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Nawa Foster (Primeval) WIP

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Nawa Foster (Primeval) WIP Empty Nawa Foster (Primeval) WIP

Post by Bibi July 31st 2019, 3:58 pm

Nawa Foster

"Did that rescue make us look godlike or what?! No? Not even just cool? Don't worry Ogdoad, we'll get them, 'cause we're just stunning as heroes."

The Bio

Real Name: Nawa Foster
Hero Name: Primeval
Title: "The Second Ogdoad"
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 20
Gender: Female (Ogdoad claims it is male)
Race: Human Vessel
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 131lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Nawa is a rather conventionally pretty woman, with her smooth skin without blemish, being quite generously curvy, and her petite facial features. While a small nose and mouth, not to mention her wide eyes could have made her "cute", her practiced ability with make up, which she wears 24/7, help make her more conventionally pretty, just as she desires. Her darker skin hints at her Egyptian heritage, and the rest of her appearence certainly used to as well. Until Ogdoad became a permanent resident.

While Nawa kept her dark brown eyes, her brown hair was replaced by a stark, white color, such a white that it almost glows. Her hair even grew longer in the instant Ogdoad appeared, until it was knee-length at least. As Nawa quite liked this change, she likes to wear flowing robes or dresses near exclusively so she can draw attention, only wearing boots to keep her appearence consistent and still allow her to run if hero work appears. Still, she keeps a black sundress as her outfit for any planned hero work.
As for Ogdoad, he has no appearence of his own, as he is only the spirit residing in Nawa. Instead, he alters her appearence when he is in control. When Ogdoad takes over control of Nawa's body, her white hair becomes black, and her eyes become completely black, but so far, nothing else changes.

The Personality

Nawa is the poster child of spoiled sweet. She is unfailingly cheery and happy to do new things, being positive about everything she can do. She can be talkative and socially blind, hanging around far longer than others want her to, often thinking herself as someone everyone wants to know. And sometimes, when she embodies her sweetness, the part of her that loves people in general and wants to do good, so can be a friendly, if loud, presence. But unfortunately, Nawa is often controlled by her whims and wants, and that is when the "spoiled" part of spoiled sweet rears its ugly head. She's easily tempted into focusing more into her own wishes than others, and cannot control her impulses well, as she have never been told "no" by her family.

With no bad experiences in life so far, in no small part due to her sheltered upbringing, Nawa is quite insensitive towards other's experiences. She will often view things in a very black and white, shallow way, blind to the ways of other can view things and stubbornly hanging onto her own views of the situation. Certainly, this confidence does assist in other areas, and keeps her decisive and unable to be put down easily. However, ever since Ogdoad appeared, this confidence have been steadily growing, and straying dangerously close to overconfidence.

Still, Nawa truly does hold a great love for heroes, and this keep her from completely submitting to her more negative traits, quite innocently looking up to heroes as the pinnacle of good and moral. And of course, ever since Ogdoad showed up and she have doing a few bits of hero work at her home, she have trying to be like the heroes she looks up to. Unfortunately, her love of heroes clashes with one of her worst wants, fame, which have always been at the back of her mind alongside being a hero. While she will always head towards her goals with determination, thst goal can leap in between being a hero and fame easily, and this can lead to her either following the rules of being a hero to a tee, or bending the rules just to be in the spotlight a little longer.
Now Ogdoad, the spirit in Nawa, tends to compliment her own personality with his own, with pride being the most obvious part of his self. Thankfully, this pride of his extends to things other than himself, mostly Nawa at the moment, and has him hold these things and people in high regard. Unfortunately, this pride only extends to a few choice items or people, anything else is seen with a certain fondness, certainly, but below himself. Something to be protected and cared for, but not listened to.

Nawa's love of heroes and fame appeals to him greatly, as he believes he was an old god, and dreams of returning to this status with Nawa, with fame and heroes being his pathway back to his status, or so he believes. Honestly, this belief that he can return to this status becomes almost delusional at times, prioritizing people seeing and knowing his deeds as a hero and the representation of the Ogdoad instead of simply being heroic. In this sense, he can be the worst influence on Nawa when he himself is at his worst, instead of just encouraging her, he can push her to her more fame related whims rather than anything positive. That or just take over himself, if he thinks he knows better.

Often, he doesn't act as old as he claims he must be, often losing any potential to be seen as godlike with his general curiosity of the world, the world he believes himself above, but certainly different than what he remembers. Honestly, this is when he is most pleasant to see, in genuine fondness of the world, at least until he catches himself.
The Story

Nawa have watched and loved heroes since the day she could understand what they were. Well, actually, more from the day Phoenix died, and the world lost one of it's greatest heroes, but that is simply details! She saw how brave a hero could be, how selfless heroes could be, how important he was to people, how famous he was! And from that day foward she would kickstart her conflicting loves of both heroes and fame, that still continue today. She haven't been that famous in the world, perhaps a heading in a newspaper when she was born to her incredibly rich parents, but that was about it. And yeah, maybe she should be grateful for all her money, everything her parents could give her, but they couldn't give her fame or turn her into a hero, something she so desperately wanted, whether she deserved it or not.

She tried everything. She tried to become famous, and maybe help the world afterward, the old-fashioned way, singing, dance, the usual. She grew bored by her late teens of such a concept of fame, every time she would get close to possibly actually getting a career that could get her famous, she would quit. Just like that. Eventually, such opportunities stopped appearing, and even opportunities that she already had, like her decent grades, she began neglecting. She just couldn't get fame in any other way than the one that always found a way back into her head, hero work. But that just meant she was ruining any other chance she still had as she dreamed. She just went through life, going out to meet people not to do much but have fun, have excitable spells in which she might say she'll become a hero despite her having no powers, but nothing came out of it. She was throwing everything life gave her for an impossible dream, and succumbing to her worse traits, whimsy, selfishness, the like.

