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Lionfish Empty Lionfish

Post by Puglife43vr on July 8th 2019, 7:52 am


"I am the protector of the deep, destroyer of seavil. You will fall like the hundreds of Titans I've felled."

The Bio

Real Name: Leon Pescos
Hero Name: Lionfish
Title: The Subsea Superhero
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 83
Gender: Male
Race: Merfolk
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs

The Looks

The Personality

This valiant hero of SHRP Atlantica is that. A valiant hero. Their savior, in fact. The whirlpool that brought him here also brought dozens of water based villains and monsters that could destroy this Earth. Leon feels responsible for this for some reason and will do everything in his power to take down his enemies even without his most powerful asset: The Trident of Atlantica.

Lionfish is quite trusting of the inhabitants of this new, aboveground world. He wants to learn of their culture and the ways of the new world. If someone were to claim something as a trend, he'd likely believe it. He's pretty gullible.

The Story

Take of the Lionfish:
In SHRK Atlantica, the world was similar to our own up to the point where Dr. Necrodium held New York hostage. However, things didn't go well for the heroes. Necrodium won, and New York was wiped off the face of the map. Heroes and villains were slain, leaving the world without protectors. And everything went to hell.

Nuclear weapons were detonated all over the world, melting ice caps caused sea levels to overtake land, oil rigs fought for resources, everything was in shambles. But humanity rebuilt as always. They based their structures on oil rigs and expanded to have sprawling cities that were both above and below water. The rich lived high above and the poor lived in the depths of the sea. And after centuries, the world's people adapted to the sea becoming more like sea creatures. A cyberpunk like society that takes place underwater.

And now the story of our hero begins…

Young Leon was born to a family of Subsea Craftsmen and Trinket Vendors, creating special orders for anyone in need. Despite being extremely poor and beneath the sea, their work was so great as to being the rich down into the underworld. One day, a mysterious figure entered the small shop and asked for a specific item. Something that could only be found in a deadzone. The Pescos had never failed to give anyone their special order and Leon wouldn't ruin their reputation.

In his sub, he'd sail into the dead zone, an area filled with toxic waste from centuries past. He'd have come in contact with a great deal of radiation, altering his merman physiology. As he entered the area, something would glow. It was the item. A beautiful trident, glittering and radiating light. But as Leon got closer, two large glowing spheres would appear. They were eyes.

The sub's retractable arms grabbed the trident and Leon shifted into high gear. The beast was hundreds of feet long and much faster than the submarine. It ripped into the back of the craft and sent the vehicle careening into a Subsea ravine. There, Leon was pinned beneath heavy rock that not even the strongest Ring Fighting Merfolk could lift. However, right next to him was the trident. He grabbed it intending to use it as a lever, but instead he was imbued with the power of the ocean's protector. He was given the power of Poseidon and was able to get out of the mess. Leon ended up imprisoning the kaiju in a prison made by the trident. It was a boring fight, you definitely don't want to know about it.

And for decades, Leon protected Atlantica from Kaiju. But a new contender arrived to shake things up. They began putting questionable chemicals in the water, giving some individuals the powers of Subsea creatures like Lionfish. Some chose to use their powers to steal and murder while others protected those that didn't have power bestowed upon them.

A few decades later, Lionfish was fighting a massive kaiju not far from what used to be the United States. Villains arrived that wanted to help the kaiju! Imagine that. People siding with the very being that could end the world? Suddenly, a massive storm blew in and made terrible conditions for the battle. Blood was spilt on both sides. More heroes came in to fight off this kaiju and more men and women were slain. After months of leading the beast across the world, Lionfish was able to use the Trident to lock the beast away in the Mariana Trench.

As the beast was banished, something happened with the water. It began to twist and swirl, pulling in buildings in the area. Lionfish was pulled through and called upon his trident. It flew toward him but it was too late. Leon was dragged in and so we're dozens of other Merfolk. As soon as the trident entered the pool, all kaiju were released and a great deal of them remained in SHRK Atlantica and wreaked havoc on Leon's world. However, more were able to track Leon through the whirlpool and went through after him.


