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Bastion (Aegis) [NPC]

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Bastion (Aegis) [NPC] Empty Bastion (Aegis) [NPC]

Post by Katrina A. Russel on July 10th 2019, 1:20 am


"By the light of Blackguard and the strength of my friends."

The Bio

Real Name: Bastion Gasgard
Hero Name: Aegis
Title: Blackguard Cavalier
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 29 (actually several hundred years old)
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Spirit
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’4
Weight: 300 lbs
Blood type: ???

The Looks

The Personality

Honorable and chaste, Bastion is the epitome of a knight. Charismatic and kind to a fault, he will often go out of his way to help those less fortunate than him, giving his last dollar or the shirt off his back to help the less fortunate. While some call him naive, it’s not true; he is fully aware of the darkness of the world, and he is quite happy to bring just a little bit of light to the world. He is adamantly against all things dark, the only exception being those in Blackguard. Despite his good heart, the spirit inside him is full of hate for evil things and will oft forgo logic and reason to throw himself into battle. Due to his nearly-invulnerable state, Bastion is arrogant in battle, refusing to believe anything can hurt him, even though that is not true.

The Story

Bastion Gasgard was a 17th-century knight who died in battle; his restless spirit wandered the world for centuries, looking for a purpose, a body to have. He finally found in the form of Ruberiat, a Frenchman trained in the ancient art of the Templar. He died to a group of assassins. Bastion, angered by this injustice, possessed the body of Ruberiat, slaughtering the mercenaries where they stood. From there, the revenant traveled the cities and byways of France, fighting injustice wherever he could until he was recruited by Blackguard, with the promise to help right injustices the world over much more effectively. His powers, a result of the magical training Ruberiat received and the ghostly powers he himself wields, were put to the test.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Bastion’s powers toe the line between good and evil, spirit and human. The training and knowledge of the Templar is his, but also so are the dark powers of the revenant he has become. An unholy mix of black magic and divine prayer, Bastion somehow manages to maintain his powers despite the contradictory nature of his origin.

Divine Magic: As a fully-realized Templar, Ruberiat was master of several key spells that have proven their dominion over evil. These spells are powered by the willpower and divine faith of the Templar wielding them; Bastion, while he possesses the will, has no faith in a god. Rather, he replaces divine faith with faith in Blackguard, and faith in his friends. It seemed to serve him well so far. However, being one of the beings these powers are designed to fight, using these abilities serve to weaken Bastion; extended (more than once per couple of minutes) can force him to loosen his grip on Ruberiat, or whichever corpse he is possessing at the time.

Lay on Hands: A magical spell designed to heal allies. By touching them, he can stitch together wounds, calm the fear of combat, and inspire his allies. Using it drains the spectral energy of Bastion, leaving him weakened temporarily.

Divine Shield: A shimmering shield of pure energy, this magical barrier acts autonomously to protect whoever it is cast upon. It is highly resistant against elemental effects and magic, though has little effect against purely physical attacks.

Holy Smite: The most powerful Templar technique in his arsenal, Holy Smite can only be used once every 24 hours. Taken the form of a beam of light that falls on a target and anyone with five feet, it is the perfect anti-magic device. When it hits someone with powers based on mana, it drains them of their energy, causing a form of physical and magical exhaustion. Creatures made of magic, such as Fae and other spirits, are temporarily stunned for up to five minutes (or two posts). [Permission Based] Magical items, additionally, have their abilities extinguished for an equivalent time, so long as they’re of a similar level to Bastion; godly items, and particularly powerful equipment, can resist this effect [Permission Based]. Those without magic are immune. There is a small prep time for this, approximately fifteen seconds, during which he glows bright white and must keep his hands focused on the target.

Divine Sense: His Templar training has instilled an innate ability to sense evil and magic within 25 yards of his person. This cannot detect exact locations, only the presence and type of disturbance, be it magical, demonic, or godly. If he gets close enough (<1 yard) he can hone in on the source of the magical disturbance.

Necromantic Magic: Bastion himself, as an ancient ghost that walked the earth through centuries, has come in touch with his spiritual heritage to control similar undead beings and cast other necromantic and spectral spells. Bastion can use these spells and abilities as a result of his spectral heritage, drawing upon the pain and rage of his death to tap into this darkness. Doing so unlocked massive power, but comes with it’s own share of downsides. The one consistent among all these Necromantic powers is the effect it has on the physical body he’s currently inhabiting; that is to say, extended (more than once a minute) erodes the body he’s possessing.

