding magic (Reality coding/Hacking/Manipulation).

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Game Master Empty Re: Game Master

Post by Zell on August 6th 2019, 2:51 pm

Alright. Look. This is a cool concept. I stick by that. I think what you're doing here though, is essentially covering TOO much ground for a STARTING character.

Summoning your avatars from games would be fine. If you didn't just list 6 characters, 7 if you include the PC herself.

Her items cover a lot of a basis. That's fine. I'm cool with this. These rings of infinitium need to be discussed though. I'm on vacation but I'll try my best to put my phone on alerts so you can get ahold of me.

The primary issue that we have here. There is no credible weakness here.

Weakness: Reality Coding/Hacking/Manipulation:
Using her magic saps her strength as her mana pool is drained, and with her normal body and without any items she will grow tired within minutes and faint after prolonged use. She does have items that give her buffs but even then, whether it's an avatar or herself, she only has a limited pool of magic before she is forced to rest.
Her mana pool is the key to this weakness. I've combat this over and there are only 4 times Mana is ever even mentioned in your app. [b] Summon Items: "who has many enchanted items that she can use to increase her magical power or mana pool.", This weakness (Weakness: Reality Coding/Hacking/Manipulation:), Weakness: Rings Of Infinium, and when referencing "Spells that take tons of mana might kill the caster, but Selina can cast them without that danger." This tells me that her mana pool can chance with her transformation into the avatars as well, which then means this weakness is not even a weakness either. Neglecting the fact her other items make it rather easy to keep mana high. This isn't really a weakness as far as I, or any of the other staff can tell.

Weakness: Enhanced Memory:
Even though she can memorize nearly anything, there is always room for error. She may mishear or misunderstand what was said, or she may mistake one thing for something else if the lighting isn't good. She does wear glasses because she has trouble seeing things at a distance, so mistakes can be made.
Again this weakness is sort of obvious. Being nigh-omnisiac doesn't make you remember things you can't have seen to remember. Her bad eyesight would be a more credible weakness, however you run into the same problem here. Do her game avatars have the same weakness as her? Or do they counter this as well?

Weakness: Enhanced Learning:
This is limited to academic and theory based learning. Physical application is made easier, but it's still a whole different story than reading about it.
LIMITATIONS are not weaknesses. A limitation is something put on how a power works or hindering it mechanically. This isn't a weakness, It's common sense. Knowing how calculus and quantum theory doesn't make me able to physically make something to do that. Though if there were other genuine weaknesses I'd have thrown it a bone and taken it.

Weakness: Get Out More!:

She is not physically strong, athletic, or durable. She can run really fast for a short distance, or know how to operate in zero gravity, but that's about it. Her avatars usually possess those physical traits that she has the wit and reflexes to perform, but not the strength or ability to employ on her own.
This weakness is EASILY circumvented with her powers. Because she can become any one of her game avatars. Her powers literally negate her weakness.

Reality warping/Reality Manipulation is a very, very heavily restricted power. I am open to the concept of allowing this character to do these things. But if they are going to be done, we need to have it done a certain way. Mostly because we have had other people with powers of reality warping and other natures which caused a surge in power abuse.

These are what I suggest.
1) Give pertinent weaknesses. Thinks that actually balance the power this person has.

2) Choose 2 Avatars. Fill them out as MINIONS. Each of these avatars needs to have a minion sheet. I'm sorry, it's a lot of work, but if she is going to change, there needs to be a list of their powers and weaknesses as well. Stick with a small number to start! You have the potential to advance your character. Each advancement could be a new Avatar from a game. Make it fun to go into the world and write your character growing and evolving.

3) Use the staff. This is a complex and awesome character. The Staff is here to keep things fair and make sure everyone follows the same rules to keep things balanced and make sure that everyone is treated with the same fairness and disgnity. This character is complex, which is awesome. It just means that if you involve us in, we can help you find ways to make it work, maybe even better than intended!

I'll keep my phone on for ya! feel free to DM me. I'll be on all day! Smile

Game Master Samhai10

Game Master Untitl10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
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Game Master Empty Re: Game Master

Post by Classytootsypop on August 9th 2019, 5:11 am

Hey Zell, thanks for the input! I'm planning on removing all the avatars except for the Hero Suit, making just their items available to be summoned.

I made some modifications to the weaknesses based on your comment.

I'm trying to tone her down just for simplicities sake. Essentially she's just going to be a magical hacker that can import items from her game world. Though I am keeping Hero Suit, which I still wonder if I have to make an NPC sheet for, because I'm doing away with the minion idea.

That being said, contact me on the discord, I need help! Sad

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