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Captain Beatdown (WIP)

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Captain Beatdown (WIP) Empty Captain Beatdown (WIP)

Post by Puglife43vr March 27th 2019, 5:37 pm

Captain Beatdown

"I'm physical strength personified. You don't stand a chance against me. Give up so we can all go home and so the injured can be healed."

The Bio

Real Name: Georgie J. Palmer
Hero Name: Captain Beatdown
Title: The Unbeatable
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Race: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'3"-8"
Weight: 280-1400 lbs
Blood type: AB

The Looks

The Personality

Captain Beatdown is an extremely giving individual. Since he was a little boy, being helpful was one of his main traits. He sees the world in black and white with good and evil. No grey area.

The Story


Georgie started his life born to two athletic parents. Heck, their whole family was made up of athletes. He had several siblings, each with their own talents, ranging from strength, to speed, acrobatics, everything. Georgie himself was the strong kid. He was able to wrestle kids several grades ahead of him to the ground and pummel anyone that dissed his family.

By his mid teens, he joined a boxing class to put his strength to good use. It was called Hampert Boxing and Georgie loved it the minute he joined. He was exhilarated by it, training hard every second he could. Palmer could soon pummel grown men with his strength and ended up toppling the ex champions of the ring.

As soon as it reached summertime, Georgie joined Hampert Boxing as a trainer. After years of working at Hampert, Georgie was taken aside by his original coach, Charlie Hampert himself. Georgie was told about a great power bestowed upon Hampert. And without any further explanation, Georgie said "Yes". It was a cliche that Georgie had seen in too many superhero movies. And with the superheroes running around in the world, he knew what was going on. With a smirk, Hampert placed his power within Beatdown, boosting his strength to levels he couldn't have imagined.

Palmer sprinted home to visit his family only to see a car swerving toward him. He closed his eyes, embracing death. However, when he opened them again, he saw the car with a him sized dent in it. Georgie had stopped a car going 50 mph without lifting a finger. Literally. But when he looked closer, he saw the driver, slumped over the steering wheel. He rushed to the driver side door and tore the door off it's hinges. The man was unconscious with several broken bones. Palmer had to get him to the hospital.

Georgie grabbed the passenger under his arm and started running to the hospital. He was out of his mind. Why didn't he call paramedics or something? There had to be a faster way than running. And there was. As he ran, he pushed off the ground with one leg, propelling himself forward and over vehicles at high speeds. The strength had applied to all his muscle groups! A few minutes and a few craters later, he crashed through the hospital ceiling to the bottom floor, protecting the injured driver with his own body.

The man ended up living, but the close call taught Georgie that he had to protect those who were almost defenseless against evil. If he hadn't made his way to the hospital, the man could've died. Civilians come first.

He crafted the Beatdown persona a few days after the incident. He was a buff macho Man, looking out for the little guy. And he was ever since then. Today, he's a grizzled hero, still looking out for the little guy, protecting them with his own life. Like a true hero should. 18 years and no mishaps with any civilian casualties. So far. In the Beatdown saga, anything can happen!

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Insane Strength:
Cap has a strength level in his muscles with destructive force high enough to demolish a city. Being the embodiment of strength, his strength knows no bounds (Or so he thinks). His muscles seem to grow exponentially as he goes up the levels. Because all muscle groups are amplified, he can also super leap great distances depending on his level. These jumps start at level 6

1. 2100 psi punch
2. 3000 psi punch
3. 4.3k psi punch
4. 8k psi punch
5. 16k psi punch
6. 40k psi punch
7. 88k psi punch
8. 170k psi punch
9. 200k psi punch
10. 500k psi punch

Super Durability:
If Beatdown wants to fight crime, he'll need to be able to withstand his own strength. His strength increases with each level and is shock absorption based. So, any attacks on the power level of the current level he is using, he can take it.

Minor Telekinetic Ability:
In order to prevent himself from punching holes in everything around him, Beatdown can subconsciously hold together enemies and objects for extreme bludgeoning.

The Weaknesses

The Innocent: This is more of a mental thing, but as one of the world's protectors, Beatdown can't harm the innocent. This is why he'll be forced to restrain his power if there are innocent nearby to prevent more harm to them. If he ends up killing an innocent, his power is reduced down to level 2 for the duration of the thread.

Shock Absorption:
His durability allows him to absorb shock with his muscles, however, bladed weapons are able to damage him despite his power level.

Over the years, Beatdown has put everything into advancing the strength he was born with into something more. To become the strongest there is. However, he has not built up his defenses against telepathy. While he cannot be slain using his mind against him is possible in some ways. He has a generally weaker mental defense against telepaths than the average person.

To keep up energy, Beatdown has to consume potentially tens of thousands of calories a day depending on active level. Level 1 requires the consumption of 3,000 calories daily. Level 10 requires 30,000 calories.

The Items

Crude Boxing Gloves: A pair of beaten and old boxing gloves with nails placed in the knuckles. Quite a pain for anyone that has nerves.

'Super' Suit:
This suit is a custom made costume for Beatdown. Its design is wonderful, but nobody has contacted him with a material to withstand his rapid muscle growth as he shifts levels. It always ends up shredded after every fight. At least he can rely on X-TRA STRETCH boxer briefs. For heroes that don't want to go commando!

The Minions

The Fluff

Due to Beatdown's dedication to being a hero, he doesn't have too much cash. Just enough to buy materials for sewing up his suit, paying for food, and staying in motels.

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