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Wonderful Bob

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Wonderful Bob Empty Wonderful Bob

Post by Troggy on May 7th 2019, 6:35 pm


"Well, yeah, that's like, your opinion, man."

The Bio

Real Name: Robert "Bob" Temple

Hero Name: Doctor Feelgood

Title: Terrific Telepathic Tv-Therapist

Alignment: he strives for neutral good, but isn't quite good enough

Age: 56

Gender: male


Hair: Ginger, skullet (balding and long hair combo)

Eyes: blue

Height: 6'0

Weight: 190

Blood type:B+

The Looks

The Personality

Bob is at his core pretty easy-going and friendly guy with a knack when it comes to seeing the bright side of whatever situation he finds himself in. He's generally accepting and unaffected by the often bizarre events that an aspiring hero finds himself surrounded by on a daily basis. Having grown up at a secret black-ops laboratory, spending his adolescence on a hippie commune before trying his hand in show-biz and finally super-heroeing there is little in this world that will faze him in a major way. However, an interesting life filled with drugs, free love, show-biz and more drugs has left him somewhat prone to "zoning out", forgetfulness and a general uselessness

Another thing with Bob is that in his world anxieties is something that happens to other people. He is extremely comfortable with more or less everything. He's comfortable with himself, with others, with all manner of places and with the nature of life and the universe. This partly stems from the fact that his telepathy is capable of catching people's moods, but unable to catch their specific thoughts. Something that lets him instantly gauge "the feel" of a location. He also oozes a quirky brand of charisma that generally lets him walk with kings without losing the common touch, as they say

However, on the flip side Bob is a lazy, vain hypocrite. The laziness stems from his habit of usually choosing the path of least resistance and generally take it easy rather than working hard. That is not to say that he shies away from troubles, quite the opposite actually. Bob is capable of working extremely hard in short bursts but struggles with long-term labor. For example he would do his utmost to defend the earth when the aliens attacked, but he would struggle with going out on hero-patrol every single night. His vanity is not an obsession with his looks  (anymore) but generally with how he is perceived. He desperately wants to shake off his reputation as a sellout and take on that a more heroic one, so that he can bask in the adulation of adoring fans once more.

His most glaring flaw is hypocrisy. He seems himself as a hero-of-the-people type figure who fight for the "little guy" and sticks to the hippie credo of anti-materialism and minimalism whilst having a rather bloated bank-account and residing in a luxurious mcmansion, convinced he deserves it. He think the media of today is generally nasty and exploitative sensationalism, when he himself had a TV-show that was known for being nasty and exploitative sensationalism. In short, he uses quite a few layers of justification that basically boils down to "It's okay when I do it".

Though in the end, despite all his flaws he is actually a kind old man and has for the most part of his life been driven by a sincere wish to help people and leave the world a better place than he found it.

The Story

Robert was born red and screaming to a pair of presumably happy parents somewhere in the world. Nobody knows for sure, since he was abducted from the hospital just after his birth. Whether his parents gave his consent or were lied to regarding what happened to his son, Bob does not know and to be perfectly honest, doesn't quite  want to know. He was spirited out of whatever country he had been born in and placed at a secret facility that was operated by one of those shady organizations that popped up every now and then. There he was raised and educated along with a few other psychically gifted children with various powers for generally nefarious purposes. To make a long story short, people found out and the place was shut down by the military.

Afterwards the official line said that it was a horrible place with cruel supervisors that drugged and brainwashed the teenagers and trained them to become psychic agents for the now-defunct organization. Others claimed that though unorthodox the children was taken there for their own good as well as that of others, to be taught how to control their powers and disciplined into not becoming persons of mass destruction. However, to this day Bob has no idea of what manner of fate would have awaited him if the owners of the facility had managed to avoid detection. As it were, the children were split up, given drugs to suppress their powers and handed out to various foster-parents along with generous amounts of hush-money, whilst the whole thing was put under wraps.

Bob was unlucky enough to end with foster-parents who's marriage teetered on the brink of collapse and a household that teetered on the brink of abusive. After six months of whatever is the opposite of marital bliss, they divorced and weeks later Bob's mother moved into a hippie-commune with her new boyfriend.

