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A New Person in Town [WIP]

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A New Person in Town [WIP] Empty A New Person in Town [WIP]

Post by René Manchester May 27th 2019, 8:10 pm

René Manchester

"King of the Wolves"

The Bio

Real Name: René Manchester
Renegade Name: The Dark Wolf
Title: King of The Wolves
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 26 Years Old
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Lycan)
Hair: Red Hair
Eyes: Yellowish Gold
Height: 6'4 ft
Weight: 225 lbs
Blood type: AB-

The Looks

The Personality

The Story

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Endurance

The Powers

  • Lycanthropy | Shapeshifting - ???
  • Enhanced Senses | Canine Senses - ???
  • Enhanced Physical Strength | Lycan Strength - ???
  • King's Aura | The True Alpha - ???

The Weaknesses

  • Silver Allergy - ???
  • Sensitive Senses - ???
  • Fickle Strength - ???
  • Full Moon Hypersensitive - ???

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

After an hour or so, Elliot had gone back to his hiding spot in the city to grab the rest of the robotic grunts and returned when Issac was exiting the garage. Eleanor appeared out from the garage whenever the long-leg got close enough with the sacks full of parts from the grunts they took out yesterday. “I dismantled a bunch of it, because I didn’t wanna be seen carrying around two human body like robots around the town.” She handed Elliot full of Beli for the scraps of the two robotic grunts, and she gave Issac one last kiss before waving them goodbye. “Well, I would say that was an interesting encounter.” Elliot would say as they walked towards the Northside entrance to the city. If they were sticking close to the Northside, Mad Mike and his goons might be in the northerner part of the island. They would have to ask a couple of people that interacted with the cloaked individuals like they did.

Issac was giving little bits of information, but he was mostly working on his own plan to take on a Deva-classed Bounty that would grant him Four-Star ranking within the Bounty hunting community. Elliot could tell on his face and how he had been drawing down every plan that he could possibly think of as a sign that he really wants to earn that ranking. One thing that Elliot picked up on during their time together, he realized that Issac was a hand-to-hand fighter or a close ranged fighter. He didn’t carry weapons but he could always be seen holding those gloves in his pockets. They must be for his fighting style. He wouldn’t ever get close to a Marksman that was feared around the world. He was taking on a pipe dream. He kept all of his plans and journal entry in a little light brown leather bound book. It was perfect size to fit in the inner workings of his heavy coat that he had taken to wearing in the harsh environments of Karakul Island.

They finally reached the beast place to ask around about the cloaked guys, The North Market Place. The highly mechanical city did have a little market for various items that could only be found in the harsh environments of Karakul, like furs, gems, and various other accessories. Elliot spent he next hour going from vendor to vendor asking questions about the routines of the cloaked individuals that had been coming into the city for the past few months. Some he had to trade something for the information, like a couple of Beli notes or a certain item from another vender. Elliot had to be quick to learn a little about bartering for things. Issac came to his rescue a couple times before he finally got the full hang of it. They ended the day at one of the little restaurants on the Northside of the city. They talked back and forth about their bounties before Issac finally finished this food and addressed Elliot with a more direct tone. “Kid, what did you learn today and yesterday?” He took a drink of his beverage while he waited for Elliot to process the information and give him a bit of inside looking what he knew about his mark.

“Well... Mad Mike doesn’t ever do anything for himself. He has been gathering materials and technology to create robotic grunts to do his bidding while he tinkered in his little compound.” He paused to take of drink of his beverage before going on with what he learned about the compound and Mad Mike himself. “I learned from a vendor that he sent someone to spy on the cloaked guys, and he returned from the icy wasteland with tales of a ice tower that Mad Mike stays in. I will be going to check out that tomorrow, and they said you can hear him working and the buzz of electricity in use when you get close.” Pausing for the final time, Elliot finishes with, “He doesn’t seem to fight for himself, which one could assume that he won’t put up much of a fight if I can take out his guards. He also stopped heading into town when he got his ass beat in a little bar brawl that was finally broken up by the bar owner and his muscle.” He let out a small sigh before looking up to an approving nod from Issac. He gave a small smirk before patting Elliot on his shoulder. “You did good, Kid. I will see ya at the collection house. I am off to hike towards my mark. Don’t get yourself killed!” He paid their bill and disappeared into the setting sun. Elliot finished his drink and plate before heading back to the Headquarter for a good nights rest before hiking towards his mark’s location in the morning.

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René Manchester
René Manchester

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