Spectral Wind: Bastion can summon a cold wind that bites into the very soul of mortals. This wind heeds neither barrier nor flesh, inflicting upon any mortal they touch a Curse of Cold. This curse will slow them, as if frozen, and force them to seek shelter and warmth. This curse lasts up to ten minutes or until the mortal gains a significant source of warmth (a fire or a blanket is sufficient.)

Bone Armor: By delving into the necrotic energies of the world, Bastion can create powerful bone armor and weapons from the ether. These bones, despite their apparently fragile appearance, are harder and tougher than steel. Using Bone Armor from the aether is possible, but is limited to one piece of armor or equipment, such as a shield or sword. If sufficient bone matter is present, however, he can create as much Bone Armor as there is bone matter present.

Transplant Dead: This spell can locate dead within a two mile radius and, if Bastion wills it, teleport it instantly to him. This can be used on partial parts or entire corpses.

Reanimate the Dead: The most basic necromantic ability there is. Bastion can raise the dead, be they long ago or much more recent. If they possess a body, he can bring them back to life. These beings take the form of whatever state of decay they are currently in and possess the same attitude and personality they did in life. If they’ve been dead longer than 10 minutes, however, they are completely loyal to their Summoner, but only last up to an hour. If they’ve been dead shorter than that time period and possess no wounds that would otherwise prevent them from living, they can be brought back permanently.

Unique Physiology: Bastion is not alive, but nor is he truly dead; rather, he treads the line, a mix of a revenant and a ghost, kept alive by spectral energy and raw willpower. This has given him a unique physical make-up; he is incredibly durable, capable of having a building fall on him and survive, and does not feel pain whatsoever. Due to the lack of physical restraints, his physical abilities are enhanced to peak human levels. Additionally, in a quirk of fate, he can see in the dark as easily as in light, most likely due to the ghostly possession. Additionally, due to his undead physiology, he can take a lot more punishment than normal; barring anything that would destroy the brain or turn the chest cavity to mush, or would otherwise interfere with logical manipulation of a body, Bastion can continue to possess Ruberiat.

Bulwark: A metagene that developed in Ruberiat years before his death, Bulwark is a powerful defensive power. Activated at will, Bulwark allows Ruberiat to create powerful psychokinetic barriers anywhere within twenty feet of him. These barriers are powerful, capable of casually stopping a high-caliber round. Bulwark can only be deployed horizontally, as a platform, or vertically, as a wall.

The Weaknesses

Flammable: As an undead creature, Bastion, and more specifically, the body he inhabits, has innate fear and weakness to flame and fire in general. Not only does it significantly more damage to his decaying body, approximately 50% more, but the sudden appearance of fire or excessive heat can and will startle the Templar and force him to recoil away.

Dead Like Me: Bastion is, as previously remarked, dead. While this provides its own share of advantages, it comes with a significant share of downfalls as well. He cannot be healed, for any reason or by any magic except for the most powerful of regenerative magics and spells; if he loses a limb or has a hole put through him, it is there to stay until he finds another body to possess. While he cannot feel pain, this does not prevent him from being affected by wounds and blows; he won’t be wielding any swords with broken fingers or shattered limbs.

Worst of Both Worlds: While his dual nature is certainly advantageous, Bastion cannot use his divine magics, nor his necromantic magics, without suffering consequences. Using more than one Divine spell or talent in quick succession weakens his possessive hold on Ruberiats body and will knock the spirit out of the vessel; too much Necromantic spells or talents, however, will rot his body, starting at the arms and fingertips and working its way down. If either happens, Bastion must find a new body to possess

Wind Breaker: Spectral Wind does not cause any damage to flesh, just freezing winds and the aforementioned colc. This additionally does not work on people with clothing that would be considered “warm”.

Divine Shield: This spell does not provide full protection, only high resistance against elements, a defense which can be overcome by sufficiently powerful spells or extreme levels of temperature (Divine Shield won’t have any effect against something like lava or near absolute-zero levels of cold). Additionally, against any physical attack, it has very little effect, providing only mild defense.

Presently Boned: For both Bone Armor and Reanimate the Dead, to get the most use out of it, the body of the dead must be present. While Transplant the Dead makes this simpler, it is still quite a restriction.