His foster-mother had tried to had Bob moved to another foster-home but there were trouble with the social services at the time. She did not stay long at the commune and soon departed, leaving her foster-son behind. Bob did not mind her leaving. He had already begun to see the commune as his family, the other children his siblings an the adults as parents. Even though some people came and went over the years, there was a stable "core" of people that functioned as Bob's family. He went to school in the nearby town and had a generally happy life from that point on. His new family gave him all the support he needed regarding his psychic powers, since quite a few of them considered themselves "a little bit psychic" and took Bob's emerging ability rather well. In time he was celebrated for his ability to spread "good vibes" and hacky-sack skills.

As Bob grew into an adult he struck out on his own, making a meager living as what can be best described as a "meditation-therapist" It was at this time he met the woman who would later be his wife, Angela Temple. It was a whirlwind-romance, she was an up-and-coming musician with a easy going attitude that Bob shared as well as a zest for life that he found irresistible. Unfortunately she also had a drug-habit that our hero soon both shared and found irresistible as well. A whirlwind romance, children and marriage followed in that order It was at this time Bob took his first steps on his show-biz career, as well. A man that had been one of Bob's clients turned out to be a TV-producer with a local station decided to offer him his own weekly segment in a local low-budget new-age inspired show. It did provide our hero with a small but steady income and give him a healthy outlet to use his powers to help people "find inner peace" generally by using his telepathy to make them feel good and suppress their various anxieties.

However, after two years of a rather stable viewer-base the station was swallowed up by one of the big ones, production moved, and the less popular shows cancelled. Bob's show was reasonably popular, but it had niche-appeal at best, and the new studio-heads did not see it as worth continuing. It was then Bob decided to take a gamble, and use his telekinesis to hover on-air whilst meditating. This astonished the new owners and turned out hero into a phenomenon overnight. Soon the offers were rolling  in, everyone who was anyone wanted him to make a show on their network, and Bob managed to get himself a six-figure salary per episode as well as a voice in how the program was formatted. As well as the name "Inner peace with Bob Temple". The minor hiccup was that he would have to move from Seattle to L.A, but after some convincing from Angela he decided to go for it. After all, they had their children (Homer and Mona) to think about

At first it was pretty much a new version of his own show with  a much bigger budget and a studio audience. He would invite guests with various mental traumas or anxieties, then he would meditate (whilst floating of course) and then a teary-eyed guests would have a heartfelt talk about how much better he felt after his issues have been resolved, and whatnot. He soon expanded into on-air telepathy-assisted marriage-consulting and whatnot. All in all, it was schmaltzy feel-good TV, but Bob felt that he had a genuine positive influence on peoples life as well. All in all, he considered it a very good life. However, it did not last.

Little little over the years Bob got more and more sucked into the dark side of celebrity. Hard drugs, partying and a certain cynical indifference towards what he show. His desire to help was slowly but gradually gave way to unbridled hedonism. His rather bland feel-good show devolved into dramatic screaming, on-air shouting-matches and dramatic cliffhangers, all starring "regular people".  Bob took to wearing a pair of sunglasses to hide the traces of his drug-use, and his escapades ended up in the papers. However, Angela handled it even worse than Bob did, ending up spending most of her time partying. After a series of affairs on both parts followed by a messy divorce played out for the public in various gossip-rags our hero ended up on his own. The shared custody of the now teenaged Mona and Homer allowed the newly divorced couple to alternate between a rock'n'roll lifestyle and somewhat sketchy parenting. All in all, it can be said that  Bob was not much of a father, but more of a Dad. Nevertheless he was able to keep a somewhat good relationship with both of his kids.

Time went on, and soon the children were old enough to make mistakes of their own, and Bob's show was approaching it's tenth season. However, suddenly it all came crashing down. The show had left a sour taste in the mouths of several self-appointed moral guardians and soon a documentary was made about the decline and "dark side" of the show. They sought out the shows guests and interviewed them about their experiences, and while the earlier participants were mostly positive, the ones from the later episodes were damning. There were some who accused Bob of exploiting the pain of emotionally vulnerable people for his own gain as well as twisting the truth to an absurd degree. To Bob this was news, at this point he barely cared about the show any more. He just went in, did his thing, went out, let the production-staff handle the rest. A very big mistake it turns out.

