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Rylie Empty Rylie

Post by Shadowoof on May 1st 2019, 1:12 pm


"I got a bone to pick with you! Wait- Maybe."

The Bio

Real Name: ?????
Hero Name: Rylie
Title: The mock Angel.
Alignment: CG
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: Mock Angel.
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5'7
Weight: 134 lbs
Blood type: ????

The Looks

The Personality
Rylie isn't actually sure what her personality is. She isn't openly rude. Nor is she confused and lost. She understands a great many deal of things, but at the same time, doesn't fully grasp everything. She is generally confused, but also knows that her being is that of good, so she attempts to be polite and nice to everyone she meets, and often will not see in the innate bad in anyone, but will need verbal or visual signs to see that someone is not a good person.

The Story
Rylie was not born Rylie. She was much rather made Rylie, by an estranged cult that loved all things demonic, collected a vast amount of totems and relics that belonged to a great many deal of demonic personalities, for they did not see one demon. They saw all demons. They saw the King of hell, the Queen, Queens if one was to be plural about it, of hells far and wide, named and not named. Even the lords. From a crow to a being of darkness and madness and so much more.

They saw law and order. Beings not of this world, yet very much apart of it, this cult hunted and searched and begged and stole and thrived on all things related to these demonic beings. The why, is lost to time, for the cult had been made by a half-demon, who praised his father above all, yet never knew the demon, so he sought to find him. He did not succeed, but his efforts had been noticed by some, and that some followed in his path, and those some were noticed by more, and they in turn followed, till finally, the cult was formed, just with the ideal of learning and recording all demon culture.

And in their search, many of them realized there was so much more in the world then just demons and Meta's. From every kind of supernatural entity and beyond, their small minds were baffled. For the thoughts of why should they be so boring, so normal compared to all the other creatures out there. So the cult took it in their own interest to further themselves beyond what they were, but nothing so easy as a vampire or werewolf. No. They wanted to be demons.

And that, led to Rylie. Some of the cult argued how to do it. Did they summon a demon? No, for summoning a demon meant the control was out of their hands. They needed something that belonged to them, that they could make. So they decided they'd make a demon. But how? This question plagued minds for years, till one came up with an idea.

If they could not make a demon from nothing, then they'd make something from demons. Now, demon corpses were not an easy thing to come across, nor was the magic they thought they'd need for this ritual to work. But one thing they all agreed on was that they needed a pure being. This, is where the sacrifice came in, a young girl, pure in body, heart and soul, taken from her home and made to be part of a ritual she didn't understand. Now they had the girl, they spent years collecting everything else, keeping her locked in a cage during the time, till finally, they were ready. Corpses of demons from all over the realms of hells, magic they didn't nor cared to understand, and a young girl, thrown together in a foul ritual that in all rights should not have made what it did.

But it had made something. It'd be days later that the ice that had consumed the facility the ritual had taken place in melted, days where the corpses of all the cultist thawed, and a young woman walked out, unsure, yet knowing. Not a demon, no. But something- angelic. A perverted creature of what had been used to make her. She. It was rather simple to her anyway. She. Was Rylie.

The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 3
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Power 1: Raging cold: A magic that Rylie controls, she is capable of creating a magic in the form of ice from nothing, be it a cold cone of shards and wind that can freeze objects, or solid constructs she can manipulate, forming them originally as balls of spiraling ice, when she breaks it open via crushing them by her hands or smashing them against something, these balls become whatever it is she desired whiten reason, a cold trap that encases someone in a temporary freeze. A circle of sharp icicles that surround her or move forwards in a wave of icy death, or even an axe or spear, cold to the touch and sharp at it's point.

Power 2: Truest sight: Rylie is capable of seeing all. She instinctively just knows what you are. A demon in disguise. A vampire hiding their fangs, a wolf hidden under human skin, a invisible woman, not so invisible, a reality altering specter that demands you see them as something else. She will always see what you are, exactly. (PM based.)

Power 3: De-gel Strength: Rylie cannot lift things for the life of her, she can maybe get 20 kilograms in a lift, but punch? She can punch and crush things with ease to a limit, that limit being dense titanium. She can punch and rip apart a tank given enough time and effort, but often she pulls back her punches so that she could punch normal people without sending them to the hospital. Right away.

Power 4: Durable to the conditions: Rylie's body is highly durable to the conditions, those being extreme heats and colds, now while she can walk on fire, in the midst of a freezing snow storm, she does have limits, but it'd take quite the height of one or the other to even affect her, and because of this, her body's also resilient to physical trauma and duress, able to take quite a beating and still get back up, which also allows her to punch things without too much worry.

Power 5: Look! A speedster!: Rylie is not incredibly fast, but she is quick to respond, incredibly, highly so. She can respond to those moving at speeds that exceed human sight.

Power 6: Enchanting allure: Rylie is able to just... Entrance, all those around her. Their minds are suddenly filled with desire or want, love and affection for the mock angel, their thoughts can be filled with nothing more then her, passion, in whatever way they show it. (Player permission. Feel free to not be allured.)

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Eww! What is that: Holy water. You heard right. Holy water or, what Rylie thinks is Holy water, is completely able to melt her ice and her ability to meld more ice as long as a single drop touches her skin. As long as she believes it's holy water, her ice ability becomes mute till she believes herself free of the vile liquid.

Weakness 2: They know: Demons, angels and all half breeds of the two beings are not even touched by Rylies allure. As if she was just herself to them, it is useless for her to even attempt to use her ability to distract these kinds of beings.

Weakness 3: While she is durable to physical trauma, bullets, swords and the like can completely and easily cut into Rylie, she has no defense against bladed weapons and sharp objects.

Weakness 4: Take the eyes: By damaging or blinding Rylie, she cannot see the true form of things, she also can not tell the true form of something not in her sight, or anyone behind a screen, basically, a photo of a fairy that looks human will look like a normal person to her, unless she knows they are a fairy beforehand, this includes film, tv, live cameras and phones. (Also a side note, anyone that wishes not be known, she simply blanks on what they are.)

Weakness 5: Bad memories: Any telepath that can bring about Rylies memories will always pull the memories of the many dead demons that were used to create hers, causing Rylie to go into a catatonic state as she lives though aspects of the many, many demons that made her, often lying on the ground to mutter and twitch for several moments.

Weakness 6: I really don't like heights: Rylie is actually quite scared of being up anyway, with even looking at small drops can tend to give her vertigo, leaving her somewhere extremely high can practically paralyze the poor thing.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff
Angels, demons and all half breeds of the two will undeniably understand that Rylie isn't. Normal. It could just be a feeling, a sense, a chill of the spine, whatever it may be, all of these creatures know that Rylie isn't normal. That she is... Something.

Rylie is a strange healer, in that after a few hours rest, be it in the dirt or on a bed, all her wounds will begin to repair themselves. She can even be killed, but as long as she is left alone, she will return, and can often be seen walking after these hours of rest, despite many grievous injuries, which are slowly repairing themselves.

She is an innate fighter. While her technique is nothing to write home about, she understands how to fight with both her fists and weapons and knows how to fight well enough, and is very willing to fight.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Rylie Empty Re: Rylie

Post by Dubloon on May 3rd 2019, 1:55 am

Approved until stated otherwise o/

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Rylie Empty Re: Rylie

Post by Silus on July 5th 2019, 6:00 pm

Temporarily on hold Razz

Rylie Lucife10
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