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Flame Guard [WIP]

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Flame Guard [WIP] Empty Flame Guard [WIP]

Post by DeltaNerd May 10th 2019, 3:40 am


"Don't you hate it when you try to twist open an oreo but the cream ends up on both cookies"

The Bio

Real Name: Caleb Sunog
Hero Name: Flame Guard
Title: The Charred
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human Filipino
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180 Ilbs

The Looks

Taller than average Filipino with tan skin, like antique cherry wood. Not exactly the most moisturized looking skin either. Being constantly heated tends to make the skin dry!
Medium build, no extreme definition, but definitely not lanky. You can tell that flame guard doesn't pump iron, but you can tell he is physically active still when it comes to being in combat with any villain that tries to disrupt the peace.
Hair is raven black and unruly. Not curly, but straight and seems unkempt most of the time. if you looked at it long enough you could probably smell the scalp without actually being too close.

He has a slightly longer than the normal face, no facial hair except the few whiskers just above the lips, that he refused to shave because it had been "18 years in the making". He had a scratch mark on his right cheek, just underneath the eye on his cheekbone.
His hair is usually unkempt, a patch of it sticking straight out, while the rest sort of sit down stationary on his face, with the odd strands that stick out every which way. It is black and completely straight and flat.
His eyes are an extremely dark shade of brown, along with eyebrows that seem to naturally point downward in an aggressive sort of way. He has a nose that looks a little wide for his face, although is offset by the fact that there are no extreme bulges on it, it just seems like his face is extremely skinny with it. His lips are usually dry, although one of the only proportional things to his head, not too ig and puffy, but not paper thin.
He has a pair of silver glasses, that makes him look a lot older than he really is. Silver framed, and rectangular, in shape. He usually doesn't wear them when not in the public, but the silver lining of the frame does create a strange contrast between the glasses and his skin.

The only article of clothing he wears in particular as a hero is a steel jaw that covers his face except for his eyes and the top of his head. Majority of the time we see him performing heroic duties he is in his Charred Armor form. When in this form his skin becomes hard and resistant to many things. His skin turns a dark maroon that is nearly black in colour, but when he channels his power whichever part of the body heats up you can see the rocky skin become a brighter maroon, and cracks in the armor that show off glowing red, or white colours. Technically when he activates this ability he burns off all his clothing, but through some sort of magic is still able to keep shorts on at least.

Flame Guard [WIP] Yeye12

The Personality

A fun-loving, ecstatic individual, he spends his free time playing video games and browsing the internet, occasionally going out to do activities such as stapling bread to trees or taking long walks to calm down. He is passionate about helping people and will do anything. Rigid in his beliefs, he often comes off to people as apathetic and disrespectful, when in reality he cares truly for everyone, but acts on what he believes is morally right, or the correct course of action. He values action over patience in most cases and usually pushes for change to be done rather than fully thought through and developed.

Caleb is a level headed, rational person... for the most part. He has trouble handling his emotions, and occasionally let them get the better of him and his actions, leading him to act impulsively with good intention and bad consequences. Unable to let go of his past, and his shame he spends his time as a hero protecting the ones he cares about, and the people around him, which sometimes causes him to act on compassion over reason as well.

Caleb has trouble with self-worth, which leads to him ignoring and giving up on problems that he faces, or be driven by a desire to be seen as useful, both just as easily self-destructive as the other. Caleb is not hard to break and has a hard time learning from past mistakes, and picking up on small details in a social situation lending to him oftentimes being awkward around people. When alone with either his own thoughts or close loved ones he often times drops his mood and speaks in gentle tones, and compassionate words.

The Story

Born in Malaysia, he lived a nice life. His father was a contract worker for big companies back when IT was new, meaning they got to live the wealthy life. However, when Caleb was 12 years old they moved to the land of opportunity Canada to build a life where Caleb could reach his potential. Moving into lovely London Ontario, Caleb found himself experiencing bullying for the first time, and other sorts of negativity he wasn't exposed to in Malaysia. As a result, he became self reserved and defensive. In the 7th grade, it seemed like he was beginning to go through puberty, with the usual hair in places, and the stereotypical to all sweating. These nervous sweats got worse, Caleb felt warm all the time, came to school in only a sweater during the winter, and it became commonplace to experience heatstroke during the summer months. Before high school Caleb's family moved to Toronto, hopefully, to help Caleb and his siblings start on a fresh slate in a more inclusive area, and to better schools where Caleb could work on becoming a doctor like he's wanted to do since he was young.

Caleb at that point was used to existing in solitude spent most of high school by himself, while his nervous sweats and warmness started to become more intense as the months passed. Caleb found himself eating and sleeping more, and burning up constantly. He was unable to control this power, and at some point began to melt plastics that he touched and leaving slight black markings on anything he touched. He continued to isolate himself from everyone when friend after friend came and went. He held in his anger, shame, and fear to the point where he lost his control, and his power lead up to him setting the apartment complex ablaze. It appeared on news stories, donations were made to the families, except his parents, his mother being hospitalized, and his father having died in the fire. For the rest of high school, he lived with his older sister who had recently moved out, who he looked up to as a childhood friend.

