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Some God-Damn-Zilla Tax Fraud (Cobalt)

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Some God-Damn-Zilla Tax Fraud (Cobalt) Empty Some God-Damn-Zilla Tax Fraud (Cobalt)

Post by Danny The Sphinx June 3rd 2019, 10:30 pm

For once the shop remained fairly quiet. Danny tossed her bag on the station Summer usually sat at with her phone attached to her fingers. No one took care of any of the sweaters strewn across the table- and more strewn across once Danny tossed her bag on top of it. No sounds of sewing machines. No customers. No arguing. "Aw shit, a demon probably kidnapped everyone."

"Bliss!" Danny yelled up the stairs.

A few sounds echoed through the floorboards with no rhythm until a cadence came together. "Danny, do you remember that time I made an investment firm and just told all the brokers to invest in Bliss Co?"

"Yeah, I told you that was a conflict of interest." Danny ducked down to look under a table while rising a brow towards the stairs.

"Where were you four months ago?" Bliss came down the stairs in a black skirt down to her knees and a white blouse, pulling her hair back into a ponytail.

"Telling you it was a clear conflict of interest." Danny checked the backroom, still no one. "Did you divulge any prior relationships before giving advice?"

"Of course not. You don't take financial advice from someone who owns stock in what they want you to buy." Bliss turned to check out the store. "I thought we stopped giving everyone lunch off at the same time. Or are we still giving everyone Thursdays off."

A gray cloud of smoke began to form around the street outside of the shop while a second cloud of smoke began to form from the backroom.

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