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Peering into the void

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INV ONLY Peering into the void

Post by Casmaudius June 14th 2019, 11:16 pm


”And you’re sure it was some kind of void thing?” Christian questioned with an arced brow, green eyes considering him critically.  All Cas did in return was  take a large bite from the hotdog laden with cheese, relish and chili. Features changing into one of pleasure as if he had been eating the most delicious food in the world despite it being more street-side fare.

”Definitely,” He agreed after swallowing the large mouthful and nodding along to the question. ”my void shenanigans senses are really honed since I came to this world. ” It was hard for the young mage to take the young god seriously; dressed in unbuttoned flannel shirt over a white tee and cargo shorts with specks of chilli around his lips.

”Void senses? Are those things you even have?” His question was serious and piercing despite the lackadaisical nature of the question. The two walking down the sidewalk around the various pedestrians.  The two had been tracking the reading through an apparatus that the mage had built incase he didn’t have any honed senses like that.  Holding what looked to be a manner of compass with constantly spinning needle that only occasionally stopped to point in one direction.

”I’ve been...developing them lately,” He brushed off as best he could, knowing that he wasn’t lying if nothing else.

Whatever was causing this interference was also throwing off his senses or maybe the compass.  LA was busy but mostly with the supernatural underworld that seemed to sprout up thanks to what could charitably be called vampiric interference.  Anything to keep from humanity finding out about them and their very existence. ”Well, whateveris messing with your senses and my device must be pretty powerful.  Not anything I would want to mess with I tell you that,” Always the serious one him.

”That’s what i’m here for. To do all the important smiting. You just sit back and watch. ” That seemed to annoy him, lips curling downwards at the corner despite how little that seemed to change his visible mood at all.  He angled the device in one direction and it began to spin wildly until all motion of the needle began to stop.  That was when he heard the shrill cry of a woman in distress or so he assumed that was a woman.  That was when the sensation washed over him and Cas took of running with tennis shoes hitting the ground with loud thumps. Ducking and weaving around people until he came to an isolated looking alleyway which opened up around the back of what looked to be a restaurant.

Rising half melded with the shadows was a monster of indefinite shape. Shining black skin which flowed like oil, and fingers that were more like sharp tipped tendrils which wrapped around a flailing man of slight build with an expression riddled with fear. It’s face was blank save for a mouth which split open into jagged sharp teeth.

That was definitely the source.

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