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Under the sea! [Atlantis]

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OPEN Under the sea! [Atlantis]

Post by Jean Robert Boisvenu on May 12th 2019, 11:33 pm

Ah what a wonderful day! Well as wonderful as it could be for someone trapped in what was left of a ship. Waking up in the captain cabin, granted he didn't pay for such luxury, but who was going to complain about it? Greeting the various species of fish, eating breakfast, this was kinda optionnal but at least he was doing something, right? And then, try and pry open the freaking door to the upper deck. How did he end up here?

Well with his luck, taking a plane was kinda risky. So he decided to go by boat, the big cruise that navigate accross the Atlantic Ocean. But problem was that after 3 or 4 in the morning, there was no one to talk to. So he decided to take a nap. And when he woke up, the ship had sunk. Yeah he was snoring litterally under water. Cold water, well he wasn't gonna die from hypothermia or anything. Couldn't say the same about some passengers. Most of the window were broken by the pressure, books, and electronics, well they were soaked. So it was gonna be boring. And of course he was stuck.

Four days of fighting a door with a crowbar, axe could have been a good choice, but water was hampering his movements. Damn this door sealed tight. Well looks like he would be stuck here for a long time. Well... there was an easy way out, he did find a pack of peanut in one passenger pockets. But it was too early to give up. He would open the door if it was the last thing he did. So back to the crowbar and pushing with everything he had! The door was beginning to bend. Yeah he wasn't strong but water plus a force applied constantly was detrimental to metal.

And so he pushed, hours passed and little by little the doir opened a little more, and a little more, days passed, months maybe. His only indication was the decaying of passengers. Sometime this pack was becoming more and more delicious, and sometimes he passed multiple days pushing this damn crowbar. But something had to break, it was the door.

Finally he was free. But where was he? Who cared? He was free! All that was left was to swim upward. He was free! And then he started swimming. He didn't have any paper, and his clothes were bath curtains. Yeah his clothes were moldy and rotten. But he was free! How long was he gone. Did they consider him dead? Well he was late for the game development now. He was free! He could see the sunlight, the warm sunlight.

And then he felt something gripping his leg and drawing him. A shark, a great white shark! He tried hitting hit, but it was like hitting coral. Wasn't gonna do a lot of thing. He was drawn left and right at high speed, up and down. He was carried far from the light. One thing interesting about shark, normally when they bite someting, it breaks or tear, so they don't have the reflex to spit what they have in their maw. So once the shark had his leg, he was stuck. The shark swam far and for a long time and it did swim until it died from starvation. How ironic when a big morsel such as himself so close to him. But others days passed before he was free. And now he was completely lost.

Opening the jaw of the beast he removed his leg from the not so dangerous of a trap. Normally great fisher would take one tooth as a trophy. However, well he didn't have any tool to remove it. Well that was that. So all was left was swimming. Pretty fast he found himself in front of a column.

-Seriously, where am I now?
Jean Robert Boisvenu
Jean Robert Boisvenu

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