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Danya Silva (Boiúna)

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Danya Silva (Boiúna) Empty Danya Silva (Boiúna)

Post by Drakka July 30th 2019, 4:37 pm


"Nature will trump all...humans may be gone one day, but nature, it stays...and I'll make sure that isn't reversed."

The Bio

Real Name: Danya Silva
Hero Name: Boiúna
Title: "The Unblinking Eye"
Alignment: CG
Age: 200 years (Appears 18)
Gender: Female
Race: Human vessel of power.
Hair: Black and long
Eyes: Black, with no whites
Height: As a human: 5'5. As Boiúna: Varies
Weight: As a human: 130 lbs. As Boiúna: Varies
Blood type: O-

The Looks

As normal Danya, she is, quite frankly, scrawny. One would never know that she holds the power of a goddess within her. Danya's hair is always loose and hangs around her shoulders and face, making it hard to see even in the best of times. Strangly, she wears colorful flowers within her hair, which she changes constantly. Her eyes are serpentine, thinner than a normal human's and possess no whites. Despite all this, her outfit is rather modern. Both her pants and her shirt are decorated with flowers and easy to move in.

As Boiúna, her appearance is much more majestic. A great black serpent, so dark as to appear eyeless with its black eyes. She is normally big enough to swallow a human whole, and with an expressionless face, looks cruel enough to do it. Her scales are always moist, giving her a sheen similar to metal.

The Personality

Danya is a person who would rather show than talk, action over telling...and in everything she needs to show, she is immensely assured in her own righteousness. In her opinion, her way is the only way, and one who doesn't think so is an idiot to be ignored.

However, this isn't to be mistaken as cruelty. She is completely devoted in her goal to protect all life, humans included, as they live upon this planet. In this devotion, she is single-minded and determined, nothing can make her back down.

She doesn't consider much her equal, being essentially a goddess, and believes most mortals should be assisting her, and any who do are officially under her protection. Those with her protection can expect a motherly, almost overbearing personality.

Those who are her equal are likely other gods or goddesses, who she will lend an ear if only out of a sense of honor...though this does not mean she will assist or listen to them, that is a decision she makes almost impulsively.

The Story of a Human Serpent

Boiúna, a local legend to keep the natives pleased. What fool could believe that their waters were being kept safe by a serpent of all things? It felt even more foolish, as species started to verge on extinction, and more of the Amazon River suffered under the effects of pollution.

It did seem foolish, until a youth was born with black eyes.

Strangely quiet, and rarely crying to boot, the young girl seemed to love all of the creatures around her. She liked to splash in the rivers, sing with the birds, and leap around with beasts that would hunt another human. Her family expected something special about her, and thus it was almost not a surprise the first time she leapt into a river, and a black serpent emerged in her place.

Boiúna, they called her, the guardian of the Amazon River. It only seemed appropriate. However, they would soon come to know what exactly entailed being a guardian of such life.

The serpent graciously saved children from a watery grave, but would just as graciously allow a starving jaguar to chase down and devour a human. It was all for the sake of protecting nature, protecting her river and all life, not just humans. For years, she stayed right in her speck of the world, convinced it was all there was to the world. Human curiosity drove her further down the river every year, but she'd turn back, every single time she was afraid of something...but it was the serpent's bravery that took her to the final step.

With no fanfare, no indication of its vastness, she beheld the ocean. So full of life, yet it stunk with decay. Again, human curiosity drove her onwards despite her instinctive fear of such a vast space. The ocean...seemed to be connected to all waters. So her beloved Amazon River and the life there was connected to even the other side of the world? Was that why she was born with a human behold and understand this? Perhaps she was to protect this all? Making her decision, she turned back, intending to alert her previous home of her extension of protection.

She was only gone for a year...or was it two? The years were starting to blend together...but that was all it took.

The river...stunk. Something was gone, some life had disappeared. Disappeared for good, creatures humans had never even laid eyes upon were gone forever, and they didn't even care! Her family, descendants of the ones who had raised the serpent, were now allowing other humans to destroy her home!

Perhaps she is proud of what she did, but a smile comes to her face when she remembers that time. She destroyed the source of the pollution, the lumbar companies that strayed further than she had ever allowed, and deposited the humans in another patch of civilization. They didn't come back, and she heard whispers about her as an "Unblinking One". They had truly believed that she had known of their transgressions and destroyed it in front of them to make a point! How amusing...but that reputation was useful.

She set off, wherever life started to flicker, she arrived. She arrived with fangs beared, the waters moving around her like living beings, and the unblinking, wise eyes of a serpent.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Snake Transformation: Being essentially the incarnate of Boiúna, she can transform into a giant snake. The base size of this snake is a 10 foot long creature about as thick as a branch. As this snake, she can do what you'd expect, her bite is hooking and painful, and her coils are powerful.