So maybe it was a good thing, in a way, that Ogdoad showed up when she was 18. It wasn't like she woke up one day with him, more like one moment he wasn't there, the next there he was, a now permanent part of her mind. And he was definitely a strange part of her mind. He was a collection of gods from Egypt who have woken up in the modern age, and have traveled to Britian where his other half, the collection of goddesses was, alive and unaware what she was. Of course these goddesses was Nawa, and together, they formed the old gods, the Ogdoad, which he have taken as his name.

This story would be pretty hard to believe in typical situations. Despite his apparent origins, Ogdoad couldn't give any sort of straight answers of how his "old world" was like, often acted younger than his apparent age, and frankly, could have just easily picked the first vaguely Egyptian woman that passed, especially since he seems to have no ability to move unless he has a host body, and thus, probably have always been in Britian. All these pieces of information would suggest Ogdoad is something less amazing, a simple spirit, maybe even a dead metahuman's spirit since he gives his host certain powers. But despite all this, Ogdoad seems to believe his own story, and hammered it into Nawa almost desperately.

And Nawa ate it up. She liked being a collection of goddesses, she liked the fact that while Ogdoad was a part of her she gained powers, she liked that her dreams were within her reach. She loved that Ogdoad showed up wholeheartedly. And the good part is, currently, the fact she gets to be a hero has reined in her wishes for fame at the moment. Small jobs around Britian are all she does at the moment, and sometimes, nobody knows she is doing anything heroic, she just does. The problem? Both she and Ogdoad will always have a want for other to see and look up to them in awe, and it certainly won't be long until this want reappears, and grows. Perhaps they will keep their morals when their want for fame becomes apparent again, but only time will tell for a possibly delusional spirit and a girl that have only had good things happen to her.
The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Agility
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Present Water Manipulation (Nun) : Any water around that Nawa and Ogdoad can currently see, hear, or otherwise sense can be manipulated in a telekentic manner. They can shoot it through the air, have it hover, or make it move in any way they can think up.

Present Darkness Manipulation (Kuk): Any present darkness that Nawa or Ogdoad are aware of nearby can be manipulated, not in any harmful ways, but certainly debilitating ways, such as moving the darkness to cover an item, or even someone's eyes. Of course, there are more possibilities, so long as there is enough darkness and it can be thought up.

Air Manipulation (Amun): The air around Nawa and Ogdoad is free game to be manipulated. They can remove air from a certain area, make the air sharp, even cause wind under their feet to "fly". So long as the manipulation is able to be thought up, it can be done.

Regeneration (Heh) : Nawa and Ogdoad can regenerate from wounds far better than a typical human. If they activates their regeneration instead of their other powers, then a near fatal wound can be gone in an hour or two, and become manageable in half that time. Smaller wounds can be dealt with in even shorter time, perhaps a few minutes at most. Wounds that kill instantly, however, are not affected, so caution is still required.

Presence of Ogdoad: Ogdoad sees, hears, and senses everything Nawa does even when not in control. He also can constantly communicate telepathically with Nawa as he is a part of her now. Due to this there is always a second opinion and second presence that can remember and point out things Nawa didn't.

Ogdoad Takeover: If both Nawa and Ogdoad desire it, if Ogdoad's will to take over overtakes Nawa's, or if Nawa is knocked out, Ogdoad can completely take over Nawa's body. With this, their powers can be used far more skillfully, if still with the limits they had beforehand, reaction time is shortened, and their senses heighten, allowing a greater physical range of their powers.

The Weaknesses

Dehydration: If there is no water to be used around Nawa, the water in her body can be used, with an obvious drawback. Using this form of water manipulation can render her severely weakened, lightheaded, and make it far harder to concentrate. Even if Ogdoad is currently in control, this is still a drawback.

Ritualistic Need: Nawa and Ogdoad needs to complete a ritual before each of their powers. For Nawa herself, she simply needs to "pray", pressing her hands together, and say the name of which "gods" power she is using, basically, she just needs to say the name Ogdoad have given the ability. Unfortunately, this ritualistic need is increased when Ogdoad is in control, he instead needs to move, similarly in a dance, to use their powers instead, causing him to need more space and ability to move than Nawa requires.
Due to this, Nawa and Ogdoad can be easily predicted, and interruptions of the ritual can prevent real use of powers.

Vulnerability to Own Powers: Nawa is not immune to her own abilities, so moving the air to slash, or causing water to envelop an area can backfire on her if she is still too close. Thus, her own powers can be turned against her with the correct abilities or smarts as well. This is the same even if Ogdoad is in control.

Focus: Nawa and Ogdoad cannot use her abilities all at once. If she wishes to use any of her powers then the rest of her powers will be unusable until she completely stops using the current power.

What can be Sensed: Nawa can only manipulate what she can hear, see, smell and touch. Restraining her or removing one of her senses can almost render her powerless, or at least, severely weakened. This weakness is less immediate for Ogdoad due to his upgraded senses, but if an ability to remove even superhuman senses are used, it will leave him even more cornered, as he only knows how to use powers, not human ability.

Local: While the duo can manipulate air, unlike their other abilities, they has a radius of only ten feet to work with. Any further and they can't do anything with it.

The Fluff

After Ogdoad entered Nawa's body, her pupils became permanent slits, like a pair of snake eyes.

Her regeneration also causes her to not age past the day Ogdoad appeared in her. Now, she haven't lived long enough to truly see the effects, but she can assume she still looks exactly as old as eighteen, and will stay like that for however long she lives.
The RP Sample

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