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Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie)

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Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie) Empty Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie)

Post by Zonkes April 15th 2019, 6:09 pm


"When you've been alone as long as I have, you learn to cope."

The Bio

Real Name: People started calling her “Gabbie” after she entered earths atmosphere, though she likes to be called Gravvy.
Villain Name: Radiant
Title: The Empty
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Unknown, looks to be around 16.
Gender: N/A (Female form)
Race: Sentient-Black Hole
Hair: Black with glowing orange bits making it look orangish brown
Eyes: Orange and Red Irises with Black Sclera
Height: 4'8”
Weight: Incalcalulable, but tries to keep it around 50k lbs in order to appease the humans.
Blood type:

The Looks

The Personality

A being of intense curiosity, maddening hunger, and crushing loneliness; Gravvy isn’t what you would call “well-adjusted,”  her demeanor may seem teenager like, but it belays an ancient and primal knowledge.

Gravvy is cold and distant. She focuses on nothing but getting her next meal. Though she can get close to people, her hunger tends to get in the way of any real friendships. After all, who wants to hang out with a girl who can eat twice her weight in literally anything, and still be hungry? Especially when her weight is already 50,000 pounds.

The Story

Floating out in space, alone and subsisting off of the cosmic dust around it; there sat a black hole. There it sat for, hundreds of millions of years. Until a meteor flew past, and upon sucking in the strange rock; the thing was transformed into information. Matter transmogrified into information. Lifeless destruction turned into sentient life.

At first, Gravvy was unsure as to how she could have come into existence. She spent a significant amount of time pondering it, over 3,000 years she thought and finally came to a simple conclusion. She had no idea, and she genuinely didn't care.

She flew through space, eating nearly everything in her path. Planets, non-sentient aliens, etc. She genuinely didn't care. That was until she stumbled upon a silly little blue and green world. It had a lifeform called "Humans." They were wonderful creatures. At least as intelligent as her, and she became one of them. She landed on earth a couple years back and found herself able to sustain herself much easier.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Living Black Hole - Gravvy is very unlike most aliens you see. This is because she was never meant to be alive. Gravvy was born as a star died. You see, she’s a black hole, literally. This grants her abilities one might not expect.

Gravitational Manipulation -  A power with a big reputation, but for Gravvy has less teeth than it used to. Gravvy can use this ability similarly in function to telekinesis. She is capable of lifting upwards of 10,000 tons and increasing the weight on particular objects by a modifier of times 3. This power does not allow to move objects from side to side, however it does allow her to move objects inward, upward, and downward. Forward momentum requires outside force. Vacuum - Gravvy can use her own gravitational range to attract things toward her maw. At this point in time, the max amount of mass she can draw is 2 tons.

1 post in - The vacuum pulls in only 130 pounds.
2 posts in - Up to 600 pounds.  
3 posts in - Full charge.

At 1 post, the matter is pulled towards Gravvy where she can then hit them as she pleases. Any matter that is below 50 pounds is sucked in.
At 2 posts, the matter starts to get damaged from the suction. Depending on the durability of the matter - say wood - it might be torn apart. Living matter and things tougher than steel just get injured slightly.
At 3 posts, the matter is completely spaghettified if it is within her weight class. (IN NO WAY CAN THIS CAUSE MORE BLACK HOLES) (VACUUMING IS PERMISSION BASED)

Density - Gravvy is incredibly dense, to the point where hitting her is similar to beating something more akin to a wall of force than a human girl. Because of this, her defense is near impenetrable, essentially making physical attacks useless against her.

Omnivore - Gravvy can eat nearly anything she likes with no ill effect. In addition to this, she can eat up to 20 times her own weight before even feeling satisfied.

Energy Ingestion - If Gravvy directs her power, she can devour power from devices like cell phones, energy weapons, and generators can be sucked up and consumed as well. This does not work on constructed energy like magic, meta-generated fire, etc. The device has to be touching her skin for this to work.