Water Proximity Power: If Boiúna is near water, her base serpent form will gain power, being the place she is meant to protect. She grows to 20 feet long and her strength reaches boundaries a normal snake could not attain. This gain of power is even more in water, whereupon she doubles in size again, and becomes superanimal in her strength capabilities, capable of crushing even steel.

Snake Physiology As Boiúna, her sense of smell is immense and she can sense vibrations in both water and in the ground.

Being of Water: Boiúna cannot drown, water is basically the same thing as air to her, or she wouldn't be able to protect her waters as well as she can with this ability.

Water Manipulation: Boiúna, protector of a river, can naturally manipulate nearby sources of water, using it for various purposes from blasting an enemy with a highly pressurised stream to just writing on a nearby surface.

Life Sensing: Boiúna can sense the life of an area, an ability that she discovered the first time she transformed, and is capable of deducting if an animal or creature is no longer in the area if she's been there before. Helpful for protecting endangered species.

Regeneration: Boiúna is capable of healing from wounds that should absolutely be fatal to her. This is from her power of a goddess, small, but it is enough power to ensure she won't die like a mortal.

The Weaknesses

Size Issues: To transform into Boiúna, she must have room to transform. Being flesh, she won't destroy her bindings or close quarters, she will crush herself if she attempts to transform in restricted or small areas.

Power of a Serpent: Boiúna's power is solely Boiúna's. As her human form Danya, she has access to absolutely none of her powers, making her very vulnerable in human form.

Snake Physiology: Yes, while what she gets as a serpent is useful, there's also bad things to consider. Firstly, she has no hands or means to manipulating something with her body in a dexterous manner. Another issue is, while she can sense vibrations, she cannot actually hear anything in serpent form. On top of this communication issue, she cannot speak, thus relying on writing to even pass along an idea.

Pollution: Boiúna is highly adverse to pollution of any kind, especially water pollution. Attacks by pollution will hurt her more than other attacks, the smell is overwhelming and distracting to her, and she cannot manipulate highly polluted water.

Protector of Life: Boiúna's sole desire is to protect all life. This means that she will throw other tasks out the window if she knows that life will be lost without her intervention. It also means that if there is an endangered species in danger, she will prioritize its life over all, even humans.

Lack of Water: Naturally, being away from water puts a damper on her abilities. She cannot utilise water without a water source, nor does she gain power if she's not at least a few miles near a water source. Without these powers, she's essentially a big snake, threatening, but not at all powerful.

Regeneration Time and Environment: While she can regenerate from wounds, she has exact necessities for where she can regenerate. Specifically, it must be in deep water, she usually regenerates in the ocean or rivers. This compulsion is unconscious, the moment she takes fatal damage, she will mindlessly head towards a good area to regenerate. It also takes time, during which time she will be asleep, at least a day and at most a month depending on the severity of her injuries. Of all her weaknesses, this one upsets her the most, as disasters have effected her waters while she's been sleeping.

The Fluff

• Where Boiúna passes by, it becomes more susceptible to nature's influence. It is strong enough that bare ocean bottoms become coral reefs in a year or two.

• She can speak Portuguese and English, but can only write other languages.

The RP Sample

The ocean smelled of oil this year too.

Yes, it smelled of salt, fish, and she could even place the smell of some kind of kelp. The ocean was still alive. Yet this wretched oil still insisted on existing in these watery depths!

Her tail thrashed, and took her lower still. The water vibrated about her as all beings fled briefly, then returned with a newborn curiosity. Boiúna had stopped, and glared down upon debris. A sunken ship deigned to mock her, reminding her of oil spills she had missed while in another ocean, while sleeping to repair her body.

An abrupt vibration tingles in the back of her neck, and the serpent's fangs flashed as she scented the unmistakable smell of oil from this ship too. The waters were rough here! You'll capsize! She didn't care if it was a faster route! Life had only just begun replenishing this area!

Her jaws snapped together, a silent signal to all the beings watching her. In a moment, the waters around her were empty, leaving her to do as she pleased.

The waters started to writhe and swirl around her, manipulating the old ship to come up off the sea floor...and then started to carve something in the metal.

When the oil ship had finally made it to its destination, a hunk of metal was flung upon the docks! Miraculously, or perhaps not, it never touched a human being, or even a bird, on its way down. A perplexing event, but no more perplexing than the writing, almost too big for the human eye.

Recognize this ship? Stop using this route. It will not be my fault that you sink, but it will be your fault you destroy this water, or that I ensure there is nothing to be gained from your destination. My eyes don't blink, you can be assured I know.

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