The Items

Blackguard Plate: Thick, specially created armor made for Bastion. With the typical black-and-red color scheme, the ablative plate armor can handle low-powered handgun shots. More importantly, it’s many hidden designs provide two key features; the first is a unique series of ventilators and fresheners within the set of armor to hide the tell-tale scent of him being dead; the second is a holographic projector located in the collar of the suit, designed to project the pallor and color of a living human should his helmet ever come off.

Blackguard Barbute: A close-fitting helmet with a signature “Y-shaped” gap in the face. Rather than the open Y-gap however, the red helmet has a black shade fitted over it, through which the HUD is fitted. Along with allowing communication with fellow members of Backguard and Olympus, the unique software settings scan for releases of methane and other gasses and materials that indicate a corpse is nearby.

Feulame: A sword, enchanted by a long-dead Wizard, wielded by Ruberiat since before he was a Templar. This blade possesses a few awesome enchantments; three to be exact. The first is the ability to glow in the presence of a demon; the second is reinforcement and sharpening, making this blade nearly indestructible and capable of piercing through steel; and finally, at a word, this blade can erupt in pure white flame, burning white-hot and capable of burning through steel, with length. Due to his innate fear and weakness to fire, however, Feulame is rarely used to its full extent. Additionally, ice-based amgics cause it to become fragile.

Rampart: An indestructible magic shield with luminescent properties. The simplest light hitting it causes it to shine with the brilliance of the sun. Rampart cannot block any dark energies, however, and will shatter upon contact. While indestructible, it is not immutable, and can be bent or twisted into a non-usable form by powerful magics.

The Minions


The Fluff

If Ruberiat dies, Bastion can possess a new body while maintaining all the same abilities.

The RP Sample


Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Katrina A. Russel
Katrina A. Russel

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Bastion (Aegis) [NPC] Empty Re: Bastion (Aegis) [NPC]

Post by Silus on July 10th 2019, 9:45 am

Okay this one is an extensive one. Though there's not too much to question here, there's only 2 things that I need to point out.

1) Divine sense needs slightly worked around. The ability to precisely and INSTANTLY tell both magic AND evil people within 100 yards is too much. If you'd like to keep it as is then it needs to be an ability that you can activate. When it's activated then it needs to get stronger the longer it is activate, slowly working up to being able to tell precisely. Not just starting off knowing. Sorta like...
1st post it's active he has the power to tell if there is "evil" in his pressence. 20 yards.
2nd post You can now detect the number of evil auras in a 40 meter radius, but you still don't know WHO or how Evil. Same with magic.
3rd post, you can tell the location of the auras and the power of the strongest aura of evil and the aura of all magical people. And if the evil aura is too powerful it overloads your mind and can stun you for 1 post.

The next thing is Holy Smite. I understand that this is the "ultimate" and pinnacle power of a Paladin. The spell has a few things needing tweaked.
1) 15 yards is a LARGE area for EVERYONE to be hit by this. Along-side an additional target however many feet away. Reduce the radius for the AOE near his person.

2) Dealing 10x damage to mages AND preventing spells is a no-go. This spell is essentially an unavoidable nuke to all mages. There's 10 sword blows going right to them, they lose their primary means of defense/attack. Not to mention the way this has been interpreted is that because this thing DRAINS magic means any magical defense they erect to stop it is going to be nullified, so they'll be hit by it anyway. I suggest if someone who is hit with this spell that has magic they can make a choice. They can lose the damage to their magical it stored up magic energies, or the capacity to use magic from that point forward...or they can take the damage, or disperse the effect evenly. That way you're giving a victim to this spell the choice of how they want to be screwed by it.

3) This spell needs to have a charge up post to happen. The fact he doesn't feel pain means he doesn't need to worry about breaking concentration. Make him glow with divine light or something for a post as he prepares to launch the attack. Or make him shout a proclamation that gives indication that things are going down, or that this spell is being used.

Feel free to DM me, I'll do everything I can to help ya out. If you feel something was misunderstood also please get ahold of me so you can fill me in on what we missed XD

Bastion (Aegis) [NPC] Lucife10

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Bastion (Aegis) [NPC] Empty Re: Bastion (Aegis) [NPC]

Post by Silus on July 10th 2019, 5:25 pm

I'm a huge fan of the Paladin Archetype, and I'm interested to see just what happens here with this here fella. I appreciate the legnths you've gone through to balance this character so I'm even happier that I get to say

Approved until stated otherwise!

Bastion (Aegis) [NPC] Lucife10

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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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