Photon Ingestion - In the same way, Gravvy can devour energy; she can also devour photons. Creating a completely dark environment in a matter of seconds. This has a range of 50 feet.

Levitation - Gravvy can manipulate her own gravitational field to levitate around 10 feet off the ground and move at 35 MPH.

 Space-Flight - In space, Gravvy can fly comfortably at speeds of upwards of Mach 32.

The Weaknesses

Gravitational Manipulation  - As a black hole, fine control is not something one would necessarily expect, and Gravvy confirms this. Picking things up gently and pulling it towards her, is nearly impossible. Things tend to break when she does that. In addition, moving things away from her, as in, throwing objects or even moving things from left to right is very, very difficult; if not outright impossible.

Density - Density causes many problems for Gravvy on earth. Many things are flat out impossible for her. Riding on elevators for instance. Flying on planes, swimming, anything that her weight and density would have a direct effect on.

Density 2 - Magical attacks can cut through her defenses like hot butter.

Omnivore - Due to the dispersal of Hawking radiation, Gravvy requires 20 times more matter ingestion on average for daily use than a human.

Energy/Photon Ingestion - Energy overdose - Gravvy can actually overeat energy. The more power she eats, the slower she gets. Also, she devours all energy she comes in contact with. If she takes up the power of a large coal furnace; she will start to fall asleep.  

Vacuum - Any sort of attack will stop all forward progress on the vacuum.

Levitation - Maneuverability while levitating is nearly impossible for Gravvy, as she can’t use her gravitational manipulation to sway her direction to the left or right, and thus must shift her weight from side to side. This can cause many issues. If she leans too much, she will crash, move too little and she won't be able to turn at all, as stated before; fine control is certainly not her strong suit.

Space-Flight - Limited to the vacuum of space.

Space-Flight - Having a low turn rate already, and a rather short reaction time means that she can't really stop if an obstacle comes her way.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Survivability - In space, Gravvy doesn't need oxygen, and can see as if there was a bright light in front of her. Also; solar radiation is absorbed.

Orbit - She has her own orbit and can make small objects float around her as if they were planets orbiting a star.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie) Empty Re: Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie)

Post by MissingAxis April 16th 2019, 6:55 pm

Hey, Zonkes. There's just a few points I'd like to see clarification on before we continue.

Living Black Hole - Are all of Gravvy's powers filed under this, or is it intended to provide other powers of its own?

Gravitational Manipulation - I'm uncertain about the function of this power. If it operates similarly to telekinesis, does this mean she can throw, push, lift, pull, etc upwards of 10,000 tons from a distance? Please clarify where (if at all) it differs from being telekinesis, and specify the range of the power. If she is actually increasing the physical weight of an object, I would consider that a separate power as well.

Vacuum - This seems like something her Gravitational Manipulation power should be able to accomplish, but I'll await clarification on Gravitational Manipulation. However, I'd still like to see a range specified for Vacuum.

Energy/Photon Ingestion - This feels like two powers: one for casting an area in darkness, and the other for draining power from objects. Additionally, there is no radius/range specified.

Vacuum - The charging time should be specified under the power portion of Vacuum, in my opinion. Additionally, what happens to a 131 pound object when she attempts to Vacuum it at 1-post charge level? Is the object totally unaffected, does it simply move towards Gravvy slower than a 65 pound object? In other words, is Gravvy vacuuming up all objects within the bounds of the weight limit, or exerting a force equivalent to moving a 130 pound object at say a meter per second?

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Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie) Empty Re: Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie)

Post by MissingAxis April 16th 2019, 10:54 pm

Approved and moved.
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Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie) Empty Re: Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie)

Post by inquisitor May 24th 2024, 4:39 pm

Moved for edits. Archived copy.:
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Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie) Empty Re: Radiant (Gravvy/Gabbie)

Post by Sponsored content

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