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Isis McDonald (NPC) [WIP]

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Isis McDonald (NPC) [WIP] Empty Isis McDonald (NPC) [WIP]

Post by Katrina A. Russel July 8th 2019, 1:05 am



The Bio

Real Name: Isis McDonald
Hero Name: Demonslayer
Nickname: The Flame
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Isis is a warrior, first and foremost, and it shows in the hardened muscles of her arms and legs, the definition in her chest, and the array of scars dotting her body.

The Personality


The Story


The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Guiding Hand of Valora: Valora, the First of her Kind, and the Ancient that her kingdom is founded, grants her magic to Isis through the Chromatic Lantern. The Guiding Hand acts as a sort of a magical “Heads-Up Display”. It is always active, and assesses threats, weapons, and abilities, while also relaying advice based on their combined experiences. This advice is seen by her and only her. The Guiding Hand can connect up to eighteen people to itself as well, sharing in the advice and tactical guidance. An incomplete list of the Guiding Hands capabilities follow:
Analysis: By holding something in her hand, the Guiding Hand can determine the make, model, and origin. This is limited purely to things they would have likely encountered before.

Guidance: The Guiding Hand can provide tactical information based on the shared
experiences of all people connected to it. Guidance cannot be provided on things or people that has not been encountered before.

Search: Search can track and find targets based on either a DNA sample or magical energy. This is limited purely to a mile-radius around Isis and cannot be used in conjunction with any of the Chromatic Lanterns other abilities.

Learn: By devoting time and magical energy, the Guiding Hand can learn new things purely through the touch of Isis. This takes up to 5 minutes (or two posts) depending on the complexity and materials.

Mark: The Guiding Hand can leave “notes” on objects or people that only those connected to her can see. This can be static or dynamic; if the latter, it will follow the object placed on it. Mark can be used as obvious “writing on the wall”, or as a more subtle type that requires one to consciously wish to read it, upon which the writing will open.

Navigation: The Guiding Hand is an impeccable navigator and shares this skill with Isis and all connected, allowing her to navigate areas she’s never been in before. This even extends to places such as mazes and tunnels, barring any magical interference.

Cleansing Flame of Uzh’kadhor: Uzh’kadhor, the God of the Celestial Fire. He lends his heat to Isis through the Chromatic Lantern. Uzh’kadhor grants the Torchbearer the ability to control the Celestial Flame, the fire that forged the stars in her dimensions. This flame is intensely hot,

Magic of Torronah the Mystic: Torronah the Mystic, the God of Fate. He diverts reality through the Chromatic Lantern. Torronah is quite possibly the most powerful sorcerer in any dimension, once famous for harnessing the threads of fate and ascending to godhood. This magic is exemplified in the Torchbearer. Torronah’s power coursing through her veins renders her immune to time- and reality- altering effects. This same power allows her to safely cross dimensional or time barriers with little consequence, though it does not grant her the means to do so. Additionally, it grants her some (very minor) magical abilities; she can activate simple machines at a distance, change her clothes to that of any in her wardrobe instantly, and instantly wash herself clean.

Wisdom of Sharash: Sharesh, God of Wisdom and the Oceans. She shares her knowledge through the Chromatic Lantern. Sharesh is famous for her ability of foresight, and this is the ability gleaned through the lantern. This power grants Isis the ability to detect things before they hit; it does this in two ways. First, it gives her a 360 degree field of awareness, allowing her to see all things around her, though it does not enhance her vision in any way. Secondly, it effectively extends her range of touch. That is to say, it extends her ability to feel the presence of objects by about two inches. This allows her to detect attacks she would normally not be able to see before they hit her.

Chosen of Bahrakadhum: Bahrakadhum, the God of Power and Conquest. He exercises his influence through the Chromatic Lantern. As is his rightful duty, Bahrakadhum grant the Torchbearer increased physical and mental resistance. Isis is supernaturally durable, capable of taking sword and arrow strikes to the skin without feeling a thing; mid-level magical abilities she is immune to as well. This extends to mental fortitude and endurance; she can fight and kill countless enemies without suffering the typical side effects of a soldiers life, due to this supernatural resilience.

Champion of Ristria:

Wings of Shadowfell:

The Weaknesses


The Items


The Fluff

Training of the Queen: As Queen of Valora, Isis was subject to techniques and training previously only taught to the most esteemed of her kind; the Mystics of the Isle of the Holy Lantern, the Borderguards of Ala’kher, the Order of the Spider. As part of her duty to the realm, she received training with the most esteemed of these orders. From the Mystics, she was taught meditation and calming techniques; from the Borderguards, she was taught martial arts unique to them, as well as wartime strategies; and from the Order, she was taught more lowbrow techniques, such as how to pick locks, hide in the shadows, and interrogate suspects.

The combination of her training results in a jack-of-all-trades mentally; though she is not perfect at any of these one things, her experience and training has lent her moderate skills in a wide variety of things, from boating, picking locks, to fighting and using weaponry, though again, she does not excel at any one thing.

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