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Vincent Ohad

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Vincent Ohad Empty Vincent Ohad

Post by YosodomySam August 1st 2019, 2:08 am


The Bio

Real Name: Vincent Ohad
Titles: Doctor of Bioengineering, Neurology and Chemistry
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: African American
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Green
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

Initially honest, humorous and hardworking.  However, being several people is gradually making Vincent more unhinged and reckless.

The Story

Vincent was born in 1985, the youngest child of three.  Growing up in the slums of New York was hard on his brothers—who took to the gangs—but Vincent had enough sense to avoid that life.  By the time he was a sophomore in high school, both of his older brothers were dead; the eldest shot in a gang dispute, and the middle brother shanked in prison, after being convicted of multiple homicide—vengeance for the eldest brother's murder.
Knowing his best chance of escaping life lay with the army, Vincent signed up at eighteen, and was trained as a bomb disposal expert, then shipped off to Iraq.  Returning after four years, Vincent used the education benefits granted from his term in the military to attend the California Institute of Technology, studying neurology and bioengineering.
By no means was Vincent the smartest student at the school, or even in his specific program.  But without doubt, he worked harder than any of his competition.  By the age of 28—about a year from completing his PhD, Vincent left school to further his research in cloning and memory.  Over the next two years, he managed to not only create a functional clone of himself, but also to copy his own personality and memories over to the new Vincent.
Vincent returned to the university to complete his degrees, meanwhile simultaneously studying chemistry at another university and using his knowledge of cloning to vat-grow organs.  By 2017, the blackmarket organ business had made him a rich man—rich enough to construct a secret cloning facility in the Andes, pay off all his debts, and return home to buy his parents a house.
Being in six places at once can leave one with a surplus of time.  Vincent spent it well, traveling across every inhabited continent, visiting each major city.  As he traveled, he saw firsthand the interactions between mundanes and supermen.  Before, he had shut himself away from such things, focusing entirely on his research.  Even in Iraq, superhumans had been almost entirely absent.  Vincent could not think of himself as one of them.  He was six normal people, not some sort of inhuman monster.
In 2018, tragedy struck.  One of Vincent was home (the others abroad), in New York, visiting his parents—who had only just retired.  Metahumans assaulted New York City.  Vincent and his parents were killed in the fighting.
Two of Vincent returned to New York as soon as they heard the news, stepping through the ruined city.  Vincent found Vincent in the ashes of the house he bought for his parents, burned alive.  His parents were subjected to a similar fate.  The clones discovered their dead original's spinal computer system still intact, and downloaded the memory:

A man plummets, his skin ablaze with fire of his own creation.  He tears through the rooftop, igniting the house around.  The burning man stands, a sadistic gleam in his eye.  Coughing through the smoke, Vincent shouts at his parents to run, positioning himself between the metahuman and them.  But his sacrifice is futile—fire rises up from the burning man, a wave of wild flame, cascading outward, the inferno consuming both Vincent and his parents.  Through the agony and smoke, Vincent can still see the burning man rise in the air and launch himself skyward, ripping through the roof again in search of more humans to slaughter.

Dying changes a man.

From that day onward, Vincent worked harder than ever, ramping up organ production to finance the expansion of his base in the Andes, and building up a considerable fortune.  He studied explosives and military tactics; became an expert in tactical operations; learned to fly and drive all manner of modern vehicles.  By 2020, he had made himself into a five-man army, prepared to war against those responsible for so much death.
But even now, Vincent is hesitant.  He had seen firsthand the true results of vengeance—two brothers dead, a dozen lives ruined, nothing resolved.  At very best, retaliating in kind could result in only the most pyrrhic of victories.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Agility

The Powers

Neural Stack: Vinny has a computer system installed in the base of his spine that acts as a memory/personality storage system.  This functionally gives him perfect photographic memory, and allows him to backup his consciousness digitally on computer systems.  Vincent uses micro USB and is comparable with most phone charging stations.  When multiple Vinnies are together, they can sync their neural stacks, combining memories and experiences.

Cloning Machine Vincent owns and operates a cloning machine, capable of gestating up to twelve clones simultaneously.  Each clone requires a minimum of three months to reach maturity.  The cloning machine is not unique, although building another would take considerable time and money.  At time of character creation, there are five Vincents.

The Weaknesses

Bulky Hardware: A fully functional cloning machine with all its support equipment takes up several hundred square feet, and is expensive to operate (both in terms of electricity and medical supplies).  It could be potentially be disassembled and transported, but not on short notice or without significant hassle.

Planned Obsolescence: The cloning process Vincent uses requires a large number of stem cells, which inevitably cause him to develop a variety of cancers within three years.  Individual organs taken from a fresh clone rarely have this problem.

The Items

Three helicopters (two Chinooks and an Osprey), several fancy sports cars, a secret cloning facility in the Andes and enough firearms and explosives to wage a small war.

The Minions

Vincent is his minions.

The RP Sample

Vinny hated driving. Or more specifically, he hated roads. Actually, even that's inaccurate--he was just fine with the hypothetical, platonic ideal of a road: endless, desolate, free of stop lights and soccer moms. Such a thing existed in only one place: Australia. Thrilled to have a client in the great outback, Vinny decided to fulfill a childhood dream, and take a drive down that platonic road.

Vinny also hated rentals. But renting cars isn't much of a problem if you own two Chinooks. So Vinny brought his Mercedes to Australia, and never had to bother with customs to boot. After visiting his client in Adelaide, he packed the car with a his body weight in alcohol and, intending to travel all the way up to Darwin, started driving North.

Unfortunately, Vinny didn't adequately prepare himself to encounter the sole inhabitant of Australia: the kangaroo. Said encounter occurred at approximately two-hundred and forty kilometers per hour. The kangaroo exploded like a grasshopper in a microwave, and Vinny's car got a smashed windshield and a new paintjob.

This happened three more times before Vinny got a call, informing him he had a new client in New Zealand. By this point, he was thankful, and called other Vinny to come pick him up in the Chinook.

And so, the great Doctor Vincent Ohad drives up to the beachfront lab in a trashed Mercedes covered in caked blood. He parks, pulls the keys out and steps onto the curb, then thinks better about taking the keys with him and just tosses them through the open windshield.

And so, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and khakis, Vinny walks up to the lab and knocks on the door.

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Vincent Ohad Empty Re: Vincent Ohad

Post by Chellizard August 6th 2019, 9:36 pm

Approved and moved.

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