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Ryan McLiel & The Ghost

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Ryan McLiel & The Ghost Empty Ryan McLiel & The Ghost

Post by bigman3 April 13th 2019, 11:55 pm



Ryan McLiel

"If you got a little luck, and a few tricks..."


The Bio

   Real Name: Ryan McLiel
   Renegade Name: McLiel & Ghost
   Title: The Ghost and his Pal
   Alignment: Neutral Good
   Age: 24
   Gender: Male
   Race: Caucasian
   Hair: Brown, Curly,
   Eyes: Blue
   Height: 5'11
   Weight: 160
   Blood type: B+

The Looks
Ryan McLiam: An assuming man, average height, average weight, typically wears a dark brown bomber jacket, a white henley, and dark work pants.

The Ghost: A small translucent blue wisp with a cartoonish facial outline and little spikes on the top resembling hair.

The Personality

Ryan McLiel: A selfish, gambler, rogue who in the end will do the right thing, but usually isn't too concerned with morals as long as it pays the right price.

The Ghost: An equally selfish who does not always seek out to do the right thing but usually will if McLiel wants him too, he is also very sarcastic.

The Story

A spirit came from space and was on the run in San Francisco. It eventually found its way into a casino and saw Ryan McLiel at a poker table. For some reason, he went to McLiel's table and checked everyone's hand in secret, he then hopped into Ryan McLiel's head and helped him win the game and clear out the casino all night long, and since then they have been best friends, doing what they can to make money and sometimes do what is right.

The Priority

   1. Endurance
   2. Agility
   3. Strength
   4. Reaction

The Powers

Ryan McLiel and The Ghost have a special mind link, where they can read each others thoughts and communicate through this.
The Ghost can posses objects and electronics
The Ghost can float
The Ghost can turn invisible
The Ghost can unleash a super sonic scream
The Ghost can posses Ryan McLiel and give him increased strength, allow him to fly, pass through walls, enhance his senses.

The Weaknesses

Ryan McLiel has basic human weaknesses when not possessed
Bright Lights aimed directly at The Ghost can stun it or hurt it greatly
Bright Lights aimed at The Ghost while possessing Ryan McLiel can cause them to separate
When Ryan is possessed, his senses can be overloaded quickly by very loud sounds, very strong smells, etc. at once

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Ryan McLiel speaks in white text, but speaks in italics when talking to The Ghost through their mental link.
The Ghost speaks in this color text
Together they speak in this color
The RP Sample

In an underground bar in San Francisco, a high stakes poker game is going on, featuring many dangerous, and questionable characters, the dim light shines down on the backroom in a table of 5 people, 3 of them have all folded, while only two players remain for a pot of 50,000 dollars...
"Hey ghostee, what does Danny boy got over their?"
"Uhh, let me check...all crap, go all in!"
"Alright, I'm trusting you on this one..."
Ryan pushes his cash forward looking cocky and confident, and reveals his 5,6,7,8,9 club flush, while the whole table gasps. The thug called "Danny Boy" shows his hand but reveals something not crap, its an A,K,Q,J,10 of diamonds, which was not wanted was expected.
"What the h*ll man!? I'm out a ton of money now!"
"He switched the cards on us I swear, before he only had an J,10,K and 3 and 4, I swear"
"That's all I needed to hear"
"Wait, what're you gonna do?
Ryan then stood up quickly putting both his hands on the table leaning over. "You dirty little cheater! You switched the cards on us!
"You're and idiot"
Then Danny got up, walked over to Ryan and said "How would you know I did that unless you was the cheater?" He then got even closer and leaned over Ryan, revealing how much taller and way more intimidating he was. As the two stared down, the others at the table got up and began to draw weapons at Ryan.
"Hey ghost!" Ryan shouted out loud.
"Yea, I know..."
Danny went to grab Ryan but then Ryan went right through him.
"Ooh you really are an angry big man"
The bullets began to fly and Ryan turned invisible as the shooting died out. Then one of the goons noticed a floating pile of cash and shouted "He's trying to make a break for it, get him!" The cash dropped as Ryan turned visible and flew behind the men and disarmed them one by one and then quickly knocked them over.
"We'll be taking what's ours now"
Ryan began to pick up the cash as his Ghost left his body and began to float next to him. Ryan turned around slowly putting his hands up and dropping the cash on the floor.
"Now whose the tough guy here" the goon threatened laughing manically, then quickly the ghost launched out and latched on to the gun and caused it to launch away.
"I'll be taking what I earned now..."Ryan said as he leaned over to pick his cash back up, "Have a good night douchebag!" Ryan shouted as he and his ghost walked out.



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Ryan McLiel & The Ghost Empty Re: Ryan McLiel & The Ghost

Post by MissingAxis April 16th 2019, 7:46 pm

Hey, bigman3. Welcome back to the site.

Right now, your character appears to have eight powers and three weaknesses.

The powers I see:
-The Ghost's possession
-The Ghost's floating/levitation
-The Ghost's invisibility
-The Ghost's scream
-Increased strength through possession
-Flight through possession
-Passing through walls via possession
-Enhanced senses via possession

The weaknesses I see:
Bright lights stun the Ghost
Bright lights separate the Ghost and Ryan
Ryan's sensory overload when possessed

The power/weakness ratio will need to be balanced out before we can proceed. Additionally, please clarify what the Ghost can accomplish when possessing an object, what the supersonic scream does, the extent of the strength and flight that Ryan gains when possessed, and how much the Ghost enhances Ryan's senses.

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