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Zephidian Empty Zephidian

Post by FantasyBound May 20th 2019, 2:33 pm

The Bio

Real Name: Zephidian Vurret
Vigilante Name: Typhoon
Title: Blackguards Wildthing
Alignment: Neutral Chaotic
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Race: Amanjiphan
Hair: Dark grey, shifts between short and straight to increadibly long and unruly
Eyes: Green, dyed
Height: Shifts between 6' 01" and 9' 08"
Weight: Shifts between 213 lbs. and 1,370 lbs.
Blood type: Not human.

The Looks

Zephidian is an Amanjiphan, creatures from the Andromeda galaxy on a distant planet that they themselves refer to as "Homeworld", as the Amanjiphan have been experimenting with space travel through peculiar methods.

Her most common and constant traits come with unique biology and anatomy. Zeph maintains a humanoid form, with digitigrade legs and a tail, and the head is severely changed, mostly depending on how much water she has absorbed. Zephidian has an odd combination of keratin, flesh, and fur. The keratin forming these constantly growing spikes and horns, one on each shoulder, on the elbows and knees, and then two on the top of her head. With careful setups of "casts", these keratin spots can grow out into varying shapes, and then cut or broken off when they get too long. The face is left uncovered with fur, only some of the cheeks and in a sort of crest that goes down the nose is there more fur, the palms and bottoms of her feet are left with no hair as well, everything else is pretty much covered in varying amounts of fur and fuzz. The fur gets longer and forms tufts and manes in different spots, extending even further as water is consumed and transformed into a separate substance that makes up her body. it gets longer at the ankles, elbows, tail(forms into a distinct tuft at the tip), on the tips of her ears, also a mane that goes down the spine from the head and down to the tip of the tail is apparent, finally, it forms onto the top of her head, making a varying length of hair that is quite thick and velvety. The longer hair is darker than the usual short hair, which the short hair can be described as being more a dark grey than a true black.

Amanjiphans have five toes and three fingers with a thumb, the fingers being much thicker than a normal human and a bit longer to enable a good grip, with little pads that provide a bit of, well, padding to enable four-limbed walking. The tail is musculature and long, with the mane going down to the very tip, the rest being covered by the short fur. The tail extends 5 feet and changes its width depending on how much water has been absorbed, it also is sort of flat on the sides, making a sort of board or paddle, like an eel. The ears are what can be considered a unique combination of a donkey and a lynx, long but capable of flexible movement, with tufts at the end. The mouth is somewhat of a marvel, filled to the brim with an incredibly unique set of chompers. It has four large Canines that are too large to fit properly in the mouth, leading to them sticking out. The inside of the mouth has three teeth sets, the first being large and carnivorous, meant for ripping muscle and tearing flesh, inside that are separately operated herbivore teeth, flat and meant to crush shells and nuts, finally, there is a set of four needles, two in the top and two in the bottom, each controlled by separate muscle tissue to enable the proper dissection of food to pull out anything unnecessary to be able to control the type of nutrition being consumed, these ones usually stay folded back and tucked away. The 'tongue' is actually a pair of green snake-like tongues that are capable of tasting the air. Zephidian has large, sharp eyes that could be considered feline, and a sharp but human-like nose.

These are all traits of a base Amanjiphan, for more specific differences, Zephidian is a coastal variant of an Amanjiphan, meaning she has a few minor changes to the other types. She has webbed hands and feet, the tail isn't usually its eel-like shape, but this variant has it, and she has gill flaps on her rib cage that enable her to breathe underwater.

And as an individual, Amanjiphans have a thing for expressing themselves in there own ways. One such way is to consume a specific kind of nut filled with a super dark, almost black liquid that when ingested colors the blood with a super powerful dye, changing into very vibrant colors. This change in the blood causes the eyes, teeth, bones, nails, and the skin slightly, to change into the color of the nut. Zeph has a preference to the lime and green ones, but will sometimes switch it from time to time. The Amanjiphan also have patterns that they can implant through there pores to change the fur color, Zeph has given herself "socks and gloves", a solid dark pattern that reaches to her elbows and knees short of her fingers and toes being uncolored, and also a few geometrical lines that run up her stomach, arms, back, and neck.

