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Sexual predator

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Sexual predator Empty Sexual predator

Post by Guest May 20th 2019, 1:31 am

I really didn't want to make a scene. I'd rather have said this via mp to chelle, but seeing that there was no way to contact her. I guess I'll use the complaint section.

It's funny, I had my fair share of forum. But it's the first time that I ever felt the need to complain, normally, I just let it go. I mean honestly if you can't act civil with others, no point in staying right? But it was the first time I was ever banned under the suspicion that I was a sexual predator. And I must admit, I do feel quite upset. So why do I waste my time and I guess yours, after all, haters gonna hate and troll are gonna troll. Because I am under the impression that the people here are neither haters nor troll just players that wanna have a good time. So yes this is Yoru writing these words. I didn't create this account so I could go against the staff decision and continue playing. My account is Jean Robert Boisvenu, I won't take any other. And I guess the profile might be banned, that this subject might be classified. However, I feel the need to clear my name, it's more for solace that I'm doing that.

First I feel no grudge for being banned Chelle, I understand that as staff you need to protect the members and the atmosphere (don't know if it's the right word, french guy trying to be accurate here), and of course you have to make sure that no one encourage members to act against the law or perversely. So I will guess this is the rationale behind your actions, and in your place I would probably have done the same. However you didn't give me any warning nor did you explain to me why you decided to ban me. It can even be a decision taken by the staff as a whole after careful deliberations, but I can't really know it. So I will try and clear my name with what I think is the reason behind me being banned.

Let's be clear, I'm not asking for a second chance. I can't apologize for what I told. First because what I said was pretty vanilla. There were some forums channels I've been in were sex was mentionned 24/7, I did leave them because it was really annoying. Also I am not one to decide what can be tolerated and what can't. So I won't tell you that other forums do it, because the reason I told that "it's okay to like whatever you want as long as you don't act upon it", is because I am really sensitive on this subject.

I had a friend who felt like a monster for his tastes, he wasn't different from others peoples. But when he worked the courage to tell the truth, he was shunned, cast away, as if he had the plagues. And I wasn't better about it, as soon as I learned his deviants tastes, I distanced myself. I don't know what happened to him afterward. I had my own life to live. But I learnt years later that he offed himself. It's not as if I was close to him. But I couldn't stop myself to feel responsible at least partially for his death. For what I knew of him, he never once commited a crime. And yet he was judged for something he had no control over.

So I am trying to better myself, to be more open minded with peoples around me. I learned that I can't judge people on who they are. Only on how they act. So when someone is feeling ashamed for something they are, for something they can't control, I jump the gun and tell them to be proud of what they are, proud to keep their demons under control. Because we are all differents and that trying to change who you are is bound to failure and will bring you a world of frustrations and pains. However, we are also able to reason, and for this reason we can refrain ourselves to act upon such pulsions. So I don't regret my words, because i did write as long as you don't act upon it. What I do regret was to not accept my friend when he needed me.

And now everything is said. This is why I told this, not to deviate people but only because I sublimate my guilt to help people accept themselves. Now whatever can happen will happen. I wrote what I had to write and feel at peace. Now it's your turn to answer or not. I thank you for the fun I had here and wish you all a good game.


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Sexual predator Empty Re: Sexual predator

Post by Chellizard May 20th 2019, 1:39 am

Superhero RPG, and in fact, all of our host 'Forumotion' is against anyone that enjoys anything relating to, but not limited to:

Fetish related sexual preferences
Underage girls

You had not one, but two characters that focused around the opposite gender, and the big red flag was your choice of being only daughters to certain characters and those daughters were prepubescent.

If you're not a predator, you sure fooled us with your choices and actions.

It's also unnerving that you chose to make a mockery of your own character, Pinball, and have him become nude at any given chance /just because you can./ Logically, I get it, his clothes would be destroyed, but not him.

But your first advancement is a very plot-oriented device that does nothing but further prevents people from ever hurting your character.

If you're not a predator, that's good. More power to you. But we have standards to uphold here and I tried to figure you out without being out-right rude. It's not okay for an 18 year old man to be happy about RPing and becoming a little girl in character. It's not okay to me.

The internet is full of places that are more accepting of your ideas and goals.

Superhero RPG is not one of them.

I'm sorry you couldn't continue to be a part of the community. I hope you find one that can be more accepting.

But no. I'm not sorry for banning you over being predatory and suspicious. You did that to yourself.

You chose to go 'based on a dream' for your character.

Your IPs will shortly be banned after I finish this post and let you read it.

Good luck, Yoru.

-- Chelle

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