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Lancelot Deerman [BUCKSHOT]

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Lancelot Deerman [BUCKSHOT] Empty Lancelot Deerman [BUCKSHOT]

Post by Zonkes on May 28th 2019, 9:32 pm

"I can't help but feel you're staring, so let me put you at ease. This tie was a gift from my daughter, I promise that it isn't reflective of my work as a defense  attorney."

Real Name: Lancelot Deerman
HeroName: Buckshot
Title: Attorney at Law
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 33 y/o
Gender: Male
Race: Human(???)
Hair: White
Eyes: Silvery yellow
Height: 7’1”
Weight: 243 lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

Lancel Deerman is a rather tall man, with thick white hair on nearly every part of his body. He has light caucasian skin and a well toned muscular physique. The hair on top of his head is well groomed and kept. Lancel also has a large set of antlers, with one broken in half. These antlers add another 3 feet to his already large frame. His head resembles that of a whitetail deer. Generally, he wears a black four-piece suit with a black and red striped tie. In hero wear, he runs around shirtless with a pair of ripped shorts as his hero wear. He also wears a glowing amethyst necklace with a leather strap, which he claims is a gift from his mother.

The Personality

Lancel is a thoughtful and professional individual, both personally and on the job. He ensures that his two kids are well taken care of and that his wife never goes without. While he makes his career with the professionalism required by him, he does not enjoy his job. He is reasonably sure that he has assisted in letting murderers off the hook. This is part of the reason why he works as Buckshot; to catch those that slip through easing the guilt in his mind.

Charity - Lancel, despite being a criminal defense lawyer, gives to the families of the victims his clients have wronged.

Patience - Lancel never gives up on even the worst criminals, believing that anyone can be saved.

Kindness - Lancel goes out of his way to be a good man and listen to those in need.

Pride - Lancel is quite prideful of his work, and an insult to his work is an insult to him personally.

Wrath - Lancel is very protective of the environment, and while he won’t kill; he does tend to bring the lightning when there’s a matter relating to that.

The Curious Case of Lancelot Deerman

34 years ago, a man disappeared into the woods, his family not knowing where he went or why no one could find him. But 11 years later he emerged with a ten-year-old son who just so happened to have a deer head.

The man told a tale of a beautiful young woman with auburn colored hair and eyes silvery yellow, like the moon. He followed her into the woods and ended up getting lost.

In a dream, she came to him, and they laid together, and nine months later, a baby with an odd deformity appeared. He had a deer head. The man named him Lancelot, Lancelot Deerman. Perhaps suffering from a blow to the head, or even dehydration, as this name was terrible. However, he would train the boy in the ways of survival.

He was forced to eat in a more vegetarian manner than his father, but he would be forced to learn to hunt and skin for his father as well.

The boy would grow up to be an expert survivalist, and was granted gifts from his mother; many of which would be burned by his father. An action perhaps was borne out of cruelty, or probably out of spite to the woman who he perceived to have ruined his life. But a few he was allowed to keep, such as his bow and arrows and his amethyst necklace.

This was how Lancelot Deerman began his life, learning English from books from his mother before they could be burned, learning to fight from the creatures of the forest.

Lancelot would go to school, being admitted into the 3rd grade after being tested to see how well he would do in his environment.

For the next few years, he would have a healthy life. He would get exceptionally thick glasses at the age of 15, which surprisingly caused a lot of the kids to stop making fun of his deformities. He went to prom with his future wife, Ashley Abbot, and would get an acceptance letter from Harvard for their law program.

Over the next few years, he would get married, have his first daughter Bethany Deerman, and his son; Axel Deerman. He would open his law firm, Deerman Law, and begin his career with a critical case. He was defending a dominant crime boss, a man known as Marco Russo, and his son. Andrea Russo. They were the most prominent crime family in the Las Vegas area at the time, and while Lancel wasn’t an American himself; he did choose to take the case.

They won, but at a cost to Lancel’s morality. He knew he couldn’t sit idly by and let the guilty go free, even if he was the one getting paid to do so.

He started going out after dark as the hero known as Buckshot, taking indisputable evidence along with him wherever he could.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Superhuman Agility - Lancel can run upwards of 37 - 50 MPH, jump up to 45 feet in the air, and perform feats even the most accomplished gymnasts cannot.

Heightened Senses - Lancel can see around five times better than an average human, with far-sighted vision. He can essentially see any movement with acute accuracy and in a 300-degree range. He also has excellent night vision. In addition, he can hear higher frequencies than a normal man, and with a radar dish like the ability to rotate his ears. His most potent sense, however, is his sense of smell. He can smell up to 1000 times more accurately than a normal man and can process up to 6 different scents at one time.

Enhanced Endurance - Lancel can run at top speed for 1 hour without stopping.

Enhanced Strength - Lancel can lift up to 2 tons of weight at a maximum, with adrenaline.

Arctic Adaptation - Lancel can withstand antarctic temperatures without much issue.

Danger Sense - If someone is directly targeting Lancel, there is a 50% chance that he will be able to sense the danger coming.

The Weaknesses

Deer caught in the headlights - Due to the nature of his cervid eyes, bright lights will temporarily stun him.

Red and Orange - Lancel cannot see the colors red and orange, causing these colors to be perfect visual camouflage against him.

High Pitched Frequencies - Frequencies of 10,000 hertz or higher altogether disable Lancels hearing.

Vegan Losses - Due to his high amount of strength, Lancel requires more protein than usual. However, Lancel also can’t eat meat and sustains himself on a relatively vegan diet. If left without food for 3 - 4 hours, Lancel will lose his super-strength and be left with normal human strength.

No Control - When Lancel jumps, there is almost no way for him to change trajectory mid-jump. Wherever he lands, is where he falls.

Bad Knee - Due to a football injury in college, Lancel has a bum knee and can only jump thrice.

Fire - Lancel has a childhood trauma related to fire, causing him to become paralyzed in front of it.

The Items

Bow and Arrows - Lancel uses a bow and arrow to fight crime. The bow has a draw weight of 1000 pounds.

Thick Glasses - Specially made glasses that hide Lancel’s identity. These glasses have no real unique properties outside of the fact that they are incredibly thick. Whenever he wears them, people don’t seem to notice the fact that he has a deer head, and is abnormally tall — allowing him to continue his career in relative peace, while also going out at night as buckshot.

The Origin

While it’s generally unknown as to how or even why Lancel Deerman was created; it is believed that he is the bastard son of Artemis. Though this is entirely unproven.

The Fluff

Expert Survivalist - From a young age, Lancel was taught to hunt, fish and keep his himself hidden from danger. As such, he has gained expertise in survival.

Law Degree - Lancel is an expert in criminal law and environmental law for the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US.

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Lancelot Deerman [BUCKSHOT] Empty Re: Lancelot Deerman [BUCKSHOT]

Post by Silus on May 29th 2019, 3:13 am


Lancelot Deerman [BUCKSHOT] FIbqFez

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