Being far from human, she doesn't have an easy time getting clothes, getting some custom-tailored clothing given through the blackguard.
The Personality

Zephidian is alien, far from human in such an intense manner, it's a miracle that her personality even resembles one. Zeph could be easily described as what she is, alien, but to elaborate more on that, she is a unique mixture of behaviors that create an interesting and quirky personality.

Zephidian prefers doing something at almost all times, she doesn't like sitting around as that is far too unproductive and will try anything to keep moving, she also dislikes seeing others not doing much, doing anything she can to give them things to do, which may include tossing light objects at them or simply picking them up and trying to get them to stand, then forcing them to move along. She, gratefully, finds only a few things to be a waste of time, first being well, just lying around, napping when they are not sick or injured, and waiting patiently, meaning if you just stand around and wait nicely, she will find this very annoying and try to get you to do something, attempting to force whoever may be peacefully standing around to do something like clean up or LITERALLY ANYTHING BUT STAND AROUND!

Zephidian doesn't consider artistic work to be 'doing nothing', neither reading or watching TV. She may not understand TV, but she feels it could hold some important meaning to the viewers. She likes watching people make things, seeing this as productive work on understanding human culture, and she specifically likes painting the most. Reading is also on her list of things she will tolerate, as it can contain things of great importance and even more culture than the art, now if only she could read proficiently...

Zephidian is VERY social around people, her noon form being the most easy-going and extroverted, with the early morning and evening shifts being even shy, having a hard time talking to people but REALLY wanting to, often just being around in hopes they will initiate the conversation, in which she can try and answer in her broken speech as best as she can. Speaking of which, Zephidian, despite some structuring and issues, is NOT below average in intelligence, just very feral and alien in thought process, not understanding things like handshakes, the idea of relying on others outside of family and close friends for health care, TV as a whole, electricity as a power source, etc. She also has very poor language and reading skills, as she has only been learning English for a few months and it is SO much more different than her usual language, a mix of whale song, clicks, and whistles. All this combined leads to a common misconception that she is stupid. She likes to take advantage of this, able to act a little more feral and getting away with it because "She's dumb", or even causing opponents to underestimate her.

She does have feral quirks, like getting easily excited by lots of fast movement and pain, not overbearing pain but light amounts of it make things a lot more fun and exciting, which she seems to really enjoy, so far as to try and wrestle people far stronger than her as a form of play. She naturally feels responsible for the actions of weaker beings, always trying to be protective of civilians and passerby's who may be having a hard time, unless they are trying to be a threat, then heck she will start a fight, unable to back down from an easy challenge to prove superiority, which can lead to the surprise of pedestrians wanting to pick a fight with her. Also, subconsciously she has an INTENSE love for food, all of it. Want to make quick friends and expose yourself to the blunt friendship of an Amanjiphan? Go make her some nice food and talk to her, you will then be bombarded with grooms and bear hugs, alongside the warm humming sound of a happy Amanjiphan.
The Story

Amanjiphans, creatures based on a planet in the Andromedus system(closest galaxy to the milky way), living on a planet very similar to earth simply called "The homeworld". Amanjiphans where born from a scattered creation by ancient beings that attempted to make there own species, a race to control the stars and insert there will, these beings made a poor mistake giving the Amanjiphans free will, as they rebelled against there creators, wiping them out but not before they could unleash one last curse on the Amanjiphans, to slow down there advancement process. Currently, they live in a socially advanced society but technologically deprived, not that big of an issue considering they have acquired something from killing there gods, shards of them. All Amanjiphan are born with silvery shards of a metallic bone that is lodged just behind there vital organs. This shard of magically infused bone allows them to tamper with reality, and recently they have acquired the ability to travel across planets, setting up envoys to go and "starjump" there way across the universe.

Zephidian was born during the starjumper age, right when the first starjumper came back successfully. She lived in a nomadic coastal subrace that made there living collecting rare fish to act as delicacies. To stay competitive with other prices, they had to lower there own prices forcing them into a state of poor living, below average for an Amanjiphan was considered unable to purchase artistic creations or be able to purchase the supplies to make your own without complex work. There was though, a rising demand for starjumpers, in which depending on which race they came from they would receive benefits on research, depending on the information to which they sent back. Zephidian spent her whole youth practicing her ability to displace space and travel long distances. When she finally became a proper age in which she was allowed to embark on her own, she attempted her first jump, finding nothing of importance, frustrated, she jumped again, a feat on its own as only a few have ever jumped that far. That too was barren, so she jumped again, for the first time an Amanjiphan has jumped 3 planets. Empty still, she continued to leap, and bend space over and over. Until finally, she reached the edge of her galaxy, she peered in the distance, a glimmer was there, in the distance a single light glowed, and radiance was felt, a drawing sensation. So she leaped there, with all she had, and traveled instantaneously from the Andromeda to the Milky way galaxy.

