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Stygian Spider

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Stygian Spider Empty Stygian Spider

Post by Stygian Spider on June 17th 2019, 12:12 am

Blake Hall

"Responsibility? Great..."

The Bio

Real Name:  Blake Hall
Renegade Name: Stygian Spider
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 170 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

Blake is extremely volatile, in both his actions and words. He has shown himself to be quick-witted and intelligent on occasions, though prefers to solve problems with the simplest and fastest methods possible. Blake has a deluded sense of justice, willing to beat down criminals if they cross his path. On the other hand, he is just as liable to mug the elderly, if it means feeding his addiction. All in all, Blake is a very selfish and twisted person.

The Story

Blake was born to two loving parents, Maria and Robert Hall. Shortly after Blake's birth, his metahuman ability was triggered, allowing his DNA to adapt to the first animal that he touched. During his first night home from the hospital, baby Blake was visited by a spider that descended from the ceiling, crawling along his face, laying a dormant framework that would alter his physiology over the years. Blake attended elementary school as any regular boy would, developing an idolization for the known superheroes at the time, making it somewhat of a hobby with his friends.

The time soon came to move on to middle school, and a slightly more mature outlook on life. The sense of justice and admiration Blake once knew was slowly whittled away at throughout the years by every new realization, and all of the negative interactions he had experienced. Once in high school, the childlike wonder bright in his eyes at the mention of supers was all but dead, his mind now full of other priorities that were far more important. That was, until the day his dormant powers awakened, revealing his new physical traits that put him a cut above the rest.

Soon found by and recruited into Project Perfection, Blake was taught to hone his abilities, spending months away from home under the guise of a military boot-camp participation. Eventually, there came a time when Blake Hall was required to 'disappear', cutting all ties with friends and family alike. Funded and sanctioned by the government, Blake spent his time as an operative completing the missions he was assigned, from dangerous assassinations to undercover surveillance. Blake did it all without question. Otherwise, he did as he pleased, enjoying the new tech he had been equipped with to complement his powers. The new life that had found him was ideal to him, and there was no going back, or so he thought.

It wasn't long before Project Perfection collapsed, leaving Blake burned and alone on the streets of New York. There were many ways to go about putting his life back together, but that was not the way Blake went. Donning his suit and mask, he took the name of 'Stygian Spider', beginning his new renegade life of web-slinging.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

1. Arachnid Awareness: Having bonded with spider DNA, the first ability Blake picked up on was, what he dubbed, the 'Arachnid Awareness.' It is a precognitive, directional sixth sense that works to warn him of any potential or immediate danger that puts him at risk. It is a sensation that is hardwired into Blake's muscle memory, allowing his body to react nigh-instantaneously to threats upon being triggered.

2. Arachnid Adhesion: Much like a spider, Blake is able to cling to flat surfaces, using his hands and feet to climb along impossible angles due to a strange and subtle molecular process that occurs mainly in his palms and soles. This allows Blake to stick to and leap along almost any surface he is able to touch, provided that the molecular process is not disrupted by outside influences.

3. Arachnid Agility/Reflexes: After a couple years of training under Project Perfection, Blake has honed his body to levels that Olympic athletes can only dream of. Performing acrobatic feats both on ground and aerially is easy for the young man, for his enhanced balance and coordination allow him to run on even the thinnest of tight-ropes. His equilibrium seems unshakable, allowing him to move and shift his body in even the worst of scenarios.  The level of mastery that Blake possesses over his body, in tandem with his Arachnid Awareness grants him incredible flexibility and reaction time, whether it be against fast-moving projectiles or melee attacks. This is the key to his fighting style (and overall survival) when going up against more powerful opponents.

4. Arachnid Endurance: Blake's body is blessed with a slightly enhanced durability, allowing him to endure extended periods of effort and exertion, and withstand punishment that would break other humans. His skin isn't the most durable substance out there, but it is able to absorb impact forces quite well, allowing him to survive most falls from great heights, and even super-powered punches that would otherwise shatter him.

5. Arachnid Strength: Though his strikes do not prove fatal to the average human, Blake can still pack quite a punch with his proportional strength. At best, his lifting capabilities allow him to hold a large truck(3-6 tons) over his head, whereas his full striking power proves strong enough to puncture his fist through solid concrete. Blake's strength is one key factor that enables him to use web-shooters in and out of combat proficiently, allowing him to jump high and swing through the air without pulling all his muscles.

The Weaknesses

1. Awareness Reliance: Some low sound frequencies are capable of interfering with Blake's sixth sense, rendering it unreliable in the midst of combat. Sudden or immense threats to his person cause the sense to flare painfully, which can impede the following reactionary process.

2. Certain Surfaces: While the web fluid he carries can stick to just about anything, Blake can not. His hands and feet will have difficulty attaining stable grip upon wet and damp surfaces, whereas he will completely slip and slide along ice or any surface that is affected in a similar way.

3. Off The Wall: Blake can be very impulsive and erratic, his poor judgement and hasty decision-making often winding him up in trouble. He is not above overestimating himself, while underestimating opponents. Due to his drug addiction, Blake's behavior can vary wildly,  earning him a bad reputation, and pretty much no allies to call his own.

4. Street Level: Despite his enhanced durability, Blake can still be hurt by common means of attack, such as guns and knives wielded by the average thug. Sufficiently overwhelming ranged attacks will keep Blake at a distance and on the move, preventing him from getting close and engaging in melee combat.

5. Gas Attacks: As is the case with many of those who take on spider traits, Blake has become vulnerable to certain pesticides, insecticides, and other more gaseous forms of attack. Some substances in specific are: Ethyl Chloride, pyrethrin, allerthrin and resmethrin, which are capable of weakening him temporarily, causing dizziness, and the disruption of Blake's Arachnid Awareness.
The Items

Web-Shooters: Based on designs used previously, the U.S. government developed two compact wrist-worn devices capable of launching thin streams of a special fluid, engineered to solidify once exposed to the air. These strands move quickly, and can reach targets up to a fifty-feet maximum, durable and adhesive enough to support the full weight of multiple average-sized automobiles. This liquid web is mainly deployed in three ways: A rope to swing from, a wide net to catch and support, and small projectiles used for impact-based long-range attacks. They are incredibly resistant to extreme temperatures, but will dissolve in open air after roughly ten minutes.

-Non-Waterproof: Blake's web-shooters are technology based, not organic in the slightest. If he is fully submerged or blasted with water, the web-shooters will jam and cease to work until being disassembled for maintenance, a lengthy process not possible within combat.

-Handle with Care: While the webs produced are incredibly durable, the shooters themselves can be damaged when under enough stress, whether it be by a vice-grip or a powerful enough impact force. Even if one were to break, it would hinder his mobility and combat capabilities.

The Minions

The Fluff


Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Stygian Spider
Stygian Spider

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Stygian Spider Empty Re: Stygian Spider

Post by MissingAxis on June 19th 2019, 9:22 pm

Hey, Stygian Spider.

Your sheet looks to be mostly ready for approval, I just have two minor notes I'd like to see addressed:

Blake's Street Level weakness could use a little work or another weakness in addition to it. Because Blake's Arachnid Endurance specifically protects against one form of damage (impact forces), I don't think a lack of protection against other means of attack qualifies as a weakness in the context of SHRPG.

Regarding the Stygian Spider's Web-Shooters, I'd like to see one additional weakness for the item, due to its utility, usage as a mobility item, and as an offensive implement.

Other than that, your application is in good shape. I'm looking forward to your edits.

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Stygian Spider Empty Re: Stygian Spider

Post by MissingAxis on June 20th 2019, 6:17 pm

Approved and moved.

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