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My Character submission

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My Character submission Empty My Character submission

Post by Queen Mera of Atlantis June 20th 2019, 3:15 pm

Name Mera
Codename Mera
Nickname Too many to list

Date of Birth
Age ##

Sexuality Heterosexual
Romantic Status Involved
Dating History Aquaman(Arthur Curry)

Occupation Queen of Atlantis
Residence AAtlantis

Mother Unnamed
Father Ryus
Extended Family Lammia (paternal grandmother)
Hila (Siren) (sister)

Height 5'9"
Build Toned and Athletic, 160 Pounds(Dense tissue)
Hair Red
Eyes Blue

□ Strength
45 ton Strength Limit
□ Super Speed
Mach 5

□ Flaw
□ Flaw

Personality wise, Queen Mera is a very passionate, dedicated, dutiful, loyal, loving, etc. Basically, she is someone you want on your side when the chips are own. She is a great wife, mother, warrior, Queen, and Superhero.

▪ Powers
Atlantean Physiology: The Atlanteans are offshoots of humanity that are biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment. All their abilities are by-products of their bodies being adapted to survive unprotected in the tremendous pressures of the ocean depths.
Amphibian Nature: Like all Atlanteans Mera is able to breathe on land and while submerged in water due to a pair of gills hidden behind her ears. She can also talk unhindered while completely submerged.

~*~Enhanced Senses~*~
Enhanced Vision: Mera is able to see perfectly in the pitch blackness of the deep ocean. Enhanced Hearing: Mera's hearing is far greater than any human's.

Superhuman Durability: Mera can survive the crushing pressures of the deep ocean, which applies 1086 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Superhuman Reflexes: As an Atlantean Mera's reflexes are far quicker then any ordinary humans. Mera was able to dodge a bolt of lightning at point blank range, meaning she can process events happening at 220,000,000 miles per hour and react to them accordingly.

Superhuman Speed: Mera can swim at speeds that match her partner's and possibly surpasses them. At a casual swim Mera has been reported to move at 575 miles-per-hour according to fellow hero Animal Man. At her fastest Mera can travel at a speed greater then Mach 5, this means Mera is capable of swimming faster then 3836 miles-per-hour or 6174 kilometers-per-hour.

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Strength: Mera's strikes crash like tidal waves. When fighting off the Trench she displayed that she could crack their subhuman skulls with just a single strike.[67] While above water she was able to snap a man's arm just by adding some pressure to it. Mera possesses considerable superhuman strength (carrying capacity of at least 70 tons). She can easily leap hundreds of yards, and effortlessly rip through metal barriers.

Super-Leaping: Like Aquaman, Mera can leap incredible distances due to her powerful leg muscles and dense bone structure. She once leapt out of the ocean and into a moving plane meaning she can jump at least 2000 meters into the air.

Hydrokinesis: Mera can control water due to her being royalty within Xebel. She often uses her aquakinesis to drain a person of their bodily fluids, quickly disabling them. She can even draw upon water sources such as the Tear of Extinction, a divine elixir of death. She cannot control snow or ice, and she does need a source to pull water from, as she cannot create it.

Liquid Construct Creation: Mera has very fine control over water and can cause it to take any shape or form she chooses,such as hands, piranhas and people.

Toxikinesis (Formerly): When The Drowned altered her into a Dead Water hybrid, she gained the ability to transmute water into debilitating poison which could even disorient Aquaman.

Deception: Mera was trained in the art of deception in order to kill Aquaman.

Expert Combatant: Mera was trained by her father to murder the King of Atlantis, and was vigorously trained since childhood order to prepare herself. She has fought Black Manta to a standstill, and bested the Ocean Master in combat despite being in a weakened state.

Historiography: As a princess of Xebel, Mera was taught the traditions and lore of Xebel from an early age to prepare her for her role in the Xebelian monarchy. She also knows many Atlantean and surface tales such as the legend of King Arthur.

