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Diavlio Mopio

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Diavlio Mopio Empty Diavlio Mopio

Post by Malunusis July 29th 2019, 6:10 am

Diavlio Mopio

"Now that you have heard my voice death awaits you."

The Bio

Real Name: Diavlio Mopio
Villain Name: King Crimson
Title: Passione Boss, Diavolo, & Doppio
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6,3'
Weight: 187.3 lb.
Blood type: B-Positive

The Looks
Diavlio is a veritably tall man in his 30's with a lean and semi-muscular build. In his first appearance, covered in shadow in all but his glaring eyes, he appears to have short, combed back straight hair and is wearing a suit and tie.

His appearance is drastically altered when fully revealed: Diavlio has long hair, leopard-patterned with various spots, parted in a zig-zagging manner; the bangs of which are propped and parted slightly to the side. The rest of his hair is cut straight across at his shoulders. In earlier depictions, varying amounts of Diavlio's hair were cut straight, inconsistently ranging from small locks to the entirety of his hair. His shirt, hidden under Doppio's sweater, appears to be made of complex mesh-wiring: it covers his shoulders and torso but down his back and abdomen are linked circles that are tucked under his belt, which in the back end in two~three long "coattails". On his arms are elegantly designed floral sleeves leading down to a pair of wristbands. He also shares a pair of studded pants and seemingly sock-less loafers with Doppio. In most of his appearances, Diavolo has a slightly hunched posture when standing.

His eyes are unique as his irises are "fragmented", forming as spots and shards of whole irides with a triangular-shaped highlight to them.

His appearance differs greatly while operating as his alter-ego, Doppio. As Doppio is a completely separate soul sharing a body with Diavolo, they even have different muscular builds.

The Personality
The biggest personality trait Diavlio shows is his obsession with erasing any trace of his history and keeping his presence a secret from the world, a compulsion he tries to fulfill by any means. As he believes the mistakes of the past or simply the past itself is something to be defeated and destroyed for human beings to grow, he is exceptionally anxious about his past, linking it to fear, and being apprehensive of anyone learning of him. Even in the already secretive Passione hierarchy, Diavlio goes to excessive length to hide his identity and his face, issuing orders through several proxies or by computer so that nobody ever meets him personally. Diavlio lives most of his life in the shadows hinted to perpetually travel across Italy hidden in Doppio, his alternate personality, and sleep in a motel and hotel rooms exclusively.

Diavlio has a violent tendency to hunt and kill those who try to uncover any kind of personal information, or are merely susceptible to lead his enemies to him, as shown by his will to kill even his own family if it means keeping his identity safe - something highly vocalized through his attempts to murder his daughter, whom has never even met Diavlio herself and only knew things her mother passed down. As soon as he learns of a Passione member trying to investigate him, they will be dubbed as traitors and made examples of his wrath and absolute power.

His second most prominent personality trait is his pride and confidence, in himself. Operating under a philosophy that he is invincible because of his intelligence and connections, not even to mention his foresight abilities. Diavlio notably claims that anyone's actions before his might are in vain, which is true to a degree. Secondly, Diavlio is intimately convinced of his innate superiority over humanity. Using epithets such as "Emperor" or "King of Kings", or like other main antagonists in the series, and using the prefix I or Me to announce his name in a sign of superiority over others. The mob boss doesn't doubt that he is fated to remain at the top, or 'apex' as he describes it, forever. This disproportionate pride is not only derived from his idea that people grow from defeating their past (and therefore, he has grown much due to his constant attempts at erasing any type of history of his), it is also backed by the firm belief that he's blessed by Fate;Diavlio's past involved extremely unusual circumstances such as an unnaturally long pregnancy in an all-female prison, making his birth nothing short of a miracle.