She woke up weeks later, inside of a laboratory, in which she was taught of her location, unable to leap away, she obliged to stay, eventually building up a negotiation that she would gain some assistance repairing her now fractured Eldar bone, in exchange of helping out on the "Blackguard" project.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

1. Awareness
2. Empathy
3. Intelligence
4. Willpower

The Powers

Amanjiphan Physiology: Being an Amanjiphan, Zephidian has multiple unique traits regarding her physical build compared to a regular human. Her physical strength starts at the base of a very athletic human, but not peak. Her physical speed is considerably more impressive, able to run about at 60 mp/h in short sprints while being able to maintain speeds of half that much like a human can jog. Her stamina output is a bit past that of a regular human, and she has a very high level of pain tolerance. With flexible bones and the specific muscle build of her base form means she has low superhuman levels of agility, operating even beyond a high-level contortionist and acrobat all at once. Her tail is naturally very muscular, even more so than any of her other limbs, meaning she can use this as a none dextrous but powerful limb(A blow from this limb could break concrete in base form, but that would lead to some nasty bruising.) The way the leg and tail muscles work enables Zephidian to make long jumps of 35 feet and high jumps of 15 feet in singular leaps. She naturally has claws and is capable of cutting things akin to a bobcat(Her size makes this very inefficient).

Amanjiphan Senses: Zephidian has an animalistic sense that enables her superhuman levels of sensing things. Her hearing is able to pick up on very high and low sounds beyond the normal humans hearing range and has a more fine ability akin to a dog. Her eyesight enables her night vision, as well as resistance to light-based stuns(Flashbang grenades, super-bright lights and such won't blind her, but be very debilitating nonetheless.) She can acutely smell most chemicals and there basic purpose(Corrosive, addictive, anti-bacterial?). She has a super delicate sense of touch and is able to 'feel' very rapid movements within 15 meters of her, as long as there is no interference between her and whatever it is she is sensing.

Coastal Adaptations: The specific coastal mutations given to an amanjiphan provide some unique changes to the species. The tail is made flat, similar to an eel, and the fur insulates the skin to allow the amanjiphan to dive in cold waters. Sets of gills hidden in the ribcage allow the amanjiphan to breathe underwater for indefinite amounts of time, it takes time though to transition from lungs into gills, and it takes less time to do the opposite. Zephidian also has eyes that work like googles and has webbed fingers and toes. She is capable of swimming at an accelerated speed, capable of reaching 80 mp/h for prolonged periods of time.

Intake: Zephidian has one of the multiple unique traits of a coastal amanjiphan, her even more specific subspecies is capable of absorbing water(salty or fresh, either way, the salt is ejected through thick saliva that she spits out) to build up mass. The more water she absorbs, she gains more in height, weight, hair, and muscle mass. Capable of reaching a max size of 9' 08" and 1,370 lbs. Going from her naturally lean build to a bulking mass of muscle and hair. Her normally super short mane grows out to half a foot long, the "brush" on the tip of her tail reaches a foot, and her hair, normally almost reaching her shoulders and staying in a pretty orderly cut turns into a messy length reaching her waist. Along with that, the newly acquired mass slows her down a bit in exchange for incredible strength, able to lift and toss 40 tons 15 feet into the air with effort, her leaping distance increases to 80 feet long and 45 feet long jumps. Her durability is greatly increased too, now able to sustain the direct impact of a semi-truck going on the highway(not comfortably, far from it. She will sustain bruising and if she wasn't expecting it, she may break a bone). She may select where the enhanced size is applied.

