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Valeri Hall (Cadenza)

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Valeri Hall (Cadenza) Empty Valeri Hall (Cadenza)

Post by Caticorn June 24th 2019, 1:29 am

Valeri Hall


The Bio

Real Name: Valeri Lynn Hall
Renegade Name: Cadenza
Title: The Soloist
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: Famale
Race: Italian
Hair: Dark brown, wavy
Eyes: Blue-ish/green-ish
Height: 4ft 5in
Weight: 135lb
Blood type: AB

The Looks

The Personality

Valeri is very go lucky by nature she was raised by a single mom who was very into 60's and 70's counterculture so she was raised rather lose on rules and taught to really trust her feelings. She doesn't feel the need to be the center of attention or the person in charge and is perfectly happy just to be told her part in a larger plan. That being said she, not a fan of when people stick their noses in her business, try to show her up, or otherwise throw off her groove. Because of events in her recent life, she's gotten more involved in the superhero-supervillain scene and it's toughed her up quite a bit, she doesn't take other people's shit. Other than that she's a normal functioning college-age kid, with some baggage, of course. She's very into physical and mental health, yoga, meditation, tea, and therapy are most of the reasons she leaves the house.

The Story

Velari's mom, Lily Hall, got pregnant with a baby girl during the last semester of her master's phycology program. Lily set aside her dreams of earning her Ph.D. to take care of the baby. The dad, William, walked out on her after Lily announced her pregnancy and Lily refuses to tell Valeri about him, even almost 20 years later. Valeri grew up in a loving family with a slightly crazy/flower child mom, Lily, and her maternal grandparents who took care of her while her mom worked. By the age of 5, Valeri was learning to play piano and sing, all of her teachers said that she had a real gift which needed to be nurtured.
When she was old enough her mother enrolled her in a performing arts middle/high school which she very much enjoyed because she had learned to play every instrument she had ever picked up and was ready for a challenge. She didn't know the challenge was going to be the people and not the music. She was hated pretty much from the beginning because of her natural talents and the other kids' competitiveness, she didn't have to try as hard to be the best flute player or make the lead role in the musicals. over the years she stopped showing up to classes or being in any extracurricular activities no matter how much the teacher and her mom begged her to. Her separation from her peers only became more apparent through puberty when she found out she had developed powers, others hadn't. Her music, if she concentrated and played it well,  had the power to call objects. Her mom took her to experts and they categorized it as a form of telekinesis that was made stronger through her deep connection to music. She could manipulate sound wave as energy by the singing of playing an instrument to make objects float and move around. When this development surfaced Valeri begged her mom to pull her out of school and home school her. Lily wasn't convinced until Valeri had a recital and played the piano with some much emotion that the whole piano floated in the air. Valeri had been unaware, playing with her eyes closed, until people started screaming. Valeri lost concentration and fell with the piano from almost ten feet in the air, which of course broke her bones, broke the piano, and wrecked the really nice stage. That's when her mom thought it was probably time for her to continue learning in the safety of their own house.
Valeri was homeschooled for about a year and a half. She took this time to learn how to better regulate and refine her power. She played music for all the items in the house. First small things rings, teacups, spoons, but eventually, she was running down the stairs furiously playing guitar and would just from the landing to see if she could make the couch finally catch her. Each object had a short song of its own which Valeri called their musical names. She told her mom that each object had a feel/vibe/personality to it that had to be perfectly mimicked in musical form in order for it to listen to her, sometimes playing an item's "name" on a different instrument would make her have a different level of control over the object depending on how similar the two were and her voice was the universal instrument, she could "call" anything's "name" with her voice as she sang the right pattern. She needed to know the object inside out and really concentrate on it for her to control its movements.
One day Valeri was sitting in her room practicing a very special "name", her mom's. When she finally got it right she ran downstairs and played it for Lily. Lily said that it had a similar feeling to when someone calls your name in the distance you want to turn your head and find where it's coming from. They both decided that this was probably because no matter how much time you spent with someone you could never truly know absolutely everything about them the way you could know every scratch on a plate or every page on a book, humans had brains and souls that inanimate objects just didn't. They assumed that meant it was pretty harmless, and Lily found it cute that Valeri wanted to play it for her.
Valeri set out to learn her mom's perfect song. She practiced ever time she could. She decided that it was best performed as a guitar and voice duet. Lily eventually got tired of the constant feeling of having her name called and soundproofed Valeri's room so that she could practice as much as she liked without being a distraction to normal happenings around the house. However, on a summer evening after Valeria had graduated high school her mom and she got a huge fight, as young adults who want total freedom but are still living under their parent's roof do. Lily got mad and started playing her mom's "name" in the stairwell just to annoy her mother which only escalated things further and eventually she was playing it with so many emotions channeled into the song that the emotions were pushed into Lily's head and caused a break down of her psyche... this is when Valeri learned that she could manipulate people's emotions and brains with her music and she was horrified.
It's been a few months, Lily is now a permanent resident of a senior living home where she is under constant supervision and cares for her state. Valeri has given up her dreams of college seeing as she was going to go to school for musical performance... which... umm, doesn't seem like a good option now. She works stock at a small clothing store near the nursing home and her grandparents paid to move her into a small apartment nearby. She tells them constantly that she should be helping pay for her mom's treatment but they refuse saying that she needs to be putting her money towards getting help to subside her "gift". There are various ways of subsiding supernatural powers, medicines, therapy, all of which are very expensive. She's still on the states power registry however and gets superhero team offers often, which she knows could get her money but she prefers the black market, anti-hero stuff because she doesn't think she deserves to be called a hero, but for the most part she just wakes up, goes to work, and comes home to play music in her extra soundproofed apartment. But maybe the right team with the right cause could change that.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Music Based Telekinesis- Valeri has the ability to control the movement inanimate objects and other non-living things such as wind as long as she has studied their song "names" very well.

