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Domain (WIP)

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Domain (WIP) Empty Domain (WIP)

Post by REDSHEILD on May 8th 2019, 10:25 am


The Bio

Real Name: Abigail Powell
Hero Name: Domain
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthdate: November 8th, 1993
Date of Death: December 20th, 2012; declared in absentia.
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Metahuman)
Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5’ 8”, 1.73m
Weight: 120lbs, 535 newtons
Blood type: AB

The Looks

Abigail is a tall, lithe young woman who moves with a level of grace. There is maturity to her appearance despite her clear youth.

In costume as Domain she wears a sleek black bodysuit decorated with blue field lines, with light armoring on her chest and limbs. She wears a blue face shield decorated with field lines at the edges which protects and conceals her face, though the rest of her head is uncovered.

The Personality

Abigail possess an altruistic view of life, always eager to help others. However she shys from conflict, preferring to aid her community instead of fighting criminals. Still, should the safety and welfare of innocents be at risk, she will answer the call.

The Story

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Magnetic Sense

Domain can sense electromagnetic fields. This manifests primarily as the ability to see them, along with an intuitive sense of electromagnetic circuit networks. Additionally it gives her an awareness of electromagnetic fields that interact with her, proportional to how close she is to the source of the field. When in touch range of the source her awareness of the field is near-total.

2. Energy Resistance

Domain is immune to damaging effects from electromagnetic currents or fields, and is highly resistant to electromagnetic radiation.

3. Field Absorption

Domain can absorb and store electrical or magnetic fields, saving their energy for use with her power. For fields generated actively such as by electrical systems, this draws energy from these systems. When used on charged objects or permanent magnets they are reduced based on how much is absorbed, up to becoming electromagnetically neutral. She can conduct electrical currents as well, though not absorb them. This stored energy can be used to generate her own electromagnetic fields.

4. Field Manipulation

While inside of or in contact with an electromagnetic field Domain can use her body to conduct and shape the field around her. Additionally, absorbed fields can be projected outward in whatever shape or concentration she desires, though they otherwise behave like normal electromagnetic fields. Fields of sufficient strength can allow her to adhere to walls via static electricity or magnetism, or to lift extremely heavy objects.

5. Pulse Generation

Rapidly releasing stored fields allows Domain to emit an electromagnetic pulse. The pulse’s strength is dependent on the energy released.

6. Fortification

Domain can use conducted or internally projected fields to reinforce her body, using the energy of the field to proportionally increase her durability. This effect extends to closely-worn clothing or objects, and can be used to hold wounds closed or hold broken objects together, though it does not actually heal or repair anything.

7. Magnetic Movement

Projecting high-strength fields allows Domain to push or pull against the environment, utilizing the reaction force to move in ways that exceed usual human mobility.

The Weaknesses

1. Ocular Limit

The visual aspect of Domain’s magnetic sense uses the same brain matter as normal vision, so she must make trade-offs between seeing fields and normal sight.

2. Neutral

Domain cannot generate energy internally, and must charge using external energy sources.

3. Organic Limit

Domain’s projected fields do not affect living creatures, regardless of how powerful they are. Conducted fields can, but at half the strength they would otherwise have. Clothing or objects worn close to the skin are also unaffected. Bulkier objects such as weapons or armor can be affected, but in limited ways compared to if they were not held or worn by a living being.

4. Dynamic Load

In order to reshape or project electromagnetic fields Domain must draw from her stored energy. Once set in shape protected fields do not drain energy, except for when a field does work on the environment. The energy required for this work is drawn from Domain’s internal storage, and should she run out of energy the fields will have proportionally lower strength.

5. Electromagnetic Interference

Domain’s awareness of an electromagnetic field is limited to the field boundary, and lessens as the field gets weaker. Areas with significant amounts of metal constrain fields, and powerful electromagnetic phenomena reduce her awareness further.

6. Binding

While Domain is using her Fortification ability any Fortified areas cannot project fields, and behave as if neutral.

7. Insulation

Magnetic movement only works in areas where there is material that interacts strongly with electromagnetic fields, such as metal or water. In areas devoid of such substances, Domain’s power-derived mobility is severely limited.

The Items

Domain wears a variety of equipment as part of her costume. Most notable are a set of four high-strength magnets rated at one tesla each, used as a source of conducted fields. These magnets are mounted to the mid-thigh and mid-forearm on her costume. She also wears an electromagnet on her back, which she uses to charge her abilities from contact with electrical power.

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