In the SHRP universe, many detected unusual movement within the ocean as massive beasts, people, buildings, and objects from SHRK were transported to random points all over the world. Leon landed in Tampa, Florida, getting washed up on the beach in a large wave. He had no trident, no money, no sense of where he was. Leon was lost in a different dimension.

He wandered through the streets, getting curious looks at his futuristic, yet ancient appearance. They gave him crude compliments like 'Cool suit maaaaan' or 'Another hero? Interesting getup!' When he realized what had happened he understood his world's fate. It would fall to the kaiju without its main protector. The trident's power only worked if it existed obviously. All the previously locked up kaiju were released. And he had brought kaiju and villains here to this unsuspecting world. It was all on him. He had to protect his new world from a new threat and find the trident.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Reaction
4. Endurance

The Powers

Merman Physiology:
This merman is given the ability to swim and maneuver in water extremely well and quickly. Lionfish can naturally swim at 50 mph and can dodge attacks with ease under the sea. After centuries of adaptation, merfolk have adapted to take thousands of pounds of pressure and to living underwater, also making them bullet proof and superhumanly strong as well as allowing them to breathe underwater. However, bullets still hurt! He's able to lift up to 10 tons due to mutations from the radiation he was exposed to. His punch is known to stagger hundred foot tall Titans when he's over exerting himself. And due to being underwater, he's resistant to the cold. He isn't resistant to ice weapons and such, but he can swim through the depths of the sea without a shudder. The highest recorded natural age of a Merman is 230 years. The average is 200.

The ability to control water within a 30 foot radius. What more could someone want? He has control over water to the point of creating water constructs, large waves, and walking on it. However, water in living beings cannot be controlled by this power.

Lionfish Sting:
Due to toxic waste dumped by man years passed, Lionfish was given the ability to secrete a poison that causes paralyzing pain in those affected by it. It spreads quickly in water and blades can be coated in it.

The Weaknesses

Dryness and being inland in general will weaken Lionfish extremely. Fire itself will dry him out even quicker and he has low resistance to flames.

Atlantean Steel:
This material was also transported to SHRP through the whirlpool. This material can actually cut through flesh like a normal blade on a normal human.

High Altitude:
At high altitudes, Lionfish starts to get extremely nauseous. He'll fall extremely ill on planes or if flown high up by a villain.

Polluted waters will weaken the powers of Lionfish. Plastic, Cans, etc. However, if the trash is merely on the beaches, his powers will be fine.

Lionfish would've given his life for his own people. However, he was transported to another world and brought unimaginable creatures of the deep to this new world. He feels terribly responsible for any damage he causes and will do anything to save a civilian. No matter the cost.

Under the Sea:
Due to primarily fighting under the surface, Lionfish isn't too used to bright lights. Flashbangs and high powered flashlights will force Lionfish to stop and grasp his eyes in pain. He may even writhe a little.

The Items

Titanium Trident:
A titanium Trident with the shaft sheathed in a grippy material. Sadly, it's just a normal trident. No super Chambers of the deep or being thrown several miles. Sometimes it's covered in Lionfish's venom.

The only thing other than his scaly suit that he has left of his old world. That and the debris and villains that came through the whirlpool. Back to the communicator. It's an advanced waterproof communication device that can intercept radio transmissions, call for backup, etc. Its functions can be jammed by EMP.

Subsea Supersuit:
This suit is what Lionfish wore while being transported through the whirlpool. It's covered in scales of Atlantean Steel which is more durable and more flexible than our normal steel. Since Lionfish himself is already bulletproof, the suit is just made to rest on his body and resist being shredded by bullets. Just to keep the look together. The suit can be easily punctured by Atlantean Steel.

The Fluff

While being brought here via whirlpool from SHRK Atlantica, several dozens of Kaiju and water based heroes and villains were brought with him. These Kaiju are naturally attracted to large coastal cities as well as Lionfish. If Lionfish stays in a coastal city, there'll be even more reason for a Kaiju to show up.

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Lionfish Empty Re: Lionfish

Post by Zonkes on July 8th 2019, 5:17 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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