Release: Zephidians Eldar bone isn't completely inoperable, it is capable of modifying H2O into a myriad of unique chemical compounds, while also enabling her the ability to either sweat it or release it as a pressurized mist. Currently, she has the ability to produce 7 types of alchemical liquids, with two types of strength, concentrated(this has to be produced from the skin and is usually contact emitted), or mist(able to emit this in a large area).
I - Basic H2O: This is, for all intents and purposes, almost pure water. It is drinkable, but it tastes like sweat(for clear reasons). It's application though, is FAR from drinking it(who wants to drink sweat water?). The main purpose is to emit it as a pressurized mist blast to provide boosted momentum and impact.
II - Slick: An oily substance that is super slippery, used defensively and for locomotion, when in liquid form it is incredibly slippery, used for sliding, when used as a mist it coats all things in a 15-foot area in this stuff, not as extreme as if it was liquid form.
III - Stick: A glue substance that can be formed into webbing, as a mist it just coats everything making grip far better and not really causing many issues.
IV - Hard: Generates a foamy, bubbly substance that hardens to the same durability as concrete, in regular liquid form, it foams and can be shaped for a moment before hardening within contacting the air, as a mist it just forms a thick netting of bubbles.
V - Heal: With antibacterial and regenerative properties, as a liquid this stuff can patch up most major wounds(broken bones can be repaired in hours, missing limbs can be immersed in this liquid for long amounts of time with the ability to grow it back in a week), as a mist, it can heal scratches pretty quick and it stops bleeding, but that's about it.
VI - Hurt: A corrosive liquid that can dissolve steel in seconds, as a mist it will inflict chemical burns and weaken some materials. Zephidian seems to be immune to this corrosive.
VII - Loss: A paralysis chemical, if it gets in the blood it will start causing the muscles to stiffen up, and on the skin it causes a intense numbness. As a mist it will only slowly work over the course of minutes.
The Weaknesses

Amanjiphan instincts: As a natural tactic for survival, Amanjiphans have a very dominant sense of instinct, leading to feral behavior at times, peaking in the middle of the day when she is most active. During the middle of the day, Zephidian is far more influenced by pheromones and can be easier to fool with simple tricks, like her favorite food being left somewhere or distressed sounds. During this time, even most mental illusions seem to be more effective.

Super Senses Weakness: Having supreme senses comes at a cost. Unpleasant smells for one, are severely agitating and even debilitating. Sound attacks that normally are just debilitating become lethal, causing her to bleed severely from her head orifices(Ears, mouth, nose, eyes). And being able to pick up higher and lower ranges than a normal human means attacks targetting certain creatures will bother her greatly.

Dehydration: Zephidian requires far more water in her body to be able to survive, needing at least 6 liters of water a day to operate properly, she can only survive three days like a human without it, starting to rapidly lose body mass until she becomes nothing more than a skeleton with loose skin. Attacks that focus on Dehydration are extremely effective on her.

Intake Debilitations: Zephidian, first of all, requires water to be able to work, and lots of it, 535 liters of water to be able to transform into her full size. Alongside this, she becomes a bigger target and easier to hit, losing a lot of the flexibility she previously retained and just overall becoming too big to fit through things like conventional doorways.

Iliterate: Zephidian can barely read English, and hardly speak it too. Making most forms of communication almost impossible unless someone is able to spend time getting there words out.

Mist: It's just mist, it does require a bit of power, but a strong fan could blow it away.
The Items

Zephidian is granted access to some Blackguard supplied clothing.

She usually has a black battlesuit that has no helmet for her to wear in missions, it is capable of stretching with her body and has multiple containers of water, with multiple small tubes to pump it across her whole body. With this, she also has small clips on her back that enable her to have objects latched on.
The Fluff

Prejudice: Humans normally have a terrible reaction to seeing a thing like her. Most general dispositions to her are far from pleasant and indifferent, leaning towards hostile and fearful. Most people will go out of there way to avoid confrontation or to attack her.

Hunting: Zephidian has a reputation for hunting all kinds of creatures on the island, bringing them back and requesting the food to be prepared by kitchen staff. She will do this roughly once a week for sport.

Wrestling: Zephidian is a bit of a wild animal when it comes to her terms of playing. Normally in the evening and morning, she could settle for what most adult humans would consider normal. But in the noon, she likes to wrestle. Often finding targets far stronger than her to throw her while she charges at them.

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Zephidian Empty Re: Zephidian

Post by Silus September 28th 2019, 11:17 pm

Iove the thought and the actual rationale to all of this. She looks really cool and I can't wait to see another alien on the forum!

Apporved until Stated otherwise

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