Other than his philosophy of defeating the past to mature, Diavlio also lives by another thematic philosophy that results are the only things that matter in the world. As a decisive and assertive crime boss, Diavlio doesn't hesitate to take shortcuts or directly involve himself with troublesome matters if those actions are the quickest and easiest paths to an end. He abuses his power as a means to produce the most favorable conclusions to his problems, and at the same time boldly prove his philosophy's claim to anyone that he confronts.

For Diavlio, keeping stability within Passione is secondary to maintaining power and his status as the boss; a mentality that eventually realizes the corruption of Naples, worsens the city's drug problem, Diavlio only commands the obedience of his subordinates through greed or fear, causing the organization to even be corrupted within itself, members turning against each other, and multiple people to plot against him. Diavlio is also unforgiving of those he considers enemies, most especially traitors. Should anyone try to approach his alter ego Doppio and pry too much on his past, Diavlio violently rebukes them. For instance, he nearly gouged the eye out of the taxi driver that robbed Doppio and harassed him and outright and violently murdered a fortune teller that correctly divined his history.

As an extension of the idea that he is blessed by Fate, Diavlio considers himself extremely lucky as well. He readily accepts any difficulty as a "test" he'll have to overcome to prove himself as standing above everyone, and though he can be subject to anxiousness or despair, his pride will prevail and he will constantly choose to confront directly whatever problem he has.

Diavlio has also demonstrated an inability to empathize or even understand other people's emotions and morals, especially those righteous, as well as an inability to properly interact with anyone, due in no small part to his overwhelming pride and antisocial secretiveness. When interacting with others, Diavlio tends to act rather respectfully for his opponents and subordinates if they are obedient and competent. On a smaller scale, he compliments a fortune teller capable of accurately deriving his past as being "the best of the best" and gave a brutal yet painless death. However, Diavlio is also domineering and aggressive, taking his thoughts for absolute truths and ordering his interlocutor around; When he is angry, he is prone to shout insults and issue death threats.

Diavlio approaches fight coldly, only considering confrontations as chores to be completed to maintain his supremacy. Diavlio favors eliminating his victims quickly using his King Crimson to confuse them and kill them in a single move. As seen with Bucciarati, Diavlio is shown slightly amused by the futile efforts of his opponents and boasts regularly about his perceived invincibility. A pragmatic man, Diavlio still approaches the situation carefully, especially when Doppio is in command, and cannot use his full power. In an unadvantageous situation, Diavlio is patient, carefully undermining the enemy before using one critical attack, making him a most dangerous enemy during any battle.

During his youth, the teenager named Diavlio was described as dim and timid, but well-meaning. He also expressed his wish to become a sailor and had a girlfriend Donatella, they were sufficiently close enough to have a child together. Due to the lack of further information and Diavlio's alternate personality disorder, it is unknown if this was a facade, or if he was genuinely like this before. Either way, his secretiveness, and ruthlessness were already present, having hidden his mother underground and having burnt his home village to the ground simply to hide his past.

The Story
While a majority of Diavlio's background is vague, some facts are made clear: born in an all-female prison during the summer of 1967, his mother claimed she had been pregnant for two years and there was no father, both within the jail and outside, that could've fathered her child. Because she still had years on her sentence, Diavlio was sent back to Sardinia to live with the priest in his mother's hometown. According to neighbors and friends, Diavlio was frank, yet timid and not too bright; he had also desired to be a sailor rather than a priest like his father wanted him to be. Jean Pierre Polnareff claims he was very likely abused as a child due to forming a split personality, but such an idea hasn't been confirmed.

In 1984 to 1985 (roughly when he was 17~19), Diavlio met Donatella Una, who was vacationing in Sardinia when they met. Donatella fell in love with Diavlio, who was under the assumed name of "Solido Naso", and they interacted enough to sleep together and have a daughter named Trish Una, whom Diavolo was never aware of. During this time, Diavolo told numerous lies about himself, all of which Donatella believed, and when they departed, Diavolo made a promise to return and never carried through with it.