Once again Bob ended up in the tabloids, sometimes as a victim, sometimes a perpetrator, sometimes as a hero. The networked dropped and cancelled the show almost as soon as the documentary was shown. Perhaps Bob could have salvaged things, made a comeback-special or something, but he did not even try. He had taken a long hard look in the mirror and did not like what he had seen. He issued an apology and decided to retire from show-biz, barring the occasional article in the newspaper or guest-appearance on other shows. Bob ended up going back to his hippie roots in L.A Taking it easy for the most part. What was at first a self-imposed exile soon became a comfortable slow-paced existence. He took up using his 'therapeutic meditation' once more in order to help people, just as he had done once so long ago.

Fast forward two and a half decades recently an event happened that traumatically shook our hero out of his comfortable bubble. One of his grandchildren told him a story about how one of his classmates at his boardingschool had been saved by a heroic giant caveman when all manner of monsters invaded new York. That was when Bob decided to try his hand at this hero-thing. To do good, to help people and to shake off his rather tarnished reputation. Also, he hopes that his grandkids might finally think he's actually cool.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Agility

The Powers

Bob's born with telepathy and telekinesis.

The telepathy:
Bob's a telepath, but a rather unorthodox, empathic variety. He cannot do mind-control or outright mind-reading, nor can he scan the memories of an unwilling participant. However he is still capable of a few tricks

Don't talk, feel:
While he can't outright dominate someone's mind and make them do all sorts of crazy things, Bob can still influence people, but in a more subtle manner. For instance he can make others feel confident, scared, uncomfortable, insecure, happy or excited amongst a plethora of other things. While he can't force someone to do what he wants outright, for example he make option A give positive feelings, whilst Option B-Z sparks fear and doubt. He can also "Bubble" this effect into an aura and tie it to certain conditions.

For example he could end a fight by making everyone who was angry or violent simply feel calm and exhausted, He could make a seeing a yellow door a trigger for euphoria or if there was a fight between team A and team B and Bob wanted team A to win, he could simply make everyone in favor of team A feel confident and aggressive, whilst everyone who opposed team A would feel weak and insecure. As for the range of this power, it's more or less whatever Bob wants it to be, and unlike regular telepathy, that needs some variety of contact, Bob doesn't need to be aware of someone to influence them. Just being within his aura is enough. His aura is usually around 100-400ish feet, but with effort and concentration he can extend it up to about half a mile. This powers are especially useful on non-sapient organisms, like animals or zombies who generally aren't rational enough to go against their "instincts"

Hello, Operator?:
Bob is a telepath. That basically means his brain is a magical psychic telephone that enables him to talk straight into the mind of any other being, that's basic stuff. However, Bob is also capable of letting others talk to one another through him. In fact there is no limit to the number of people that are capable of participating in the "group chat" all at once. Also, due to Bob's more empathic variety of telepathy, it is possible to let one person experience another's emotions through him. However, due to Bob being the "server" that allows the "group chat" to take place, he has full control who participates and what information is sent. He is capable of muting or excluding people.

Curiously enough, it seems like different languages is not a problem when it comes to telepathy, since even though people think in a language, Bob's more empathic variety of telepathy seems to communicate the meaning behind a word rather than the word itself. Another neat aspect with this ability is that people who knows Bob can "call him" by focusing on him, if they are within range. How long that range depends on number of factors, including general willpower and how well they know Bob, but generally it's around a mile or two, and up to five miles maximum. If Bob wants to Telepathically communicate with someone he needs only to think about the person and know their aproximate location. Another, slightly more unorthodox method of using this ability is to act as a medium. There is nothing that prevents a ghost, spirit, minor deity or otherwise "corporeally challenged individual" to engage in telepathic discussion with our hero.

Intuitive Empathy:
Bob may not be able to read minds, but he is capable of reading what people are feeling. This is obviously not quite as cool as reading thoughts, but it does have it's advantages. It is more or less impossible to hide hostile intent from our hero, and plot-twisting betrayal is nigh-impossible to pull off with Bob around, just like manipulation in general. He is also usually able to tell if someone is being honest or not, even though he has no idea what they are lying about. Also, detecting feelings of guilt or hatred is always useful during interrogations. This power also makes it very difficult to sneak up on our hero, since he will be able to sense the would-be stalkers emotions even if he can see him or not. The size of Bob's default detection-aura varies between a mile he is out in the middle of nowhere with nobody else around, and around 200-300 feet in a crowded city with loads of people, since the sheer amount of thought going on kinda "blurs out" anything further away than that

