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Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC]

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Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC] Empty Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC]

Post by Katrina A. Russel on July 10th 2019, 1:13 am


"Good food, good fight."

The Bio

Real Name: Asgar Vinter
Villain Name: Siege
Title: Blackguard Dominator
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 37 upon resuscitation
Gender: Male
Race: Viking
Hair: Red and wild
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’7
Weight: 450 lbs
Blood type: ??

The Looks

The Personality

A hard-drinking, gluttonous man; his large gut hides an even larger appetite for all life’s pleasures, be it women, wine, or food. If he’s not eating, drinking, or otherwise enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, he can be found fighting or looking for a fight, his massive axe swinging indiscriminately at friend or foe. Only the other members of Blackguard and Olympus are immune to his rage. He’s not entirely evil however; he has a definite fondness for sugary sweets and can quite often be found forgoing combat in favor of these sugary treats. They are oft used as  bribe against him.

The Story

Asger was a Viking Berserker in the first century AD. In a failed raid against England, his boat was capsized, sending him and his fellow Vikings into a watery grave; due to luck, or divine interference, Asger wound up frozen deep under the seas. There he waited for thousands of years until an excavation team under the orders of Olympus, an illegal private army secretly owned by Osiris Industries. He was brought back by the best science had to offer and offered a place in Blackguard, the elite shock troopers of Olympus.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

”Human Siege Engine:” During his resurrection, this latent power was formed. It’s basic, most latent form manifests in increased strength and durability; both are enhanced to above peak human. The first power HSG grants Siege works only on non-organic materials. His superhuman strength and durability is increased tenfold, granting him near-invulnerability to bullets and other projectiles and the type of strength that lets him rip through stone walls like paper. He can kick cars across blocks, rip stone to shreds with his bare hands, and most importantly, throw his axe at incredibly powerful speeds. And this is where the second part of this power comes in; if Siege throws anything with sufficient force, such as his axe or a chunk of rock, he can control the trajectory and direction of it, even curving it back to return to him.

The Weaknesses

”Human Siege Engine:” While his superhuman strength and endurance is indeed enhanced, it is only to low-level superhuman. While this does come into play with weapons and the like, any moderately powerful metahuman using their fists can overpower him relatively quickly. Additionally, altering the trajectory of projectiles requires the projectile to have forward velocity.

Trauma: Due to his time being frozen and the circumstances that led up to it, Asger has developed an intense fear of cyrokinesis and deep water, as well as ships in general. It is a deep shame for him, a Viking incapable of sailing the ocean, and he hates talking about it.

The Items

”Tyrfing” - A powerful axe forged from modern materials, reforged from the remnants of his axe and renamed for the ancient sword of legend. The axe is incredibly tough, capable of withstanding multiple G’s of force and handling superstrength levels of force. The axe can shoot blasts of energy and within the handle is a powerful explosive, to be used for last resorts. These energy blasts are low-level and fueled by kinetic energy; it requires at least a single post of swinging the axe for a single charge of this energy shot. Additionally, this shot is close range, only capable of being used up to twenty feet. As for the explosive, the Blazium located in the handle can create a fiery explosion in ten yards in every direction, but at the cost of completely destroying the axe.

”Blackguard Spangenhelm:” An ablative helmet designed to deflect the force of powerful blows and made to withstand even the most intense of situations. Designed in the form of armor from his homeland, the winged helmet sports a tactical HUD system, capable of communicating with the other members of the Blackguard. The traditional helmet is updated with modern materials, with a black visor to hide his identity; the visor also displays the HUD display, as well as a tactical display, highlighting enemies in red, allies in blue, and unknown quantities in yellow.

The Minions

None. He doesn’t work well with others.

The Fluff

Asger isn’t exactly a “trim” gentlemen; he is equal parts fat and muscular and squeezes into his armor every morning.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Katrina A. Russel
Katrina A. Russel

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Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC] Empty Re: Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC]

Post by Silus on July 10th 2019, 8:52 am

Weapons that perform more than fluff/non-mundane things typically involve having a weakness to the item itself. Even if it's just a moderate limitation. I need a guage of strength on the energy blasts and the explosive on the axe. Just that and It will be good to go. But otherwise it looks pretty good!

Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC] Lucife10

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Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC] Empty Re: Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC]

Post by Silus on July 10th 2019, 5:22 pm

My friend, may you use this approval to find yourself a worthy battle and an even more worthy story!
        Approved until stated otherwise

Asgar Vinter (Seige) [NPC] Lucife10

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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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