In 1986, when Diavlio was 19, the priest (who by then had completely adopted Diavolo as his son) spotted Diavlio walking on the beach with a girlfriend (unknown as to whether it was Donatella or someone else). Believing it was time to get Diavlio a car, the priest began to construct a garage, only to find a young woman, Diavlio's mother, buried alive in the dirt with her mouth sewn shut. That night, a fire broke out and razed the village, killing the priest and five other people. Diavlio was listed as a casualty as well, but in reality, had slipped off to Egypt to join an excavation. During this, he found six arrowheads by chance; He stole them, fled, and soon met Enya Geil, who told Diavlio of their use. He then sold five of the six to Enya for a very large sum of money and very likely returned to Italy to create Passione, a gang that would later become a dominant force in Italy. The arrow he took likely created his Stand, King Crimson, as well as Mr.President, which was given to Polpo and his Stand, Black Sabbath, to form the initiation test of Passione.

When he had formed Passione, he quickly sent his growing number of subordinates off to find and erase other Mafia families in Italy. During the entire time, he ruled Passione, no one had ever met him in person or had seen his face due to his Schizoid Disorder. He also had Passione clean the streets of drugs and do various charity activities (while secretly selling drugs), which gave the outer impression of Passione being a just and virtuous system. This allowed Diavlio to gather many wide-eyed idealists like Bruno Bucciarati and have them join Passione.

In 1994, Risotto Nero joined Passione and Diavlio instated him as the leader of Squadra Esecuzioni, an assassination team for Passione, giving him several operatives to run including Sorbet and Gelato. However, Diavlio never granted them territory, something all other units were given, and after five years the group sent a request for territory and a raise. When Diavlio rejected this offer, La Squadra retaliated by attempting to discover whom their Boss was so they could extort these gifts. Unfortunately, Diavlio caught on and kidnapped Sorbet and Gelato, eventually torturing them and killing Sorbet while Gelato committed suicide. He then left Gelato's body at the assassins' shared apartment and delivered the thirty-six individual pieces of Sorbet, embalmed in frozen formaldehyde and framed, back to La Squadra's base. When La Squadra rebelled, Cannolo Murolo assisted them in turning against the Boss; regardless of whether Diavlio knew this fact or not, he dubbed La Squadra traitors.

At some point during the previous events, Vinegar Doppio "became a member of Passione"; i.e., Diavlio began to use him to carry out missions in privacy and go out in public without anyone seeing him in person. It is unknown when Doppio fully formed and 'joined' Passione, and how many years he had been working under Diavlio - however, assuming Diavlio had treated him right, it was a long enough period of time for Doppio to become both fiercely loyal and completely believe that he was the Boss's most trusted subordinate.

In January 2001, Donatella died due to an illness and Trish began a quest to find her father. Due to his ties through Italy, Diavolo learned of this and sent Pericolo off to find her before La Squadra could.

The Priority

1. Agility 2
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 3
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Precognition: Is able to look up to 10 seconds into the future.
King Crimson (Stand): Has a spirit that he is able to summon to attack a target.
Time Erasure (Stand): King Crimson can erase a frame of time in which he can watch his opponent move frame by frame and set up for a counter-attack.

The Weaknesses

1-Time Use: Only once can King Crimson look into the future.
Damage Link: If my stand is hit, both I and my stand will suffer the damage.
Correct Timing: King crimson must concentrate while erasing time and if he is attacked while erasing time, the user will suffer a more severe amount of damage then normally, causing near-instantaneous or instantaneous death.

The Items
Diavlio's uses nothing but his mind and his fists.

The Fluff
Has a tendecy to talk to himself for extremely long periods of time.

The RP Sample

"Now that you have heard my voice death awaits you" that stern voice echoed out from the shadows, as out from them creeped forth a tall man, with a muscular build, just behind him you catch a shining glimpse of red as a fist is thrust towards you stomuch, the pain seeping into the fiber of you being as you lay on the ground fading into nothingness your last sight being... The Boss.

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