The Telekinesis
If Bob's Telepathy is subtle his Telekinesis makes up for it by being especially showy and noisy, even by telekinetic standards. Whist Telekinesis is generally a very precise power, Bob's variant  tends to be more out of control and volatile

Overwhelming firepower:
Ironically Bob's most spectacularly powerful ability is also the one that is easiest for him to use. It's basically powerful continuous "push" not unlike a gust of wind or underwater current, but far more powerful. Basically bob pushes everything in one area  in one direction. Unlike the regular variety of telekinesis, This one makes no distinctions between objects and is quite the "all or nothing" kind of power. It is very hard to make exceptions. For example if Bob wants to save a policeman buried under a pile of rubble, he would have to direct his power very careful to avoid tossing the policeman away with the rubble. Using this ability to help a friend who's tied up in a fight against a masked marauder, would probably result in the two of them being  reduced to a wet spot against a wall, in fact it would most likely collapse the wall as well. In short, avoiding "friendly fire" whilst using this power is very hard in the best case scenario and bordering on impossible in stressful situations. However, the unwieldiness of this ability seem to be directly in proportion to it's power. If Bob unleashed it at it's peak it would more or less be at the same level as a tidal-wave or hurricane. The effective range of this power is more or less up to about half a mile, but due to how destructive it actually is, it's a bit like trying to kill flies with handgrenades or flamethrowers if used at maximum range

This is a little stunt Bob learned to perform since his first ability is rather "impractical" for anything other than large-scale demolition. It lets our hero  use his telekinesis to create a telekinetic "bubble" containing pressure that explodes outward. This trick is far less powerful than his destructive telekinetic "waves" but at the same time it is far easier to control, both in terms of range and power. These "Tele-bomb's" can vary in strength between just about powerful enough to smash a window at it's weakest and powerful enough to knock over trees and shoddily built houses at it's strongest. The radius of the explosions wary between half a meter to ten meters.

Tele-dmod, Tele-crunch or Tele-suck, or whatever: (Bob isn't sure what to call this one, as he's a tad worried that it'd be used as a punchline, Ignoring the fact that his entire persona is a bit of a punchline)
More or less the opposite of Tele-Bomb, but working along the same principles. Instead of exploding outward, they suck everything in the designated area towards the center, int o a big ol' pile, crunching it together, a bit like a super-powered vaccuum-cleaner It's about as powerful as the Tele-bomb, but there is one key difference, and that is that Bob is capable of keeping the suction-effect up for up to a minute, though this is far more straining. The power and area-of-effect of the Tele-Suck is about the same as the tele-Bomb, and he usually uses one to set up the other

Power float:
No telekinetic worth his salt is unable to at least hover a bit, and so, Bob can of course use his telekinesis to fly. He is capable of flying about 50-60 MPH at max speeds, but the faster he goes the less aerial mobility he has. Also, for some reason, the effectiveness of this power is halved if he doesn't sit in a standard meditation-pose whilst hovering

Bob can use his telekinesis to create shields of telekinetic force. These shields are not solid walls, but more akin to wind, or a magnetic repelling. For example if a someone threw a baseball at Bob's Tele-shield, it would not  bounce, as if it hit an invisible plexiglass, but rather it would be pushed away, as if blown away by a powerful, sudden gust of wind. The effectiveness of the shield is based on mass rather than force, so for example, the bullet from an M-60 would be easier to divert than thrown rock, since the rock has more mass. But both of these would have an easier time to penetrate the shield than lightning, lasers or a flamethrower, since these have even less mass. The shields are powerful enough to stand up to anything up to and including an SUV or Pickup-truck

The Weaknesses

GeneralOuch, my spleen!:Bob is naught but human, and a rather old and unfit one at that. He will succumb to things that kill other humans

Back In the 90s I was in a very famous TV-show:
Back In the 90s he was in a very famous TV-show. This may not always be a bad thing, but in the Heroeing businesses the con's definitely outweighs the pro's First of all, there is a very large chance that most people know who Bob is as soon as they see him and more importantly what kind of powers he has, not to mention that anonymity is more or less an unattainable dream for our hero since an approximate background and biography for our hero is a Google-search away for anyone with an internet-connection.

