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Forge Work and Contemplations(OPEN)

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Forge Work and Contemplations(OPEN) - Page 2 Empty Re: Forge Work and Contemplations(OPEN)

Post by inquisitor on July 4th 2019, 12:25 am

Gavin pulled his hand back from her, and tilted his head, as he turned to look at Ryzo. He gave himself a shake at the words that seeped into his head, and then focused on the Princess again.

"Right. Elf Princess with a talking wolf and magic bow. Right," he muttered to himself, as he blinked, forcing himself to remember that this was the world he lived in now. He took a steadying breath, and tilted his head back for a moment, before lowering it, to stare at Miri again. "That was steel. And, thank you. I always try to maintain the purity of the metals I work with. And, of course. No more turning into steel around you," he replied, before offering her a hand, flesh and blood. "The police will be along to my place, after I call them. Let's get you and the ladies, and this pile of human-garbage there, where we can wait for them. Then, I'll bring them back here. They'll have a better chance of finding your bow."

Gavin lowered his hammer to the ground, and then offered both hands to Miri, to help her to her feet. "Let's get you all moving. I'll carry him, and we can get a move on. Shouldn't take but a couple hours to get to my place."

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Forge Work and Contemplations(OPEN) - Page 2 Empty Re: Forge Work and Contemplations(OPEN)

Post by Chellizard on July 4th 2019, 5:03 pm

Mirshann understood his plans, and would have been behind them, if it weren't for her undying mistrust of people in uniform. She would accept his help now that he was no longer steel.

"Odd that it would hurt me. Perhaps composition changes at the surface level? Hm. Interesting, indeed." she was thinking on it, and maybe it was because she didn't have her bow. Not having her bow was typically the answer to a lot of things.

She would limp down the stairs, her ankle still busted up. Part of her wondered where the bow could be. It can't just vanish like that. It has to be somewhere. Clearly this big waste of space had given it away to someone. She hoped, at least.

Mirshann would then look to the women and motion for them to come with her.

"Let us go. We will have you to a safe place soon. No more terror for you ladies tonight." Even though the three of them were complete strangers at the beginning of this night, all taken from a mutual night club, they had formed a bond. The three of them moved together, making sure they were all okay as they made it to the old beat up truck. Mirshann climbed in first, sitting down on the truck bed. Ryzo would hop up, his form shifting to that of a German Shepard, and sit next to her, panting softly as he relaxed.

With help, if offered, the girls would get into the back of the truck and huddle together. The tailgate shutting was the last time these girls were would be shut into a small space together. It brought them relief.


Everything else was a blur. Mirshann leaned her head into Ryzo and caught a few Z's while she slept. She felt safe with her canine companion at her side. This trip in the back of a pickup truck being much less frightening than her first trip in the back of this truck.

She stirred awake to the flashing red and blue of the lights, her arms hugging around of Ryzo as she buried herself into his fur. She did not want to be taken. Hopefully Gavin would make sure only the three girls were taken, and not her. Despite how badly hurt she looked.

The police weren't gruff, per say, but they were definitely more commanding. Miri was silent, and let Gavin handle the situation. He was definitely more attune to handling these more modern world guards.

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Forge Work and Contemplations(OPEN) - Page 2 Empty Re: Forge Work and Contemplations(OPEN)

Post by inquisitor on July 4th 2019, 11:31 pm

"Steel is an alloy of iron and tin. That might be why," he offered, as he helped her up, and to the truck. After the three ladies were safe in the truck as well, he gathered the kidnapper, still tied up with the lengths of steel, and dumped him, not gently, into the passenger seat of the truck. Once he was sure everyone was settled, he drove the truck back through the woods, to his home, and led the three club-goers inside. He called the police, and informed them of that he needed them as soon as they were able. He left Miri asleep in the truck, with Ryzo, and, when the police arrived, met them at his door, with the kidnapper sitting infront of him.

The six officers that pulled up were familiar with Gavin, as he had made it a point to meet the local cops at the precent when he moved in, to demonstrate his powers, in an effort to cut down on mistakes in the future, and, after the big man explained to them what had happened, he removed the length of steel from the kidnappers wrists, let the cops take him, and then led the three women out to them as well. He never mentioned Miri, and only mentioned Ryzo in passing, offering that the wolf had probably been another Hero who had needed help, and had left as soon as the work was done.

Once two of the cruisers had left, Gavin turned to the two police officers that were left, and sighed softly in relief. One was a Sergeant who had asked him for help before, and the other was a rookie officer, a fresh face on the Chicago police force.

"I didn't want to mention it while those others were around, but there was a fourth woman there. She's a Hero who lost her bow when she was taken. I'm pretty sure he left it in his house somewhere, but I couldn't take the time to search, since those girls needed to get out as soon as possible, and I wasn't comfortable with leaving them alone. Can you check his place for me, and, if you do find it, bring it back? You shouldn't need it as evidence. The three ladies testimonies should be enough to put him away."

The Sergeant nodded, with a smile. "No problem, man. You've done good work for us in the past. If I find it while we're searching, I'll bring it over too you," he offered, holding his hand out. The large blacksmith smiled at the man and took his hand in a firm handshake.

"Thanks, Mike. Appreciate it," he replied, before offering his hand to the rookie, and shaking his as well.

"By the way," he continued, jerking a hand up to point a thumb at the truck. "That's his truck. It was the only thing big enough to bring all five of them back here and wait for you guys. I can expect someone to come get it tomorrow, right?"

The Sergeant nodded once more, and then the two returned to their SUV, and left.

Once they were gone, Gavin moved to the truck, and, gently, lifted Miri out of the back. "Gonna take you inside, so you can sleep on a real bed," he told her, before turning to look at Ryzo. "Come on. It's big enough for both of you," he told the wolf/dog/magic Fairie creature.

Cradling Miri like a child, albeit, a large child, he carried her to the house, and, using one of his hands, opened the door, went in, and then held it open long enough for Ryzo to follow him in. Once they were inside, he carried Miri back to his bedroom, and gently laid her on the king-sized bed that had been hand-crafted for him by some of his Faire friends. He gestured Ryzo up onto the bed, and then left the room for a moment. He came back shortly after with a raw steak set on a carved, wooden plate, and set it on the floor for Ryzo. In his other hand, he had a glass of water, which he placed on the stand next to the bed.

"Some water, if you wake up thirsty," he told Miri. That done, he turned, to leave her to sleep.
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