Manipulation of Emotions- This is more or less the next step of the aforementioned power, she must know a person very well, then create a song that fits that person perfectly, and then once she has "called" them with the song and she has their attention she can manipulate the song to manipulate how the person feels. This is a new skill for her that is not likely to get more developed as you will see in her weaknesses.

Manipulation of Perception- This is a combination of the two before once singing a person's song and having their attention she can play the song of other things like trees and lakes to make the person's brain think they are there. This is on a whole new level that she doesn't even know she's capable of and possibly never will because it takes so many other steps to get here.
The Weaknesses

Lack of Knowledge of Subject- If Valeri doesn't know her subject inside and out she can't use their song to "call" because her song "names" is like real names and if someone doesn't know your name or how to pronounce it or something you're not going to listen when called.
And as far as how this relates to people she can't call them if she doesn't know them and hasn't made a song for them and once she does know them she's unlikely to use her power on them after what happened to her mom.

Lack of Concentration-Valeri must be concentrating on her subject in order to make the song effective, otherwise, it's just some notes with no intention behind them, just like when you play normal music.

Lack of Attention from Subject- Inanimate objects can't not listen. But humans can, it's possible to ignore someone calling your name as long as you make the mental effort to just not listen, same with Valeri's powers she can play someone's song all she likes but if they can't hear it for some reason or they just flat out ignore her then she can't do anything else.

Lack of Control of Emotions- Similar to concentration if Valeri's emotions aren't in check she can't concentrate on her subject as well and her "call" isn't as effective
The Items

Small Ocarina for Playing on a Mission- Some "names" work better when played on an instrument rather than sung
Various Sizes of Throwing Knives- Objects that she knows well so that she can easily manipulate them

The Fluff

Valeri tends to be a "doer of dirty work" for heroes that don't want bad stuff on their record and an errand boy for villains. She's done a few assassination jobs for the golden boy heroes who don't "believe" in killing but shes also taken a privet jet to get a very specific kind of sushi for one of the worst villains in the area that was too lazy to go himself. She takes jobs where she can work alone and like sniper style work from far away with her knives. However, shes also fairly skilled in hand to hand combat for when things get a little messy.

The RP Sample

The keys clicked lightly against the door as Valeri opened the door to her apartment. She walked in a bit and kicked the door closed.
"Hi kitty," she said in a sing-songy voice, greeting the little white cat that wove its way between her legs as she walked to the kitchen counter. She set down her bags of groceries and dropped her keys into a little bowl by the phone. She looked over the groceries, pausing to decide whether to put them away now or later. Theres nothing that needs to be refrigerated in there. She thought, [i}I'll just do it in the morning.[/i] It had been a really busy day, she'd worked overtime to cover the shift of a girl that got suddenly sick that morning meaning she had worked all the way for 9am to 9pm being overly happy and telling people that the dress they picked was very flattering, even if it really wasn't. What she needed now was just some food, TV, a bath, and sleep. She grabbed her mail that was laying on the floor by the door and whistled a little tune which turned on the oven. She flipped through the mail and whistled again opening the pantry doors just in time for her to walk through them. While she grabbed a cup of ramen she switched to hmming and the TV turned on, a little "la la" and the remote was in her hand. She scrolled through a couple of channels before landing on the Food Network which was always good background TV. The kettle whistled signaling that the water was ready and she responded with a whistle to bring it over to her. Valeri was eating her ramen and watching some weird cooking challenge when her phone made a sound, notifying her that she had an email. When she turned the phone over to read the notification she saw that it wasn't for her personal email but rather for meaning she had a job offer for a side gig. She recognized the name, some small time villain that she'd done some spy work for before. It cracked her up that she would get emails from super villains. When they had to email you could tell they were small time, the ones that really caused havoc would just kidnap you on your way home because they had the minions to do that, but if they were just starting out they had the time to contact you themselves and didn't have the bodies have someone chauffeur you over. Cadenza would answer in a little bit, now was Valeri time.

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Valeri Hall (Cadenza) Empty Re: Valeri Hall (Cadenza)

Post by Silus July 5th 2019, 6:40 pm

As long as you keep in mind that OOC wise the other player has to write things as their character perceives them and how your powers are affecting them then this is great. If that's still good then I can approve this.

This is a badass power set and a really cool character concept. Hat's off for creativity, the King of Fools would love ya!

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