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The Human Hurricane

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The Human Hurricane Empty The Human Hurricane

Post by Puglife43vr on June 18th 2019, 3:50 pm

The Human Hurricane

”It's over, villain, time to use my ultimate move, Wicked Wilma!"

The Bio

Real Name: Chandler Newman
Hero Name: The Human Hurricane
Title: Sir Cyclone
Alignment: True Good
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman/Alien
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180 lbs

The Looks

The Human Hurricane 94649027-0E76-C41A-5FEDDCFB82223D69
The Personality

Chandler is a calm and collected hero that prefers to reason over fight. He’s quite sociable and intelligent as well. The boy is always optimistic and shows confidence. Newman is a member of his school council and plays multiple sports. He's an all around goodie-two-shoes.

The aliens controlling him, however, are conniving and almost villainous in their motives. Their plan is unknown, but it involves training this young boy to be the most powerful hero he can be. It doesn't really seem too evil alien-ish, but when you look closer…

The Story

In his early life, Chandler was a good child. He was always quite studious and avoided gang activity, as well as drug use. He was the usual good kid with no powers and no history of bad behavior. His parents were more on the lenient side because they knew how good their boy was!

One day after school, the young boy Chandler took a walk in the forest with some friends. They crushed sticks as they took a trail through the wooded area. Chandler stopped to tie his shoe and his friends continued on without him. Some friends. As he got up, he continued forward to a fork in the road. He must not have been too perceptive as he missed his friends' steps going to the right. He took a left down the dark path.

Chandler traversed the terrain which was more rough than the normal trails should be. There was suddenly a large BOOM as the ground shook. He caught a glimpse of something careening toward the ground as the boom occurred. Chandler believed it to be a plane crash and booked it toward the crash site. What he saw was quite bewildering. A ship the size of a propellor plane had crashed in a clearing. This thing was most certainly not man made. His instincts were to rush forward and go see if he could save any of the potentially alien life.

The teen sprinted to the ship and grabbed a pocket knife. He attempted to jam it between the cockpit and the metal it rested on. His knife snapped. Damn. Must be some space metal. Or something just generally stronger than steel. Chandler yells out.

"Is anybody in there? I'm here to help!"

The individual within the ship popped open the cockpit. Before him was a 5'7" grey alien. Chandler fell back on his rear. The thing looked injured, covered in a blue goo. It would tap a button on its collar bone and begin to speak in English.

"Child. You are the chosen one. The last hope for our race."

"Chosen one?"

"Our race's champion and emissary. You are our key to obtaining peace. I am on the verge of death. Take this. You will need it."

The alien hands the boy a high tech smart watch before going limp. The boy went totally slackjawed. He had just witnessed an alien crash and die. He was chosen as the champion of a race of stereotypical grey aliens. This was a weird hike. What made it weirder was that no emergency services were on their way. No sirens or helicopters in the area. Weird..

Chandler grabbed the alien, gently carrying it in his arms. He takes the collar device off it just in case. He lays the being to rest against a tree. He goes to analyze the ship. It wasn't in good condition. What appeared to be engines were damaged. The cockpit had spiderweb cracks in it. Chandler opened up the ship and hopped into the cockpit. He noticed a door behind it. Chandler pried the door open with his fingers and saw what should've been impossible. There was a great hall in there? But the ship was the size of a small prop plane!

The interior of the ship has sustained some damage as well. Alien fear and tables had fallen over, the lights were flickering. This was the weirdest day of his life. Alien life had been confirmed, but he didn't expect himself to ever get involved. As the boy moved through, he noticed a table off to the side. It had a small slot for the watch he'd been given. He slid it off his wrist and placed it on the slot. Lines on the watch would glow as it rose into the air. The watch flew onto Chandler's arm, poking him with something. He jumped, clutching his arm.


The watch had pricked him! What if he got space tetanus! He walked outside, still clutching his arm. Suddenly, rain clouds started to form. The boy took his anger from being left behind and it starting to rain out on a tree. He slammed his fist into the tree hard and as he did so, focusing his anger on the tree, lightning struck it, throwing him to the ground, covering his head. That was surprising.

"Did I do that?"

The boy aimed a finger gun at another tree and fired away, splitting it with another lightning strike. This was truly amazing. He jumped with joy in the rain. He had super powers, met a graylien, and more!

Chandler heard a noise from the new watch. He tapped it a few times and a holographic image appeared.

"Hello, human. We are the Chinaut. A race of aliens that have coexisted with humans for millennia. As I'm sure our dying brother has informed you of, we need a champion. Because of your potential Metahuman powers, we selected you. You will be a great help to us. Your mission is to collect parts to fix the ship and return to us. We will need you soon. Now, suit up!"

Chandler would press another button on the watch and would be covered in a form fitting suit. For some reason, his legs lift up off the ground. He starts floating as the ship would cloak itself. The teen was just now received superpowers and was now getting roped into alien business. But while helping these aliens, he should do some good for his own kind. Mankind. This was gonna be a fun, tiring adventure.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Agility
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Weather Manipulation:
The Human Hurricane was selected as the champion of the Grayliens, a race of spacefaring aliens. They activated the meta-gene which was inactive until now. HH can manipulate an area's weather giving it targeted effects such as raining heavy hail on a specific area or lightning striking a specific person. Clouds will start to gather after 2 posts and the effects of the storm will start on the third post.

Wind Manipulation:
Chandler has mild control over the wind and is able to direct relatively powerful gusts at people. This also allows him to push himself up and into the air to fly at a whopping 75 mph! Not amazing, but useful for getting to school.

The Weaknesses

This boy was only just recently gifted his latent Metahuman abilities. He has no idea how to really control them and may use too much or too little of his power. The lightning Rod is the only thing really allowing him to even control the storms at all.

Mind Control:
Chandler is actively being tricked into believing he is acting of his own free will. However, every movement of his is controlled by the Grayliens.

Despite his alien encounter, this young boy is no more durable or stronger than a normal boy. He may have a decently strong power but he can't take a bullet or a baseball bat!

Oh, the great power of shelter. One of our many needs. The Human Hurricane will have to wait for the bank robbers to get outside if he really wants to do any damage. He can't just bring the clouds into the building!

The Items

Lightning Rod:
This rod was gifted to Chandler when he first received his powers. It allows him to more finely control the storms and conduct them. It doesn't change the fact that he's inexperienced, however.

Super Suit:
This suit was gifted alongside the lightning Rod and is what Chandler normally wears when fighting crime. It has a small tear resistance ability and is waterproof.

Grey Smartwatch:
The smartwatch gives Chandler a connection to the aliens. He can contact the aliens for mentoring any time. It also has a universal port allowing it to interface with any device that has a port. At the moment, it has low hacking ability.

The Minions

The Fluff

This kid has a hell of a lot of responsibilities with school, sports, extracurricular activities, and finding a job, he's bound to be busy. He has to balance everything. And also make time to speak with his alien mentors.    

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The Human Hurricane Empty Re: The Human Hurricane

Post by Chellizard on June 21st 2019, 5:29 pm

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you will play fair. No lightning through windows.

Approved and moved.

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