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Work in Progress of a [WIP]

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Work in Progress of a [WIP] Empty Work in Progress of a [WIP]

Post by Deku May 29th 2019, 12:23 am


"Oh please, as if Death, the oh so sweet little girl, would let her papa die."

The Bio

Real Name: Eric Ellroy
Villain Name: E.O.N
Title: High Father
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 170
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

The Personality

If someone from outside of the now single member of "The Children of The Stars" were to give Eric a personality test, his results would be off the spectrum. But he tends to act more chaotic evil most of the time. It just feels much more comfortable to do so. He can act chaotic neutral and even lawful neutral sometimes. It just depends on the situation, and it mostly leans towards the chaotic evil side. Think of him like a cake, and each and every bite and slice has a different kind of taste. Some taste similar, but its just a little bit off for it to be the same. He's like an every changing chameleon that doesn't seem to remember his original colors. Whether that color be evil or good, he doesn't know or remember. Eric is quite the mischievous person as well, tending to play pranks on people that he has to work with, now that he can't have a cult anymore, that means he has to rely on others and no just pawns he has full control over. That means he has to watch his demeanor and make sure not to be overly manipulative as he has a weird habit of smirking when doing so.

Combat for him is more than an exchange of blows. It's a mind game of who can overcome who's will. And while Eric may not be the strongest nor the most agile, he has charisma and will to spare. He also has a way with words, and a born straight faced liar. Being someone who will say anything and do anything to get what he wants. If you asked Eric himself, he would tell you that he would be the most beautiful, the most awe inspiring black rose in the patch of red. Fully equipped with thorns you could lose your thumb to. Conversation is mostly how Eric likes to handle affairs, mainly because connections gives him power and power gives him money, and money furthers his goals. But he also doesn't value money at all. He mainly sees it as a must have if one wants to get far. A charismatic lunatic who loves death more than anything, who wants nothing more than you and everyone you love in the ground so he can just cuddle you. His favorite kiss is that of Death.
The Story

Call it fate or a cruel turn of luck, but being born into a cult is not something anyone should want for their child. It's a very easy environment to grow pessimistic humans. But as the son of the current leader of the cult, Eric was taught differently. He was also giving way more studying time than the other children his age, and him being quite the fast learner meant he always impressed his father with how fast he was growing in intelligence. When he reached the age of 5, Eric had his first sight of death. It was a sacrifice that the cult was doing in order to appease "The Stars" as we were the children of them, or so Eric's father would often say. Eric knew that his father was a hack from an early age, maybe it was due to hos much he stuck his nose in books or if his father was just that easy to read as a person. Eric just knew that the things he was preaching about was nothing but feces out the mouth. Eric wasn't a normal kid though, for some reason he would love to watch the sacrifices more than anyone else. Eric began to develop a weird love for death. When his father began to notice how much Eric enjoyed the sacrifices he was split in two, he was pleased that his son enjoyed the activities of the cult, but he seemed to enjoy them...too much. So he decided that he was going to keep him away for a bit. Making sure he got the loss of life off of his son's thought and more focused on how to lead the cult after his father is gone.

Which turned out to be soon as his father was terminally ill. The doctor for the cult, didn't have many tools to help besides the basic check up doctor tools. Getting huge equipment was either going to cost money or lives and time. And time was something Eric's Father didn't have. It made sense how desperate he got as his condition worsened. He was going to lose his only source of power in this world. To a now 10 year old child. a large cult of 300 members was not something a child would be able to run. And with the onset of all the stress of how Eric was going to lead, and with how he pushed him self to tutor his son on the ways to lead the cult, Eric's father passed away when Eric was just 12. Just entering his teen years. A little boy now tasked with leading a cult . On the first day of the cult new reign something special happened. A glow on the forehead of their child leader would echo out in the darkness of their hearts. The had finally found the star they were all looking for. Eric's father a a wide range of telepathic abilities that allowed him to get rid of any doubts that he was a gift from the stars. And anyone that thought otherwise would be dealt with, in most cases it would just be a mind wipe, but in a small amount of cases they would enter Eric's father's office and would never come out.

Some say that they were sent to the stars, other say they were absorbed by Eric's Father to increase their power. But a little secret that his father told him was that he just simply killed them and stuffed them in a pit under his office. He didn't tell Eric how many body's were in the pit but Eric now knew of how loose of a grip his father had on the cult if he needed a pit of bodies to get rid of nonbelievers. Eric knew that if he was going to rule for as long as his father did and have a stronger grip than his father he was going to have to put fear into the cult. Fear so great they wouldn't dare think of betraying or leaving the cult.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Astral Projection:
While the mark on his forehead is not covered, Eric gains to ability to use Astral Projection. Eric can separate his spirit from the body by entering a trance, gaining access of travel the Astral Plane. While in the Astral Plane plane Eric has the ability to see things he wouldn't normally be able to see. An Example would be while on the first floor, Eric would be able to go up to the 4th floor and see what going on there. While in projection Eric is able to go through walls and any language he hears that he wouldn't know in his body, he knows in the Astral Plane.

Being connected to his book, Eric can influence/manipulate/move objects with his mind. This being Eric's main ability he has a very fine grip on its capabilities. Being able to:

keep object/being from moving, objects moving up to mach 3
Lift Objects up to 100 tons
To make objects orbit around Eric
alter an object's directional course, objects of up to 1 ton and objects moving of up to 1 mach
To pull objects towards Eric or to push objects away from him at speeds of up to mach 1
To make any object automatically follow, home in and lock onto its target or targets until it hits them or hits something

The Weaknesses

Also for Eric to be able to use Astral Projection he needs his "bible". A book he has a somewhat ritualistic connection to. He knows where this book always is and he knows what condition it always is in. If even 1 page of the book is torn he loses the ability to use Telekinesis. If his "Bible" is destroyed he has to go through a 2 hour ritual with a new "Bible", and connect with the new book. While conducting the ritual if Eric is disturbed the ritual is cancelled and has to be started over. Doing so will extend the amount of time Eric has to spend on the Ritual by 30 minutes until a max of 24 hours. The book itself is very easily eradicated, seeing as a kid is able to tear the full book in two. Any book that goes through the ritual will have its form changed into the "Bible" Eric knows and loves. A red book with weird markings on the front that not even Eric understands. Eric is only able to use his Telekinetic powers if he is in contact with his book. Also, Eric cannot control anything he cannot see. Therefore an attack fast than he can perceive or an invisible attack would be the way to engage him.

Astral Projection:
When going into Astral Projection the body is left unguarded. Unless the user tells someone to do so. Also the body is able to be possessed while the user is in Astral Projection. When using Projection Eric's mark on his forehead shines blue, leaving this as a dead giveaway that he is using an ability.  Also, the Projection can only move 100 feet from Eric before forcefully jets back into his body, if this event happens, Eric isn't able to use the ability again until the next dawn.  Also if the mark on his forehead is covered he loses the ability to project himself.
The Items

1 "Bible"
The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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