Leadership: Mera has been deemed a great enough leader by the elders of Atlantis that she was chosen to rule the nation after the downfall of Corum Rath.

Political Science: Mera was temporarily the figure head of surface world and Atlantis peace negotiations.

Swimming: Mera has lived underwater her whole life. As such she is an expert in swimming and has taken to it like humans take to walking.

Water Deprivation: Mera, like all Atlanteans, dehydrates faster than ordinary people, although this is more then an inconvenience then a weakness.
Shell of Sounds: A relic that can contain recorded memories and dialog from the user, in order to convey their memories to future generations.
Mera's Trident: Mera often wields her own trident during combat.

Orm's Trident


Tear of Extinction : Mera formerly wielded a fragment of the Tear of Extinction, capable of killing Gods. She has channeled this water into a scabbard and the Clarion so she can use it as a sword.

Mera is the princess of the underwater kingdom of Xebel, the reigning Queen of Atlantis and the fiancée of the hero Aquaman. Early Life: Mera was born to King Ryus and his wife in the kingdom of Xebel. Xebel was one of the seven Atlantean kingdoms of old, which had split off from the main Atlantis during the event that swallowed the continent into the deep. Xebel was left sunken in the North Atlantic Ocean after the great calamity, with a majority of its population wiped out. The Xebelian survivors of the incident evolved to survive in the deep ocean, growing stronger and tougher, as well as gaining the abilities to see in the pitch black and breathe both underwater and on land. The royalty of Xebel soon learnt to harness water using their minds, a secret they kept within their own ranks. Xebel had many wars with Atlantis, eventually losing and becoming imprisoned. This prison was unique as it formed a barrier of water around the kingdom only penetrable by those who possessed aquakinesis, which was a closely guarded secret of Xebel royalty. The Xebelians only survived because the prison was designed to sink any ships that came into its vicinity, providing human meat for the Xebelians. The area around Xebel would become known as the infamous Bermuda Triangle.
When Mera was young her mother died, and her father was left alone to raise her. One night Ryus took her out of the kingdom to see their ancient enemy up close. Mera was disgusted by the beauty of Atlantis, believing it didn't deserve such luxury. Mera was incredibly close to her grandmother- Lammia, who trained the sea beasts used in Xebelian wars. Xebel was primarily a state of war that prided itself on masculine might, constantly going through horrible civil wars. Mera was forged into the perfect warrior over years of her life by her father's chief taskmaster- Leron. Eventually Mera was taught the royal secret of hydrokinesis, and was promised to the military chief Nereus by her father. Ryus believed that vengeance should be exacted on Atlantis, and so tasked Mera with finding and assassinating the King of Atlantis, after returning from her job she was to marry Nereus. Before she left Mera was given a Shell of Sounds by her father, this device contained a message for Mera from her mother which she was to open after making it to the surface. With fury and hatred in her heart, Mera set out to find and execute the King of Atlantis.

Upon reaching the surface she asked a group of sailors where she could find the King of Atlantis. The sailors showed Mera a newspaper article of the supposed King of Atlantis- Arthur Curry/Aquaman, whom Mera learnt was a hero instead of a tyrant. Confused by this revelation, Mera continued her hunt for the Aquaman. Eventually she found him rescuing wounded whales and was completely taken aback by his kindness. Impressed by her aquakinesis, Arthur asked Mera to join him for lunch, which she agreed to. Arthur asked her what the shell around her neck meant, making her realize she hadn't listened to her mother's message yet. Her mother told Mera that she should make her own path in life, instead of following the demands of her kingdom. Taking this advice to heart, Mera gave up on killing Aquaman and instead fell in love with the hero.
Queen Mera of Atlantis
Queen Mera of Atlantis

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My Character submission Empty Re: My Character submission

Post by MissingAxis June 20th 2019, 5:27 pm

Please read the rules and try again:

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You may also find it helpful to read the history and lore page:

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