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Shattered Glass (OPEN)

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OPEN Re: Shattered Glass (OPEN)

Post by Jeannie Rose on July 30th 2019, 3:02 am

huh well yeah guess that makes sense no point in getting the hostages if we can't get them out safely,what a gentleman letting me take the first one. she grabs the mask and can't resist being a nerdy star wars fan and talk like darth vaderluke i am your father

she decides to take the bullets from the militants guns as she had more uses for them now than they did one of the advantages of taking the bad guys guns more bullets are easier to findwell hopeful we can wrap this up before to much of my hair falls out so it'll grow back quick.

hope you have a good idea what to do when we get there i'm no rocket scientist,but daddy is so guess o could call him if we need help

Jeannie Rose
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Mega Poster!

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OPEN Re: Shattered Glass (OPEN)

Post by Pinnacle on July 31st 2019, 7:39 pm

More bullets flew between the two parties, but Israel was more concerned with the radiation that glowed in the air.

Put into hyper-simplistic terms, it was glaringly obvious that this was more than the cosmic microwave background or solar radiation that he was constantly aware of, both of which permeated the sky and/or the Earth.

His invisible matter that seeded the area would begin to soak up the radiation, absorbing it for energy whilst clearing the area of its threat.

While doing this, Israel would make his way into the complex, himself being invisible as well at the moment. It would be easy to avoid notice given his current neutronium makeup, as neutronium is a material with no charge whatsoever, causing it to be completely unreactive to light and atomic forces.

Thus, his presence would be unseen and barely felt by even the most sensitive equipment given his proscenial self-ordination.

He would leave enough of the standing radiation in the air to lead the others inside however, as the enhanced individual that he had met at the Tate Modern was utilizing a Geiger Counter to trace the radation to its source.

Shattered Glass (OPEN) - Page 2 PinnacleSig
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OPEN Re: Shattered Glass (OPEN)

Post by Uryurvkos on August 1st 2019, 1:29 pm

AAT-08317 moved along with Jeannie, as he secured a gasmask soon after she did as he strapped it to himself. Checking the filter, the assassin ensured it was secured before he took in a sickly breath in the gasmask. The ticking frequency on his geiger counter lowered but a bit, something that immediately alerted AAT-08317 that something was not within expectation. The assassin still continued as he stepped through the streets.

Soon enough, Jeannie and AAT-08317 entered a clearing of what could have been considered a blast radius. The militants were busy at work throwing wooden objects into burning fires as others swept the area by spraying down the scene with neutralising water. The assassin motioned for Jeannie to stop as he took out a spyglass and scouted the scene a bit more.

There were three military-grade APC's deployed alongside a cargo carrier, as no more than three dozen troopers were deployed. A unit quickly moved with casket-shaped object that was covered in a dark but dull metal, as the four militants were covered by another two holding Kalashnikovs. Twelve bound hostages were then hoisted up and thrown into the APC's, giving futile attempts to break free as at least eight militants kept their weapons aim on them.

Turrets that were stationed atop the APC's were manned and scanning the scene. AAT-08317 knew that if they were to step out into the open, it would only take a matter of seconds until they were made into paste on the floor. The assassin drew in a deep breath before he spoke quietly to Jeannie: "They are moving those people, and taking something that is important. But if we approach now, we are as good as dead. We need another angle, or a distraction."

AAT-08317 quietly hatched a scheme, as he pulled a smoke grenade off a drawstring lining his jacket. He spoke simply to Jeannie: "I will approach from a different angle, when I throw this smoke grenade, move to take out the gunners manning those turrets. Then, we locate the device that is likely giving off that radiation: it will likely be spherical. That casket they are carrying, we need to secure. Understood?"
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OPEN Re: Shattered Glass (OPEN)

Post by Jeannie Rose on August 1st 2019, 10:11 pm

casket scary think the got a vampire in it?well that sounds like a plan aye aye captain! she playfully salutes him the sneaks away to hide and wait for his smoke signal to attack
Jeannie Rose
Jeannie Rose
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Mega Poster!

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