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Ethernet Empty Ethernet

Post by FantasyBound on April 29th 2019, 1:29 am


Real Name: Walter  "Wally" Wallace Raydon
Hero Name: Ethernet
Title: The True Conduit, 1-Up Man
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human(???)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light blue
Height: 5’ 06”
Weight: 134 lbs.
Blood type: AB-


Ethernet Latest?cb=20150519184247


- Quiet, but curious. Walter will often find something he likes about every person he see's, either if it's there shoes, there smile, or the fact that they only have nine toes. He doesn't seem to be very confident in anything he does, unsure if that was exactly how many people were in the room, how much he outputted on his energy bursts, or if they liked all black coffee or with two scoops of sugar and milk. This low confidence attitude makes him have a hard time taking orders, mostly because he believes he can't do anything right, but this doesn't often get in the way of him trying to do what he is told. He seems to be someone who can easily be manipulated, which isn't incorrect, he is quite gullible and easy to fool, but mostly because he trusts a bit too easily.

- His ingrained belief's and values overrule his outward actions, and if such information should be granted to someone, they would understand perfectly how Walter thinks. He alway's believes in second chances, there is hardly anyone in the world who doesn't deserve them. He believes in the value of the group over the individual, no matter the stakes, he may challenge this but in the end he believes this to be the highest priority, and will likely follow this path in the end. He hates killing, avoiding it at all costs and relying on others to do the dirty deed for him, if at all possible, he will try and make multiple offers to surrender mid combat. He notably has a fear of failure and an unnatural phobia of the number four, four of anything disturbs him deeply for no innate reason, apparently it is a stress developed condition.


Walter grew up as an incredibly normal and average kid. Maybe a few things were a little weird with him, like how he was had a phobia of the number four, but otherwise, pretty ordinary from an outsiders perspective...

He had two parent's, no sibling's, and a few friends. He grew up pretty middle class, Dad always left to work after Walter left to school, mom also left for work with dad. He understood a few things about his life, it never seemed to change, it always seemed... the same. How, strange.

One day, nobody was home, heck, half the home wasn't there, it was destroyed, he had nowhere to go... Well, there was one place...

More history will be added at a later date, explaining more and more of his curious existence


1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

1. Empathy
2. Intelligence
3. Willpower
4. Awareness


The Ethernet
Walter's namesake ability, and one that he seemingly has only scratched the surface of. To the naked eye, the string's of 'Ether' are invisible and intangible unless he specifically wishes them to be so, which then they are described to be somewhat as smooth as glass, but sticky, and have a myriad of color's that constantly shift, pulsating with energy that surges through them. He is able to generate these strings from his finger's, first having to stick his finger tip to the surface he wishes to use his powers on, they will stick to whatever he touches, and that's were the fun begins...
(All power's below are considered permission based)

-Thumb, The "Enhancer" Finger-
With this finger, Walter can overcharge normal, genetic, and magical ability's. Anything really can be overcharged, even basic objects, becoming more efficient, faster, powerful. At his current state of strength, he can only go up to 50% enhance without injury, going as far as double would cause burns, anything further risks a missing digit.

-Index, The "Communicator" Finger-
With this finger, Walter is able to transfer thought's, sounds, smell's, and other sensory stimuli. This is mainly used for communication, and can't be used to attack someone.

-Middle, The "Hinderance" Finger-
With this finger, he can do the reverse of the enhance finger, he can reduce anything in contact with this string by 50% power. But also can try and overcharge this ability.

-Ring, The "Transference" Finger-
With this finger, Walter may transfer things in between two people, this one may include himself, and the transference can range to a lot of things, be it memories, physical ability's, powers, skill, and even damage. One receives what the other loses, and things can be traded.

-Pinky, The "Manipulator" Finger-
The final finger, Walter can connect this to any object, and as long as it is not connected to anything connected to the ground(A building for example, is connected, a truck is not), he can move whatever on the other side is around, no matter the mass of it.


Range: Walter has only so far a range that his powers may still be effective, up to a range of 100 feet does his ability's stay in effect, any further and the strings will snap.

Limit: Walter may only have 1 string per finger attached to a person.

Denied Caller: The Index and Ring finger affects require willing individual's in order to work, an unwilling person cannot be affected by these powers.

Not me I guess..: Walter cannot affect himself with the enhancement string, so no enhanced strength or nothing like that!

They uh, still can be seen: Most magic users with sensory enhancement can see the strings still, and be able to tell who has what string.

Sweetheart: He is not hard at all to trick, most attempts at such things get pretty easily passed, and he seems to more often then not fall utterly for illusions.


Nothing really, pretty basic clothing and such. And a rare marble.


Undeniably strange: He seems to have sufficient funds, from... Somewhere.

Fear: Yup, scared of the number four this guy.

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Ethernet Empty Re: Ethernet

Post by Chellizard on May 7th 2019, 7:09 pm

Approved and moved.

I love this concept!

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