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The Organization

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The Organization Empty The Organization

Post by inquisitor on April 13th 2019, 4:40 pm

Name Of the Group: The Organization

Color of the Group: Silver

Description/Goal: Technically, The Organization exists to wipe out terrorists and supervillians. Realisticaly, they kill anyone who gets in the way of their actual goal. Which, depending on who you ask, is either world domination, to make money, or just for the thrill of the kill. As it stands, the current leader of The Organization, a man known only as The Boss, is content on working towards all three.

History: Founded at around the same time as the SIS, The Organization immediatly started work towards wiping out terrorists and megalomaniacs. For the past hundred or so years, the kept to the job fairly well. That changed, though, when The Boss took over. After the last Boss of The Organization died in a raid against a supervillian, The Boss took over and immediatly "retired" those loyal to The Organizations original purpose. He then consolidated his power, and turned The Organization towards expanding it's funds, mostly by taking contracts for assassinations, but also by helping supervillians and warlords do their dirty work.

Members/Roster: The Boss: Currently the head of The Organization, The Boss has ultimate say in all missions, and the "retirement" of any Assets or Staff that want to leave.
Staff: The largest workforce of The Organization, the Staff are vanilla humans who do all the grunt work. They are weaponsmiths, lab techs, cannon fodder. Anything that doesn't require augmentations or Special Forces training, really.
Assets: The elite troops of The Organization, Assets are assassins, snipers, demonlitions specalists, and anything else The Organization needs special training in to complete a contract. All Assets are modified, and answer directly to The Boss.
Victor Shaw, Subject 1321: Offically RETIRED, Victor Shaw left The Organization shortly after The Boss took over command. A "retirment" team hasn't met with him yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Any other info: The Organization has bases all over the world. Normally, they're placed with office buildings. Sometimes, however, they buy a house or plot of land, which they then build a bunker on, and use that as a base.

Wealth: The Boss has made numerous investments in stock markets all over the world, and owns several mines. All the money made goes towards either finacing The Organization, or is put back into investments, to make more money.

Status :

Quote : Fellas, you can walk out of here on your own two legs, or the EMTs can wheel you out on stretchers. Make the right choice. -Gavin Clough

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 36
Location : Exterminating a Heretical Planet in the name of the Holy Emperor.
Age : 28
Job : Inquisitor
Humor : Not child friendly.
Registration date : 2019-03-30

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