Ashamed of what he was, his lack of control, his danger to the people around him and his loved ones, he made an attempt at his own life in order to stop himself from being a danger to people forever. He woke up in the hospital to his mother at his bedside and realized that he was mistaken, that ending it wouldn't solve anything. From then on Caleb spent time on himself, learning how to control his power and becoming attempting to handle his thoughts and emotions.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

BODY HEAT MANIPULATION: Can generate immense amounts of heat from any part of his body, as well as his whole body himself
CHARRED ARMOUR: Flame guard can bring his body to a high enough temperature to form a layer of hardened skin which makes him resistant to many physical blows

The Weaknesses

HYPER METABOLISM: As a result of the heat generated from his power, he also consumes a lot of energy when performing any feat
PAIN TOLERANCE: Just because he can make the heat doesn't mean he handles it well. He still feels a lot of pain and takes damage from his power, especially when using CHARRED ARMOUR

The Items

HEAT STAFF: Just a big ol' steel rod. Uses this item to help dissipate excess heat when he is unable to control it himself. Can also be used in combat as a pseudo staff and inflict physical damage to opponents with a burn as well.

The Fluff

funny thing, he comes out naked when he sheds his CHARRED armour. Technically that means he is naked when he has Charred armour, but we don't talk about that.

The RP Sample

"White flowers"
   Beams of light shined through the branches of the trees. the forest was well lit, with very little obstruction since the leaves had just begun to grow back on some trees. It was silent, only the sounds of wind whistling softly through the trees, and the sounds of leaves rustling and crunching from somebody slowly trudging their way down the hiking trail. Caleb marched down the path, seemingly with the determination to reach somewhere, but the speed of somebody who had lost their way, and had no means to know where their final destination. As Caleb made his way down the path, a patch of white in contrast to the greens, browns, and dusty grays of the forest caught his eye. He loosened his grip on his metal staff and knelt down to examine the patch.
   "Pretty little flowers," he said softly as he examined the patch of white. "You remind me of somebody I know" he picked one of the white flowers from the ground making sure not to shake it to much as he brought it closer to his face. The flower was as white as snow, it's 3 vibrant petals were open and showed a yellow stalk in the middle sticking out. the green of the stem peeked out between the petals and formed a sort of star, that made the petals seem that much more brilliant. "Beautiful, absolutely" Caleb gently rubbed the petals of the flower, there was slight creasing caused from being blown around by the wind. Caleb stood up, flower in hand, picked up his staff and continued on his journey. as he reached the end of the trail, he was welcomed back with the grey of the sky above him, the hard black pavement, and telephone lines running down the walkway. The wind got stronger, and he held his staff with his arm and cupped his hands to keep the flower from getting further creased. Chilling, and frigid the wind blew, the rustling of leaves became louder and the sounds of Caleb's coat flying in the wind, a gentle Tat-tat-tat. Despite the cold of the weather, Caleb was able to stay warm and keep on trudging along the sidewalk. The sun faded, as clouds loomed over, the wind hadn't died down, nor had it let up. The city was in unrest, cars past by and the whistling of the wind passing light posts continued. Caleb stopped under a bridge, to take a break from the wind and the restlessness of his surroundings. He uncupped his hands and found that the flower had burnt up, it's petals shriveled and brittle, the leaves absent of any sign of life. He held onto the flower and continued his walk home.
   "Caleb! where were you?" A concerned, but sincere voice yelled as Caleb pushed the door open. It only opened a little bit, the door closer had gotten in the way of it's path opening, and he slipped his way through the crack.
   "We ought to get that fixed" staring at the lever arm of the door closer. It was worn out, and it usually sagged down, preventing the door from opening all the way
   "I'll talk to Nina" The voice appeared to Caleb as a slightly shorter figure, of a light complexion. It was Catherine, Caleb's older sister, she was only 2 years older than him, she had recently moved out of the house but he lived with her due to a fire that had burnt down the building him and his parents lived in. "Where were you?"
    "I went for a walk to clear my head" he replied apethetically.
    "There's rice on the counter, just reheat the chicken from yesterday if you're hungry" She replied
    "No thanks" Caleb opened the door to his room. The smell was musty, his desk was full of junk, coins, and papers and the bed was disorderly, unmade, and pillows barely hanging onto the edge.
    "Hey Caleb, I'm going to see mammy in a bit, do you want to come too?" Catherine pulled open the door and popped her head in ecstatically.
    "No thanks"
    "I know you're tired, but that's not enough an excuse to not go see mammy again, you should be there by her side supporting her" Catherine welcomed herself into the room and took on an imposing posture. Her hands on her hips, head craned forward slightly. This had been the 3rd or 4th time Caleb had bailed out on seeing his mother
    "I'm feeling dizzy" He retorted
    "Fine, But she'll be real disappointed that you're not there, again" Catherine stomped out of the room, the last thing heard was the jingling of keys, and the creaking of the door opening and closing
    "I did that to you too" Caleb looked down at the charred flower, it was breaking up in his hands. He got up off the bed, the smell of burning cotton lingered in his room for a bit and was mild throughout the apartment. "I did that to you too".

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