While Bob's show had been extremely popular when it ran, it has later been branded as a terrible, tacky, cheap, lowbrow travesty. Bob himself has become lampooned as a shameless sellout, by fans and foes alike. In fact, it has gone so far that a psychic that is perceived to "sell out" is called a Bob.
"Do you know a telepath that would be able to interrogate this mutant scorpion super-murderer?"
"Yeah, I know a guy, but he's a Bob, so you better have your wallet ready"


Psychic beacon: Whenever Bob uses his telepathy, he emits a sort of low-level psychic "background noise" to those within his sphere of influence. Those that have been affected by his powers numerous times can learn to recognize this "noise" and be aware that he's up to something. Not only that, but those that are really astute can use it to track his current location. People who have psychic powers of their own will probably note the "noise" right away, even if it's the first time of using his ability. If a fellow psychic knows his particular "noise" and has the appropriate powers they can potentially know his approximate whereabouts whenever he uses his telepathy from hundreds of miles away.

Psychic incontinence: If Bob overuses his telepathic powers in combat situations, he might start to accidentally broadcast snippets of his own thoughts and feelings to those within range. The results of this can vary significantly from mildly annoying to devastating, if he, for example would reveal his strategy for taking down an opponent, a potential ambush or the fact that he's currently bluffing

Tinfoil: Lining your hat with Tinfoil actually gives you resistance to Bob's Telepathic abilities. However, this only works if the tinfoil is worn directly over the head. Sitting in an aluminum car does nothing, nor does wearing a cool aluminum helmet. It must be tinfoil. Because that's how psychic powers work. Lining Bob's head with Tinfoil prevents him from using any and all Telepathy (occasionally he uses this disadvantage to his advantage by shutting out psychicness while he sleeps)

You can hear me?: Bob's ability to communicate with ghosts, spirits and the otherwise corporeally disadvantaged may seem like an awesome ability, but it does get a bit tiresome when a pushy ghost shows up and tries to bully him into finishing whatever unfinished business she needs to finish before crossing over to the other side, merely decides to hang around and incessantly chatter to one of the only people that can actually hear her or Perhaps she just want someone to help them watch "Robo-cop". Whilst this is not a life-threatening problem, it does get rather annoying after a while

Beep boop, son. Beep boop.
His telepathy does not work on robots or computers since they aren't alive in the realest sense of the world. For some reason this immunity doesn't include vampires, ghosts or other undead "has-beens"


Overwhelming force: When it comes to his Telekinesis Bob's problem is not raw power, he has that to spare, but rather how to hold back. In a way it's a bit like trying to eat icecream with an excavator or hammer in nails with a wrecking-ball

Psychic incontinence II The electric boogaloo:If Bob overuses his Telekinesis in a stressful situation, there will be sideffects. Initially it will be rather harmless in the form of  small tremors, tiny, unsecured objects moving or falling and windows cracking, but if Bob persists in using his powers these effects will increase proportionally

The Items

He relies far more on his powers than any items. However, he does wear a bullet-proof vest and wears assorted concealed protection (kneepads for example) underneath his clothing. None of this apart from the vest would however be considered even low-tier military grade

The Minions

Not a minion per se, but he's got an agent called McArthur Parker that hasn't called him in 8 years.
He also, occasionally have his grandkids living with him. He desperately wants them to think he's cool but they won't and most likely never will.

The Fluff

He's an independantly wealthy, somewhat famous (not always in a good way) and an occasional answer on trivia-shows and pub-quizzes

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Wonderful Bob Empty Re: Wonderful Bob

Post by MissingAxis on June 1st 2019, 12:49 am

Hey, Troggy. I'm incredibly sorry that it's taken so long to get to your app.

Everything looks great, and I enjoyed reading Wonderful Bob's sheet.

The only things I'd like to see edited in are some mentions of the range or reach of the powers Don't talk, Feel, Intuitive Empathy, and Overwhelming Firepower. Once you've elaborated a little bit there, I'd be happy to approve Wonderful Bob.

Once again, I apologize for missing your app when it was posted and I'm sorry you've had to wait so long to get this looked at.

Forum Moderator

P.S. You've got some broken BBcode in the middle there.
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Wonderful Bob Empty Re: Wonderful Bob

Post by MissingAxis on June 10th 2019, 6:49 pm

Approved and moved.

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